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Warnings: Self harm. Suicide.

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I’ve started again. It’s worse than ever. It used to be onece in a while, after a particularly bad day. Now, it’s every day. As soon as I get home, I do it. I’ve almost done it at work too. I want it. I need it. I’m addicted. I haven’t spoken to anyone who’ll understand. They will just think I'm being pathetic and selfish. The truth is I am selfish. I can't stand the idea of having to share something, or someone.
That makes me so pathetic! I can't even handle my friend having a boyfriend! Or even making new friends with people I don't know. It makes me feel like I'm not worth anyone’s time. Like I don't belong anywhere.

As I read over the note, I start to wonder where it’s going. Why has my best friend left this on the fridge of our apartment and then disappeared?

I can't keep feeling like I am. I want it to stop. You’ve seen the scars, even the fresh wounds! You always tried your best to help me. Then you got with Bob. I was completely ignored for a week. Even now, I feel like you don't want me around. It’s like you’ve just gotten bored of me and listening to my problems. You were the only person I could talk to about absolutely anything. Now you just don't care.

What? I’ve never stopped caring about Frank! How could I? He’s been my best friend for years! Ok, so I was a little distracted when I first got with Bob, but I still want Frankie around.

So this is why I’m doing this. I don't want to live on this planet without your love. I can't live on this planet without you to help me. I’m at the beach.
Good bye Gee, I love you, and thank you for helping me get this far.


I grab my phone and run for the door. Whatever it is, it must be important. I know how much Frankie hates walking, and the car is still in the driveway. I drive a fast as possible without losing control to get to the beach. It’s usually a half hour drive, but I manage to make it in 10 minutes.
One I get there I see nobody around. I head to a spot where I know Frank like to go to write music. It’s secluded and quiet, somewhere nobody would interrupt you.
I can see him. He’s sitting against the rocks with his head bowed.
“Frank!” I shout to him, running over.
“Frank, dude.” I get closer and he doesn’t move. “Frank, wake up man.” I nudge him, but he just slumps to the side slightly.
That’s when I notice he’s cold. Deadly cold.
There’s three empty mediation bottles on the floor around him.
“Don't. Please Frankie.” I beg checking for a pulse. I check his neck, wrist and thumb.

Ok, so I was in a rush earlier to get this posted before came to my house and judged me for not only writing, but for fanfiction-ing. I've read through and shit now so everything should be correct.
Thank you sosososososososo much for the reviews so far! This really was just a rant about what's in my head. I didnt think it would get much responce, so thanks again :)

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