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Do It Loud

by IndiaGirl

Very smutty. Very. That's all I can put in here. c':

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Frank smiled, sitting on Gerard's lap.
"You have a comfy lap," He giggled, "By the way, I never asked you, do you mind me calling you Gee? I can call you anything, happily."
"Yeah, no, it's fine." Gerard smiled lazily, burying his face in Frank's hair, switching through the channels. Frank gazed intently at Gerard - he could tell very easily that he only had one thing on his mind - Mikey. He sighed. He understood their relationship but - come on, he was fourteen. He wasn't a kid anymore. Frank smiled.
"Wait, can you turn the tv on mute for a second..." He asked, nicely, listening to something, coming from upstairs.
"I.. Okay." Gerard flicked the tv onto mute, humouring Frank.
"Fuck, listen." Frank whispered, gasping, hearing moaning from upstairs.
"Oh dear god!" Gerard pushed his face against the sofa, pushing pillows over his ears. "Stop it! Turn the tv on! Frank!" Frank was in no such place, delighted in the annoyance he was creating.
"Wait, better idea." Frank grabbed his headphones, positioning them on Gerard, putting on the Smashing Pumpkins. He mouthed, "Stay here." As he wandered off, up stairs.
Gerard tried to protest, but was mostly glad that he could no longer hear the awful noises he dreaded to.

Frank walked upstairs, suddenly bashing on Mikey's door.
"Cut it out!" He yelled, laughing.
The noise didn't seem to diminish, but a squeak could definitely be heard from Mikey.
"Y-you didn't-" He paused, gasping sharply - Frank didn't really want to know why. "Cut it out l-last night, so-" Then his voice was cut off, and Frank openly laughed, putting a hand across his face.
"No, that's very true, but one, we were trying to keep it quiet and two, we weren't going at it like rabbits. We are just trying to watch some TV, so keep it down, a tad?" He smiled, laughing, walking down the stairs, sitting next to Gerard, taking the headphones off. Gerard shuddered.
"This is the worst day of my life." He stared absently at the TV. "He got laid the day after I did and he's five years younger than me. He's underage, he's-" Gerard was quickly cut off. Frank kissed him deeply, running his hand through his hair, sitting on his lap once more.
"It's his life, I do agree with the underage thing though, that's wrong." He went back to kissing him.
"I feel violated Frank." He cringed, tugging on his hair. Fine, Mikey could have a girlfriend, but jeez, he didn't need to hear it..
"I understand, now relax, I'm trying to take your mind off of it." He giggled, kissing his nose, straddling him.
"We could always..?" Gerard asked, biting the end of Frank's nose with a grin.
"I love what goes on in your mind, that's a big yes." He smirked, biting his lip, "Also, we can actually be loud." Gerard pondered the concept. It was weird, especially with his brother here and all, but..
"Yeah. I like that idea." He growled, his voice low, throwing Frank back off him and pulling Frank's clothes off with a little urgency, ravenous for Frank’s pale skin.
"But before we do anything, I want to hear you say the word sex." He smirked, "I haven't heard you say it," He pulled his shirt off and trousers eagerly.

Gerard smirked, sitting in his boxers, straddled over Frank. He held him down with one hand, and with the other, traced a line with his finger, trailing it from his face, down his neck, across his chest and finishing, circling it above his pelvis. Gerard leant in closer and closer as he spoke, his hand getting closer to Frank's boxers with each word.
"Let's.." He flashed a wicked smile. "Have hot.." He folded back the material on Frank's boxers at the hem, hungry. "Dirty.." He dipped his chin, running his tongue down his neck and chest. "Vigorous.." He pulled back the material a little further, pressing his hand against him, his face close to Franks, teasing him with his lips. Frank arched his back as a little moan escaped his lips. "Fucking.." He hissed, biting Frank's lip gently, hand getting just that little bit closer. "..Sex." He grabbed him, making Frank evoke a loud moan ecstasy.
"Holy fuck! Who are you and what did you do with my Gerard!" He laughed, placing his fingertips into Gerard's boxers, pulling them down his thighs slowly. "Do me a favour and fuck me, right here.. Please." He begged, gulping, chewing his lip, and looking up at his boyfriend.
"Do I get control?" Gerard licked his lips and bit Frank's lip ring. "With pleasure." He grinned, putting his arms around a confused Frank and lifting him up. He carried him, out of the room, and through into the kitchen, to Frank's surprise. The Hallway was cold, but neither of them cared.
"Mmm, you get full control." He breathed out, biting his lip. Gerard left the kitchen door open and placed Frank on the kitchen table.
"You ready?" He smirked, spreading Frank's legs gently in front of him. Frank shut his eyes, rolling his head back.
"Yeah, go for it, as hard as you can." He smirked. Gerard nodded and drove hard into Frank, moaning loudly at the tightness and pleasure. Frank bit his lip hard, groaning and gasping through the mix of intense pain and incredible pleasure. "Mmm..." He choked, his fingers and toes twitching. Gerard dug his fingers into Frank's waist and hips, thrusting a little harder each time, disregarding that Frank might be in pain. He couldn't stop. As he rolled his hips he bent and kissed Frank's pelvis, licking and touching in all the right places.
"Oh my g-god!" He moaned, gulping. "Mmm, baby... Harder!" He shouted loudly, licking his lips, rolling his hips against Gerard's harder as he found himself getting more excited. Sweat dripped off him, Gerard’s brow wet with it. Gerard moved his hips with urgency, shaking Franks’ entire body, hearing a loud slap every single time his pelvis met Frank’s. Frank twitched and groaned with every touch, begging to be closer to Gerard each time. “You can – you can g-go faster than that!” Frank shrieked, his fingers tightening around the edge of the table as he held on for dear life.
“Challenge Accepted,” Gerard panted, driving his hips aggressively into Frank, biting down on the head of Frank’s member, nibbling and sucking urgently. Frank gasped, his hands sweating so badly that he was unable to hold on any longer. Frank’s entire body trembled and he wailed, his tongue locked, choking on his own pleasure. He reached a hand out to grip Gerard’s long, soft hair, which had clumped from the intense, sexual pleasure, and he yanked it. Gerard groaned, moving his hands up and down Frank’s member as fast as he was thrusting, Frank’s fingers digging into Gerard’s scalp. His tongue lapped up the precum enthusiastically, Frank calling out Gerard’s name in a long, sexualised, seductive moan.
“Th-this is what r-real sex sounds like!” Frank screamed out, probably aimed at Mikey. Gerard was too high on his own sexual desire to care – his moans filled the room and blocked out any other noise.
"F-Frank! Fucking H-hell!" He yelled, hurtling himself into Frank deeper and faster, whilst keeping his hands on Frank's member, touching it delicately with his tongue and fingertips, spreading his sweat and saliva all over him. Frank bit his lip hard, coming without warning, gasping and panting. Gerard licked him all over, spreading the warm juices across his own tongue and over Frank. It tasted, sweet, salty, and so fucking wrong. Frank’s lip quivered as he tried to find the right words to scream.
"Holy f-fuck!" He rocked his hips, screaming out in sudden pleasure. Gerard refused to give in, not stopping till he had reached his climax, and then some. He moved his thrusts slowly, and incredibly deeply, taking time to please Frank in every way - and to make as much noise as he could. Frank whimpered with each thrust, his whimpers erupting into loud, aggravated, vigorous moans of ecstasy. He reached down and moved his entire mouth over Frank, causing him to shudder and throw his head back in pleasure.
"Fuck!" Gerard called out, as loud as he could with the energy he had, digging his fingernails into Frank’s thighs. Frank bit his lip hard, gulping.
"Fuck!" He moaned loudly, smirking a little. "Mmm," Frank breathed out, panting, slamming his hips into Gerard's.
"I kn-now you've already.." Gerard panted, softly. "B-but, we're going again." He hissed, snaking his arms around Frank's waist and lifting him up, holding him up in the air whilst he shoved himself back inside of him. Frank gulping, moaning loudly, wrapping his arms around Gerard's neck, sliding up and down, slowly but deeply.
"Fuck, this feels.. So.. Good." He moaned, digging his head into Gerard's neck, kissing.
"It'd better." Gerard growled, lifting Frank up and down as much as he could, falling back softly against the wall, struggling to stand up. His palms were sweaty and holding onto Frank was becoming a serious problem - a challenge, that Gerard was willing to face.

Frank wrapped his legs around Gerard's hips, keeping himself up, moving up and down, riding him as hard and fast as he could.
"Oh my god." He moaned loudly, biting down on Gerard's neck.
"D'ya think.." Gerard groaned, digging his fingernails into Frank's waist. "We're loud enough?" He moaned and turned, pushing Frank up against the wall, their chests pressing up against one another.
"Definitely, but it feels so good, I don't give a shit any way." He moaned, laughing softly, still moving up and down, "You close, yet?"
Gerard screamed a little, his neck being nibbled as he pushed Frank up against the wall, his hips cradling Frank's slender body. He moved viciously each time, nodding enthusiastically, biting down on his lip. Frank moved up and down, in time with Gerard, panting, sucking Gerard's neck, leaving more bruises.
"Fuck." Frank came, gulping, still moving, until Gerard had his climax. Gerard stopped, pushing his entire body against Frank, pulling out simultaneously, groaning and producing noises that pushed Frank over the edge.
"F-Frank!" Gerard yelled, pulling Frank's hair, gasping, thirsty for air and ravenous for lust.
"Mmm, baby...." Frank moaned, panting, open mouthed, Frank moved together with him, harder and faster, keeping his chest close to Gerard's. Gerard pulled away, carrying Frank in his arms, and lied down on the floor, still panting, occasionally making the smallest moans. He paused, heaving heavily against Frank's body, crying out in pure ecstasy, and he came, shouting Frank's name and a ton of other swear words. He settled himself back, choking and spluttering on his own lust. Frank smirked, moaning.
"Holy fuck, we need to do that more, please." He panted, gasping, looking up at Gerard as they laid on the floor. "Oh yeah, I want to ask something..." He bit his lip.
"I would offer to do it again.." Gerard panted, pushing hair out of his eyes. "But give me a few minutes." He laughed and laid back, on the cold kitchen floor. "What do you need?" He asked, quietly, contently.

"When the hell did you become some kind of sex god?! That was amazing and I can't express how sexy you are, I'm not kidding." His eyes were wide as he gasped and panted. Frank moved so he was laying on top of Gerard, looking down at him.
"I.. don't know." Gerard replied, laughing, a hand brushing through his hair, soggy with sweat. "You bring it out in me."
"Fucking hell, Gee." He moaned, "I'm delighted that I make you thirsty for lust, but right now, I'm really tired." Frank giggled, panting, breathing heavily. "Oh yeah, I gave you about 3 more hickeys. You can either cover them or just leave them be."
"Why would I cover them?" Gerard sighed, lazily, a hand circling Frank's chest. He had a bit of an issue, because Frank was so - he just couldn't get enough of him. "They're little reminders of this.." He grinned, softly. "Truly awesome fuck." He laughed.
"You made it awesome." He giggled, kissing his cheek, "We really can't keep our hands off each other can we?" Frank laughed, stroking the inside of Gerard's thigh. Gerard grinned, tucking an arm around Frank.
"Not really, no. And whatever you're doing is driving me insane." He laughed, tangling his fingers in Frank's equally sweaty hair. Frank fingertips wiped up and down Gerard's inner thigh, dangerously close to his boner. He bit his lip, smirking.
"Then, I'll continue. By the way, wow, you made me climax two times." Frank gasped, "You seem to like being in control?" He asked, still stroking.
"Ha!" Gerard laughed, trembling softly. "I don't mind it.." He smirked, shutting his eyes.
“You love being in control, I can tell." He smirked, licking his neck, taking firm hold of Gerard's member, "Be in control as much as you want, babe." Gerard gasped softly.
"Nah, I'm f-fine with you d-doing it." He bit his lip and tossed his head back. Frank licked the palm of his hand, wrapping it around Gerard's boner, moving it slowly, slickly, up and down. He kissed Gerard's chest. Gerard shivered and dug a hand into Frank's hair, arching his back with each movement of Frank's hand. He gasped, and grinned.
"Tell me when you're close." Frank whispered, licking Gerard's navel as his hand got faster.
"Fu-ucking g-getting there!" He rasped, holding onto Frank's hair tightly. He breathed in shakily, sucking in air from the pleasure Frank was creating. Frank moved his hand away, putting his mouth in the same place, taking Gerard's tip between his lips as his hands stroked his thighs. Gerard groaned and reached his climax, throwing his hands up behind him to ruffle amongst his own hair, sweating profusely all over, shouting out.
"O-oh G-god!" He yelled, shakily. Frank sucked hard, swallowing, licking his boner clean, before sitting on his hips, looking at Gerard.
"I've climaxed twice, and now, so have you." He moaned, gasping, panting, placing his hands on Gerard's chest, leaning towards his face.
"Y-yeah," Gerard replied, his eyes still squeezed shut. "Y'know, we should probably get dressed.. the pizza man will be here soon." He laughed, breathing deeply.
"Good idea." He replied, biting his lip, standing up, holding out a hand, to help Gerard up. "C'mon, baby." Gerard took Frank's hand softly and stood up, feeling a little embarrassed.
"Shit, we'll have to run through the hallway. Come on, no one will see us." He laughed nervously, creeping. Frank giggled, tiptoeing through the hall way, smiling, blushing.
"No fair, I like you naked." He smirked, licking his bottom lip.
"I don't." He grumbled, pushing the living room door open and reaching for his clothes. "I can't hear them upstairs anymore. Guess we.. drowned them out.."
"But you're so beautiful." He smiled, putting on his boxers and trousers, remaining topless. "Good, or maybe, they are just doing it quietly?"
"I don't wanna think about it." He sighed, pulling a shirt over his head. "He'll come down eventually.. Either never talk to me about it - or be all smug and never shut up.." Frank shrugged, giggling, before cupping Gerard's cheek.
"You know you can talk to me, Gee."
"I know." He offered a small smile, before settling back on the sofa, switching the tv back off of mute, where they had left it. "But for now, I just.. wanna watch TV." He laughed, taking Frank's hand. "If we had the house ourselves, I could'a gone on all night."
"Mmm, that sounds so good." He sighed, humming happily, "Being sexually starved, and then actually fucking someone you love, really feels good, physically and mentally." Frank smirked, cuddling into Gerard.
"Yeah." Gerard replied quietly. For the whole time, even before Frank had entered his mind, there was a little piece of information lingering in Gerard's brain, a little story, a tiny memory, that he couldn't put his finger on. It had been bothering him for several months now and he wished it could go away, but he knew that it wouldn't. It must have been of some significance to him.
"I can tell you're thinking about something, spit it out," He smiled, sitting up, facing Gerard. "What's going on in there, eh?" Frank asked, intrigued, pointing to Gerard's head.
"I don't know enough.. to say. It's just.. There's something in my head.. it's been there for months and it won't reveal itself." He shook his head, realising how insane he was sounding.
"Hmm, do you know anything about it. Is it a memory?" He asked, tilting his head, sighing. The doorbell went. Gerard heard the light footsteps of his brother coming down the stairs and stayed sat down with Frank.
"I don't know. Yes. I think so."
"Okay, you'll figure it out, trust me." He kissed his lips softly, going to do the door, still topless, looking at Mikey. Mikey squeaked, staring at Frank. Mikey was fully clothed, though perhaps, a little ruffled.
"I can pay." He said, quietly. Ha, yes, with Frank's money. Frank giggled at Mikey, looking scruffy.
"I hope you are permanently disturbed from hearing me and Gee." He giggled, smiling. Frank took his pizza's, paying, leaving Mikey to pay for his own as he walked into the living room.
"Your wishes are met.." Mikey scowled quietly, a small laugh in his voice. Gerard's eyes lit up as he saw the pizzas coming through the door. Frank placed the pizzas on the table, smiling.
"That one's yours." He pointed to the one on the right.
"Ah!" Gerard grinned, taking the pizza. "I think we earned these." He smirked, delving into it.
Frank gasped in surprise that Gerard would say that, "I need this to get my energy back." He laughed, digging into his vegetarian pizza. "Yum," Gerard ate his pizza quickly and quietly, cutting little squares of with a knife and fork in a particularly unorthodox way.
Frank finished his last piece, "Yummy!" He licked his fingers. Gerard smiled softly at Frank, endearing him. He put the pizza box by his feet and lay back, shutting his eyes. Frank laid at the opposite side of the couch.
"Um.. I feel like I should go and have a shower." He giggled.
"Yeah, you can. It's upstairs, next to my room." He smiled, softly, resting his head. "Don't take too long." He grinned.
"I won't, but you can always.. y'know.. Come with me?" He smirked, chewing his lip ring, getting up, leaning in the door way.

Gerard laughed and groaned, pulling himself to his feet. "What are you suggesting, Franks?" He grinned, taking Frank's hand as they walked up the stairs. Frank smirked, winking.
"Guess..." He chewed his lip ring, playing with it with his tongue, running a hand through his hair.

"Oh God, I don't know if I could.." He paused, watching Frank as he undressed and leant, turning on the shower. "Nevermind." He hummed, happily.
Frank laughed softly, locking the door, slipping out of his boxers, standing in the shower, turning it on slowly.
"C'mon." Gerard pulled his clothes off and entered the shower, shutting it behind him, leaving them enclosed in a particularly tight space. Frank turned the shower on, rolling his head back, running his slender fingers through his black, messy hair. Gerard breathed in deeply, enjoying the hot water on his already hotter skin.
"You know, I don't think we're supposed to come out of a shower feeling dirtier than we did going in." He smirked, advancing towards Frank. Frank shrugged.
"If we do, we do. Oh well, as long as we enjoy ourselves." He smirked, looking up at Gerard, standing on his tiptoes, licking his bottom lip.
"Sounds.." Gerard growled, dropping to his knees, and running a tongue up Frank's pale milky skinned leg. "..Great." He hissed.
"Fuck, Gee." He panted, gulping, tangling a hand in Gerard's hair, tugging slightly, pressing his back up against the tiles.
"Maybe I will." He grinned, parting his lips over Frank and moving his lips forward and back. He moved his hands around his back, stroking down until they met Frank's firm cheeks.
"Mmm," He was speechless, all he could do was moan as he kissed Gerard passionately, he placed his hands on Gerard's upper arms. Gerard continued smirking, moving his lips back to Frank's member and returning the favour, with the help of a little shower gel. Frank bit his lip ring, gritting his teeth together.
"Wow, mmmh." He moaned in pleasure. Gerard nibbled a little and sucked, creating hickeys in places where you would very rarely find them. He moved his hands viciously and vigorously, smirking at the colour Frank's cheeks had gone, and the sensual noises that were escaping him. Frank squeaked, moaned and gasped at all the sensations Gerard was creating, he felt his knees go weak, so he pushed his back up against the cold tiles, gripping Gerard's shoulders.
"I'm so fucking close."
"I'm not going fast enough then." Gerard laughed evily, moving his hand to the point where he was a little worried he might create friction burn. He used his tongue to massage the head, whilst running his hands up Frank and causing some trembling on Frank's part.
"Oh my Gerard." He moaned, coming, gasping, rolling his head back, shutting his eyes. "Holy fuck." Gerard lapped up whatever hadn't been washed away by the water and sat back against the adjoining wall, grinning up at Frank. At this point he was already ready for a little bit more.
"How about bringing your ass over here?" He smirked, to Frank's surprise. Frank bit his lip, nodding.
"Sure thing," He smirked, walking over to Gerard who was a few steps away, "You sexy motherfucker."
"I try." Gerard grinned, swivelling Frank around. He pressed Frank up against the wall, Gerard's chest pressing against Frank's back. He leant in close, nibbling at the soft skin under his earlobe. "So.." He growled, running his hands up Franks' back, massaging his fingers into Frank's shoulder blades. "It's me.." He hissed, kissing his shoulders softly. "You.." He nibbled at his neck, squeezing Frank's waist with his palms. "A bottle of shower gel.." He grinned, taking the shower gel and rubbing a little into his palms, and onto Frank's back. "And all the time in the world.." He purred, rolling his hips ever so gently as he pushed his hands around to Frank's pelvis. "And I'm gonna.." Gerard moved in closer, breathing deeply. "Fuck you.." He continued, the words dangling from his tongue daintily. "And make you mine." He finished, hissing, grinding his groin up against Frank's behind. Frank moaned, his forehead leaning against the tiles.
"Oh my god, are you trying to make me faint?" He asked, smirking, "Just fuck me hard and fast and rough, do what you like. Make me yours, baby." He gasped, biting the inside of his cheek. He pushed himself hard into Frank, moaning and pushing his forehead against the nape of Frank's neck.
"You're no fun unconscious." He grinned, panting and sweating profusely as the hot water spilt over him.Frank moaned loudly, rocking his hips, back and forth, "Mmm, baby, oh god." He swore a few more times, mixed in with Gerard's name as he felt Gerard inside of him.
"F-fuck!" He groaned, Frank's intense swearing spurring him on. He grabbed Frank's ass cheeks as he grinded, squeezing them and using them as something to hold on to. Frank dug his nails into the tiles on the wall as he bent over, slightly more, "Mmm, god, feels so good...." He gulped, panting.

Gerard fumbled, reaching around Frank with a soapy hand and touching him, in his most sensitive areas, rocking his hips back and forth, ravenous for Frank's closeness. He roared in ecstasy and pushed all of him inside Frank, stopping his hips for a few seconds, whilst he gripped Frank's member tightly. He resumed and squeezed his eyes tightly, biting his lip. "F-fucking hell." He hissed, throwing his head back.
"Fuck!" He moaned loudly, slamming his hips into Gerard's, gasping, panting. Frank bit his lip, running a hand through his hair, to get it out of his eyes. "My god, fuck me hard."
"Y-you're all m-mine!" Gerard yelled, thrusting his hips into Frank, lathering his hands all over Frank, screaming out, and banging his hands on the walls for support. "Y-you're so f-fucking hot, Frank." He breathed, scraping his fingernails on Frank's back.
"Mmm, baby..." He was speechless again, moaning ,gasping. "I'm gonna.." He came over Gerard's hand, rocking his hips, moaning and panting, "Oh my fucking god." Gerard wiped his hand all over Frank's chest, still moaning as he reached his climax. "Come on.. Fuck - I - ugh," He muttered under his breath, grinding furiously. "D-don't - d-don't move, I-" Gerard yelped, shaking his head furiously through orgasm. He screamed, the sound likely rattling around the house, pushing his hips into Frank, shouting various curse words, mixed in with Frank's name.
"F-fuck, yes!" He groaned, slamming his hands against the walls.
"Fuck..." He moaned, tugging on his own lip, panting through Gerard's orgasm, feeling it inside him. "Mmm," Gerard pulled out, running his tongue up Frank's neck.
"So.. fucking g-good." He laughed feebly, still toying playfully with Frank's member. "Three orgasms in one night." He smirked, standing under the hot water. Frank turned around to face him.
"What you said before we fucked, made my knees go weak." He moaned, panting. Frank jumped up, wrapping his legs around Gerard's waist, doing the same to his arms around his boyfriends neck, "You've made me yours." He smirked.
"Don't you forget it." Gerard hummed, sucking on Frank's lips urgently. His hands snaked around Frank's cheeks and cupped them, biting and licking against his lips. Frank hummed happily, shutting his eyes, letting his lips be played with by the older boy, "Love you."
"Love you." Gerard smiled, crushing his pelvis against Franks'. He knew he had had way too many orgasms than one person should ordinarily have in a week, but he just - couldn't stop.
"You said it." He smiled, kissing Gerard's forehead, blushing hard. "It's getting late, we have to stop having sex." He giggled, smirking, jumping down from Gerard, stepping out of the shower.
"Ugh, I don't know if I can stop now - not when you look like that." He grinned, washing his hair. He watched Frank, his eyelashes dripping with soft water droplets, his hair flat and spilling all over his face. He was beautiful. "Hold on - just.. gotta do something."
"Okay," Frank towel dried his hair, smiling, wiping the water from his face, chest and arms, before leaning down, drying his legs. Gerard turned away from Frank, his cheeks burning scarlet, relieving himself a little from the sexual tension. He had gone a little insane, since he'd starting having proper.. sex.
"C'mon, you don't have to turn away from me. We just did it, it doesn't bother me if I see you." He giggled, slipping on his boxers, "But just to annoy you, I'll walk around and sleep in my boxers." Frank winked, putting a hand on his hip.
"Y-yeah but.." He groaned and smacked his hand against the wall as he reached his climax. "D-dear god." He mumbled, revelling a little longer in the hot water before stepping out and drying himself off.
"Fuck you're hot," He smirked, moaning, looking at him. Frank grabbed a towel, standing on his tiptoes, drying Gerard's hair, kissing his nose.
"I know." He grinned, hugging Frank to his chest. "Come on. I gotta sleep.." He sniffed, taking Frank by the hand.
"Aww, okay." He pouted, giggling, grasping his hand gently, following him to his bedroom. Gerard curled up under the covers, encouraging Frank to join him. "Don't you think it's odd that we haven't had sex in here yet?" Gerard noted, abruptly, laughing.
"I was actually going to say that!" He giggled, cuddling next to him, "We can tomorrow?" He suggested, biting his lip. "By the way, you have magic hands, I'm just going to bug you to keep giving me massages." Frank smiled.
"Maybe tomorrow." Gerard grinned, shutting his eyes and pushing a soft kiss to Frank's forehead. "Like I said when we met - My hands are the only things I have worth keeping. Except - well, you, now." He mumbled, to Frank's surprise. He was getting a little better at this whole.. relationship.
"Thanks for caring about me, Gee. It means a lot, y'know." Frank smiled and blushed, tucking his knees to his chest as he shut his eyes.
"S'alright," He mumbled, softly. "Mine." He murmured, under his breath, breathing deeply. How was he going to keep his hands off of Frank tomorrow?
"I know, I'm yours." He smiled, kissing Gerard's nose, leaned his forehead against the nape of Gerard's neck, breathing softly. Frank reached gently and took Gerard's hand, holding on to it. Gerard drifted to sleep, happy, knowing he had a person that was truly his. Frank went to sleep, finally feeling that someone actually loved him.

Gerard awoke in the morning and lied there for a moment, listening to Frank's soft breathing for a few minutes before wriggling out from underneath him.
Frank woke up from the sudden coldness hitting him, he yawned.
"Good morning," He spoke softly, still half asleep as he sat up in bed.
"Good morning." Gerard replied quietly, selecting clothes from the closet. Frank grabbed the cover, wrapping himself up in it,
"Aww, I don't wanna get out of bed, it's cold." He whimpered, giggling.
"Don't," He smiled softly, pulling on his clothes. "Stay home. I gotta go in, but you could stay and keep Mikey company."
"Yay, you're awesome." He giggled, "Of course, what happens if that girl comes over again though? Do you want me to text you or something?" He asked, tucking his hair behind his ear.

"Ah, she won't be. She has school, over at that all girls school.." He nodded, laughing. "I suppose that's why she was so.. eager."
"Oh god." He giggled, hiding his head under the pillow, "The noises those two made, jeez!" Frank smiled, sitting up, making grabby hands at Gerard.
"I still don't wanna think about it." Gerard grumbled, reaching out to Frank. "Come on, I gotta go to school." He winked.
"Aw, damn you," He smiled, kissing his nose, running his fingers through his boyfriend's hair, "Good luck," Frank smirked.
"I'll do my best. Be back later, alright?" He kissed Frank softly before exiting the room, and popping a head around Mikey's door. Mikey was laid up, sleeping uncomfortably. His skin had returned to a glowing grey colour, and he whimpered softly in his sleep.
"Bye bye." He smiled, waving to him, laying his head back down, drifting off to sleep once more, keeping his phone in his hands. Gerard shut the door behind him and walked to school uncomfortably, his defences up. He felt a little - vulnerable, especially without either boy at his side.

He made his way quickly to the art department, spending most of his morning there, before sneaking off to the studio cupboard to ring Frank. Frank was awake, sat up in bed, just resting, feeling a little sore from yesterday. He felt his phone vibrate, flashing the name 'Gee'. Frank held it up to his ear.
"Hi there." He giggled a little.
"I'm fucking bad." Gerard hissed, pressing himself up against the wall. This whole - sexual desire thing was becoming a problem.
"What's wrong?" He asked, biting his lip ring, Frank thought he knew what Gerard was talking about, but he wasn't sure.
"God, why didn't you come to school.." He licked his lips furiously and pushed a hand down the hem of his jeans.
"Oh, now I get what you mean," He smirked, "Don't touch yourself. Don't do anything until you come back from school, it will be worth it, trust me, baby."
"Ugh, but - I c-can't." He threw his head back, squeezing his eyes shut.
"Fine, then touch yourself once, that's it. It's only a few hours until you come home." Frank smiled, giggling.
"Maybe I'll just come home now." He grinned, opening the cupboard door and letting himself out. "I can if I want."
"Then come on, hurry up, you've made me horny now." He smirked, laying back into the bed.
"Damn right I have. Better have something prepared for me when I get back, yeah?" He smirked to himself, shoving his coat onto his shoulders. Knowing him, he'd run home.
"Fine, hurry up, love you, I’ll see you soon." He hung up. Frank got some candles, spreading them around the bedroom, lighting them, a bottle of wine was on the chest of drawers.

Gerard sped home, bursting through the front door. He quickly escaped upstairs, snaking quietly around the banister and opening the door to his bedroom quietly. Frank laid on his bed, biting his lip.
"Hello." He smirked. Gerard pushed a hand through his hair, shutting the door quietly behind him. He leant across, putting a knee on the bed, running a hand up Frank's clothed chest.
"Wow, being calm for someone who sounded painfully eager earlier." He smirked, leaning in, kissing him softly.
“Nah, I just want to make you feel as insane as I do." He lowered his body onto Frank's, running the tip of his tongue down from his ear and along his jaw.
"Mmm, okay, I tried to make it a little romantic." He hinted about the candles and wine, smiling, placing his hands on the small of Gerard's back.
"Very romantic." Gerard replied, stepping away from Frank for a moment. He reached into Frank's bag, and pulled out his tie. Frank bit his lip, looking at Gerard.
"I try," He smiled, laying out on the bed, confused on what Gerard was doing, but he was intrigued. Gerard put his legs over Frank's chest, tie in hand. He tugged at Frank's wrists softly, tying them together, then to the bedstead, with a smirk.
"I know what you're doing." Frank smirked, his tongue playing with his lip ring as he looked up at Gerard.
"Excellent." Gerard purred, unbuttoning Frank's shirt slowly. "I've had this image in my head for a little while now.. Mr Moon was not so impressed with my drawings today.." He smirked, biting Frank softly on the neck.
"You're full of surprises," He smiled, moaning softly as he felt Gerard's teeth clamp onto his neck. "I want to see those drawings."
"Maybe I'll share them with you." He grinned, sliding a finger under the hem of Frank's jeans. "But first, I'm gonna fuck your brains out." He hissed.
"Thank fuck I'm laying down, I would of probably fallen on the floor from you saying that." He smirked, winking. Gerard laughed, kissing just below Frank's navel.
"Interesting, how you can make a person curdle by saying a couple of words.." He purred, his fingers just digging into Frank's sides. Frank purred, rolling his tongue, bucking his hips a little.
"Mmm, I wish I had the same effect on you, as you do on me." He rolled his head back at the sensations.
"You do." Gerard grinned softly, pulling back and moving his attention to Frank's nipple. "If you didn't, I sure as hell wouldn't be doing this." He growled.
"Good." Frank smirked, chewing his lip, shutting his eyes, moaning softly. Gerard grinded his hips a little, feeling Frank's hardness through their clothes. He bent down and touched his lips, very gently to Frank’s.
"Mmm." Frank smiled into the kiss, parting his lips a little. He thrusted into Frank, clothes still separating them, holding himself simply centimetres away from Frank's face, driving him insane. He leant a little closer and licked his lip ring, teasing, biting down on it.
"Do you have some weird fetish for my lip ring?" He asked, smirking, his eyes reopening, connecting his gaze into Gerard's beautiful hazel orbs.
"Ah, not a fetish." He grinned, placing his lips on it before pulling back and pressing his tongue to the hot skin of Frank's hipbone. "I just think it's really fucking hot."
"How would you feel if I got a tongue piercing?" He asked, purring, moaning from the feeling of Gerard's tongue on his skin.
"I'd like that." He murmured, unbuckling Frank's jeans. Once he had slipped them away, he sat back, his thumbs gently circling Frank's shins, smiling softly at the beautiful human he possessed. Frank smiled, but it wasn't a lustful smile, it was a soft smile, a heartfelt smile - showing his feelings for Gerard, how he trusted and loved him. He blushed before going back to biting his lip. Gerard prowled forward a little, stroking his fingertips down Frank's dangling arms, down and cupping them around his cheeks.
"You make me feel alive, you know.." He purred, Gerard's hair spilling over Frank's face.
"You make me feel, everything." He smiled, looking into Gerard's eyes, through his hair. "Now, I thought you were going to fuck my brains out?" Frank smirked.
"Now now, we're getting to that." Gerard purred, leaning back and hooking his teeth around Frank's underwear. He slid a hand along the inner of Frank's thigh, pulling down Frank's underwear slowly, his inner urges raging and his boner pulsing in his jeans. Frank grit his teeth, squeezing his eyes shut.
"Ahh, fuck you and your sexiness." He cursed, moaning softly.
"You wish." He snarled, gazing over Frank, who lay before him, naked, bare, and vulnerable. "Sometimes, I'm worried I might break you.." He murmured, dancing his fingers across Frank's hip bones. "Bu-u-ut.. I think we've proved through our experiments, that you are sturdy enough.." He hissed, moving his lips to Frank's chest. "For this intense fucking." He groaned, pulling off his own jeans.
"Jeez, the weak knees are back," He smirked, gulping, moaning. "Stop being so fucking sexy." He groaned, panting.
"I can't help it." He beamed cheekily, turning away from Frank. "Just.. one more measure.." He winked, selecting something from his own drawers. Frank looked curiously at Gerard, panting and moaning, rolling his head back again. Gerard returned, another tie in hand.
"Can you see where we're going?" He hissed, leaning close to Frank.
"Fuck, you're a lot kinkier than I thought." He smirked, licking his lips.
"Let's play cops and robbers, yeah?" He hissed, tying the tie into a soft knot, and placing it around Frank's head, gagging him, if only just. Frank smirked, moaning through the gag, nodding. Gerard pecked a kiss onto Frank's cheek before pulling back, and lifting Frank's ankles onto his shoulders.
"You ready?" Frank nodded, feeling his dick twitch.
"Mh hm," Gerard held onto Frank's ankles, which were now hooked around his neck, before shoving himself into Frank with a soft smirk. He squeezed his eyes shut in the feeling.
"Mmm," Frank moaned loudly, through the gag, rocking his hips. He smirked, flicking some hair out of his face.
"Must be so painful, not being able to scream my name like usual," He smirked, circling his hands around Frank's member and stroking it with his nails. Frank nodded frantically, muffled moans of swear words and Gerard's name, escaping from his lips as he rocked, slamming his hips.
"How's about this fucking your brains out then?" Gerard pondered, shoving himself entirely inside Frank, thrusting into him hard and deep, not wasting a single inch. He was seriously pushing it this time. Frank squeezed his eyes shut, moaning loudly, groaning, "Fuck!" Came out muffled, as he gasped. Gerard pouted at Frank.
"Oh dear, I think I hear some words coming out.." He smirked, the sweat beginning to coat them both, a stench of sex in the air. "Need it tightening, ey Frank?" Frank shook his head, gasping.
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He screamed, moaning loudly, rocking his hips, wanting to touch himself. Gerard pulled away, mid thrust, disappointing Frank. He paused, stepping back, a playful smile dancing on his lips. Frank muffled.
"Fuck you." He moaned, rolling his head back, his eyes shut, clenching his fists. Gerard bent over, kneeling, running his tongue from Frank's toes and up his legs.
"Don't worry.." He hushed, running his tongue down Frank's inner thigh. "..Frank.." He flicked his tongue at the bottom of Frank's member and caused a haughty moan, before moving away. "We'll get.." dipping his tongue across Frank's pelvis and over his navel, over his chest and across both nipple. "To fucking you.." He hissed, running his tongue up and over each collarbone, nibbling subtly. "Momentarily." He licked Frank's neck and sucked with urgency. Frank moaned, whimpering, his dick twitching, squeezing his eyes shut, wrapping his legs around Gerard's waist, pulling him forwards. Gerard grinned, lingering just before his opening. "Someone's getting a little eager, hm?" Frank nodded, moaning.
"Please?" He begged, muffled.
"Now you know how I felt.." He purred, bending down and leaving a soft kiss on Frank's tip before pushing himself inside him. He moaned audibly and grinded his hips.Frank moaned, sighing happily, grinding and rolling his hips.
"Mmmh." He made a pleasurable sound. Gerard moved himself faster and harder. He didn't want soft, little whimpers of pleasure. He wanted the intense, screams of ecstasy to fall from those soft, pierced lips, so he could suck them away.
"Tell me how you want it, Frank." He cooed, his voice smooth like chocolate.
"Take the gag off me and I will." He muffled, moaning, rolling his hips, slamming into Gerard's. Gerard grinned.
"You drive a hard bargain, Frank." He reached forward, pulling the tie from Frank softly, and replacing it with his own lips. Frank moaned loudly, licking and kissing Gerard's lip, hungrily.
"Thank fuck." He breathed out, moving his lips to Gerard's ear, "Fuck. Me. Hard. So hard, I can't even walk." He moaned, licking his ear. Gerard laughed and groaned in unison with Frank, the room filling with the noises of sexual pleasure.
"Come on Frank.." He whispered. "Tell me, everything, you want me to do."
"Mmm, I want you to fuck me so hard, I want you to moan and make me painfully hard." He smirked, "Come on, baby. What are you waiting for?" Gerard nodded and threw his head back, driving his pelvis forward into Frank's, the skin smacking together. Gerard shrieked and dug his fingernails into Frank's chest. "I want to do such bad things to you, Frank Iero." He growled.
"Then do them to me, babe." He smirked, purring, rolling his tongue, slamming his hips into Gerard, feeling his dick twitch.
"I don't know.." He smirked, biting his lip down, tasting a little blood. "I think they're illegal in eleven states.." Frank laughed softly, licking his lips.
"Aw, shame, I would love you to do what ever you want to me." He smirked, "I'm gonna.. Come.." Gerard sped up, his hands sweating as he reached out, blundering and screeching in pleasure.
"G-god-" He choked, hoping the might share their first orgasm, together, for once.
"Mmm, I'm gonna.. Now..." He moaned, slamming into Gerard's hips, coming, groaning loudly. Gerard groaned loudly, bending forward and placing his hands over Frank's, still thrusting, even through his orgasm.
"I f-fucking love you!" He yelled, moving himself with vigour. Frank rolled his hips, smirking but blushing, holding onto Gerard's hand.
"Mmm, I love you too." He sighed happily, panting. Gerard collapsed atop of Frank, sucking on his neck. He hummed softly and lay there for a while, breathing deeply. Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck, playing with his hair.
"You're amazing." He giggled, kissing Gerard's nose. Gerard laughed, breathing deeply, a playful glint still toying in his eyes. Frank knew that he wanted something, because - well, with Gerard, it never seemed to be just once.
"You want to fuck again, don't you?" He giggled, chewing his lip, sitting up.
"Hm, maybe." He mumbled, blushing softly. "Though, this time, I want it to go a bit different." He cooed. Inside the intelligent wisp of a boy, was a small, sexual maniac.
"Okay, explain." He smirked, winking, licking his lip. He pushed his lips against Frank's jawline and sighed, satisfied.
"I'd like to be tied up." He grinned, softly. "Like you. But.. blindfolded. Gagged. I want that.." He hesitated, a small smile dancing on his face. "Adventure." He smirked.
"I can sort that out for you." He smirked, kissing him briefly. Frank got off the bed, laying Gerard out, "Mmm, you okay?" He asked, tying his wrists to the bed posts, then his ankles.

"Y-yeah," Gerard panted, biting his lip. "Come on. You gotta blindfold me. You gotta gag me. You gotta make me want it.." Frank leaned over, putting his knee in between Gerard's legs, next to his crotch, tying a tie around Gerard's eyes.
"Still good?" He asked.
"Still good." He grinned softly. He was getting a little excited - and Frank knew it. Frank put a gag in Gerard’s mouth, quite tight, but he could breathe- he didn't want him dying half way through. Frank licked down Gerard's chest, stopping at his nipple, sucking. "You like this, don't you? The danger, the fact anyone could walk in. The fact that you have to listen to me and take what I give you." He licked his navel and Gerard shuddered.
"Y-yeah." He breathed, muffled, arching his back. It stopped him from speaking. Stopped him from making any noise. He loved it. His vision was black, which meant he wouldn't be able to tell what Frank was going to do - and had to leave it all to his senses. Frank sat on Gerard's hips, purring, rolling his tongue.
"Mmm, baby, you have to imagine me, sweaty, hair dangled down my face, just sat on you, stroking your chest, getting hard." He smirked, leaning down, kissing the tip of his dick. Gerard groaned and rolled his hips, adjusting himself just slightly, moving against Frank a little. He couldn't help himself. He was bad. Frank licked the slit, dipping his tongue in, stroking his thighs. Gerard howled through the gag, grinning and throwing his head back in the intense pleasure. He bucked his hips forward in encouragement. Frank took the head into his mouth, twirling his tongue, sucking a little, and trying to make him moan. He was also starting to touch himself, too excited to stop.

Gerard moaned and pulled against the restraints, enjoying the punishment. He could feel the blood rushing and he knew this was going to be the best fuck, of his life, if Frank played his cards right. He wanted those punishments; that dirty talk. Frank stroked himself, taking Gerard's fully in his mouth, sucking hard, nipping and licking, his nails dug down into Gerard's milky thighs, as his free hand cupped his balls. Gerard groaned, his hands writhing against the restraints, his back arching in pleasure. He was going insane. Frank smirked at what he was doing to Gerard, so he suddenly stopped, leaning by the door frame, just leaving Gerard to whimper and beg,
"Beg, baby, beg." He laughed, rolling his tongue against his lips.
Gerard grinned softly, against his gag. This, was what he desired. He groaned and attempted to speak.
"F-fuck me like a whore, Frank." He muffled, sweating in his desire. Frank walked towards him, hovering over his pale body, stroking a single fingertip down his chest.
"I will,baby." He licked down once more, taking him fully in his mouth, sucking as hard as he could, touching himself again. Gerard choked out, begging for more and more. He couldn't control himself anymore, reaching his climax - and he came, along with a loud, muffled scream. Frank swallowed, smirking, kissing him deeply.
"You taste so good." He smirked. Gerard laughed through his gag. Damn right, he did.
"Fucking hell," He hissed, his voice muffled. Frank took off his gag and blind fold, sitting on his hips.
"Oh fuck, Frank," He coughed, still restrained. "Still waiting for my whore like fuck,” He grinned, tapping his own lip with his tongue where Frank's lip ring resided on Frank's.
"Hmm... Want that now? Surely you can wait..." He grinned, standing up once more. "But I couldn't fuck you with a gag on, I love to hear your moans." Gerard grinned and nodded.
"I don't know if I can wait.." He purred, still managing to be utterly seductive, when he was tied down. "You're so fucking hot."
"You're still sexier than me, babe." He rolled his tongue, biting his lip ring, sitting on his hips once more.
"Hm, I don't know." Gerard cooed, biting his lip. "You make me wanna make you mine, all over again.." He hissed, softly. "..In every possible surface in this house."
"Wanna try?" He smirked, chewing his lip, untying his ankles.
"Where we gonna go?" He purred, circling with his ankles. "I mean, we've done it in the living room.. the bathroom.. the kitchen. My room.."
"Hm... I guess that leaves one more room, doesn't it?" He purred, rolling his tongue, untying his wrists. Gerard pulled back.
"Mikey's room?" He questioned. It was unsafe – but it was dangerous.
"Depends, or we can choose the places we liked the most?" He shrugged, kissing his neck.
"Well.. he's not in, is he?" Gerard grinned, a little wickedly. Frank shook his head, "I heard when he was on the phone, that he's staying over at that girls house..." He purred.
"Then.." He breathed, wriggling his hands from the restraints. "Let's get going." He growled, hooking his legs around Frank's waist.
"Are you expecting me to carry you or something?" He asked, laughing, "I may be sturdy, but I'm not strong." Frank winked.
"Alright then." Gerard grinned, clambering to his feet, and holding Frank, in a more romantic way. "S'long as I get that whore treatment, I'll do anything." Frank giggled.
"After we fuck, I want a massage, you made me really sore." He pouted, smirking. Gerard shrugged.
"Alright." He nodded, putting Frank down on Mikey's bed. It felt wrong, so very wrong, but the danger, which he lacked in his life, was far too tempting. Frank smirked.
"Now come and fucking get me." He teased, licking his lip ring, putting his wrists above his head. Gerard leant over him, straddling his hips as they sat, their noses just touching.
"Do I get to be the girl?" Gerard whined, pouting.
"What ever you want." He smiled, biting his lip, Frank flipped them both over, Frank on top.
"Yes," He groaned, laying back, grinning. He wrapped his legs around Frank and ran his fingers through his own hair.
"Mmm," Frank moaned slightly, blushing, "If I do a shitty job, I'm sorry." He smirked, pushing in slowly, stroking his hips.
"You've done it before," Gerard gasped, squeezing his eyes shut. "Do it again, ten times as fast, ten times as hard," He hissed. Frank took what Gerard said into mind, going faster and harder, pushing in and out, moaning softly.
"G-god, Frank," Gerard groaned, banging his head softly on the wall with each thrust. "This is s-so fucking good." Frank grinned, moaning and purring.
"Fuck, babe." He pushed in and out faster. Gerard screamed, scrunching his fingers into Frank's soft skin. He rolled his hips with Frank's, moaning, groaning. Frank bit his lip.
"Mmm, Gee." He moaned, rolling his hips more fluently, getting harder with each thrust.
Gerard curled his fingers and toes in anticipation, calling out Frank's name as he rocked back and forth. "F-Frank.." He trembled, his brow wet with sweat. Frank rolled his hips, coming into Gerard, slamming his hips vigorously, moaning. Gerard screamed, arching his back with one final slam as he came to his climax. "Treat me like a dirty whore, Frank," He spat, scrunching his eyes shut. Frank slammed harder, grabbing Gerard's hips, forcing him in further, as he leaned down, licking Gerard's dick.
"I'm so fucking wrong," He laughed spitefully, arching himself up, his hands on the mattress. "Don't stop."
"Three climaxes again, wow." Frank moaned, sucking the head on his dick, slamming and pushing in further.
"Must be a talent," Gerard breathed, urging his pelvis closer to Frank. "Bite me. Punish me Frank!" He yelled, his eyes tight. Frank nipped at his dick, sucking hard, biting softly. Gerard squeaked, biting down on his lip, moving up and down with urgency.
"Exaaactly like that." He groaned.
"Now come for me." He bit down again, sucking, slamming his hips. Gerard moaned and came, screaming out Frank's name as he did so, still begging for Frank to stay inside him.
"Mmm," He cleaned his dick with his tongue, swallowing the liquid, pulling out.
"God, you're amazing." Gerard groaned, clinging onto Frank's thighs. Frank giggled, "Now, my side of the deal?" He asked, smirking.
"Yeah, alright." Gerard grinned. "Just - let's get out of this room.. it's making me uncomfortable." He laughed, collecting Frank's fragile body in his arms.
"Okay, fair enough," He grinned, giggling, wrapping his arms around Gerard's neck.

"Come on then." Gerard sat Frank down on the bed, pulling on a pair of boxers and a loose shirt. Frank wriggled into his boxers, grinning. Gerard laid Frank down and sat down on his behind, carefully to ensure Frank was alright, and began pushing his fingers deep into the small nooks and spaces of Frank's shoulders and spine. Frank sighed, putting his hands underneath his cheek,
"Mmm, feels.. Really.. Relaxing." He breathed out, smiling.
"Good." Gerard replied, softly, his voice now friendly and reassuring, rather than sharp and lustful. "You're not in pain?"
"Nope, it's just really nice," He moaned softly, giggling, "I told you, you have magic hands." Frank grinned, blushing.
"I work with my hands." He replied, stroking Frank softly. He'd been so rough with him, he'd forgotten what it was like to just - sit, and be romantic.
"I know, your art is so beautiful and unique." He smiled, giggling, "How's your portfolio coming along?" Frank asked, softly.
"Good. I'm having an exhibition in about a week." Gerard beamed, softly. "I'd love it if you could come."
"I would love to see what you spend a lot of your time doing." He giggled, turning around, looking up at Gerard, "This is nice, just, not having sex. Just enjoying each others company."
"Yeah, I know." Gerard grinned, softly. "I know I seem like a bit of a.." He hesitated. "A maniac?" He chuckled gently to himself. "But I'm not.. It's just - I.. I really don't know." He blushed.
"I understand, I think we are both, slightly starved of sexual affection." He giggled, grinning, blushing slightly.
"Just a little." He gazed softly, pushing the sweaty hair from his brow. "I gotta have a shower. A proper one, this time." He laughed, putting an arm around Frank as he sat up. Frank pouted, sighing.
"Fine, but last time, it was fun." He giggled, sitting up, "See you soon then." Frank smiled, running a hand through his hair.
"Can't deny that." He laughed, kissing Frank once, before leaving to shower. The cold water brought him back to life and removed a little of the sexually induced fog that was clouding his eyes.
Frank got into his jeans and shirt again, smiling, laying on Gerard's bed.
"That was so fucking fun." He giggled, talking to himself, looking up at the ceiling, waiting for Gerard to get out of the shower.

dear god that was a lot of smut wow
me and sammy got a little carried away, okay?
proper story line next time, promise. c:
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