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Love sick.

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When Frank falls ill during the Danger Days tour, will Gerard stay with him through it all and will it lead to more than just a tighter friendship? This is most likely only a one-shot.

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Hello! I know I am supposed to be writing another chapter for 'There's no room in this hell...' but I have been ill for about a week and this idea formed in my mind as i lay in my bed dying. I hope you like it and that you think that I am a good thinker when I am ill, if not; then I am sorry and I am a weird thinker when I have a fever. :P


Frank's POV:

"Aaaauuuuggggg..." I mouaned, rolling around on the sofa in our changing room, clutching my stomach in pain. "I feel aweful..." We had just finished the show for the night and we could tell that the crowd knew that something wasn't quite right with me. They were correct. I had the worst stomach bug known to man, and I was dying.

"Oh, we know Frankie, just hang in there, the doctor will be here soon and he will make you all better." Came the soothing voice of Gerard, my best friend, who was perched on the sofa by my legs. I looked up towards his face and gave a weak smile, before I flopped my head back down.

Seconds later, we heard a knock on the door as a middle-aged woman with fluffy blonde hair pulled back into a messy ponytail walked in.

"Hello, I am Dr. Mathews, and I was called because of Frank Iero?" She asked politely in a somewhat clinical and mesured voice.

"Uhm, yeah, this is Frankie." Gerard replied, waving his artistic hands towards my crumpled form. "He is feeling a bit ill." He stated.

"Umf..." I grunted in agreement of my identity.

"Ah, yes. Well, I will have a look at Frank. You can stay if you want Mister...?" Dr. Mathews enquired.

"Way, my name is Gerard Way." Gerard offered.

"Mr. Way. You can stay if you think your boyfriend wants you to." She said in a monotone voice.

There was silence for a minute as Gerard took in what Dr. Mathews said. He looked puzzled, then a bit annoyed, and then he finnally settled for embarrassed.

"Oh, no... no, we are not a couple, just good friends." He hurried to say, hoping that the doctor believed him.

"Oh, sorry, my mistake. Homosexual partnerships are getting more and more common and you two acted very much like you were together." Dr. Mathews apologised, turning a slight shade of pink.

She spent about a quater of an hour prodding and poking me until she finally came to a conclusion and informed Gerard and me that I had just a common bug and I would be better in under a week. That was good, we didn't have another show for five days as we were travelling and having a rest.

"Well... That was unexpected. I didn't know that we acted like a couple." Gerard said, a litte embarrassment still lingering in his voice.

"Maybe we are a secret couple, and we just don't know it?" I joked weakly, looking at my friend and suddenly saw something more than just a friend. I saw what the fangirls must see, I saw Gerard Fucking Way; Sex icon and allround beautiful person. Shit, what is wrong with me?

"Maybe you are right Frankie, we should maybe just check!" He grinned jokely but mischeivously.

"And how do you suppose we do that, Gee?" I asked in a mock suductive fasion, tilting my head and pouting my lips.

"Kiss me, Frankie!" Gerard suddenly declared, swinging his long arms out in an extravigant movement. I didn't take a second thought. I grabbed the sides of his face and pulled him towards me and gave him an almighty snog right on the lips.

Gerard instantly kissed back, his hands suddenly on my cheeks. The kiss quickly turning violent and passionate. Suddenly, I felt his soft tongue on my bottom lip, asking for premision to enter. I gave him it, and our tongues battled for dominance over our mouths.

We kissed for at least five minutes, enjoying every second until something unexpected stopped us in the middle of the deep kiss.

The door opened and Dr. Mathews walked in.

"Sorry guys, I think I forgot my Stethosco-" She stopped in her tracks. "I knew it." She declared. Gerard and I quickly broke off and looked at Dr. Mathews sheepishly.

"Well... That is the first time that we have ever kissed, you made us want to..." Gerard mumbled.

"Always good to see a new couple!" She grinned, her clinical voice dissapearing suddeny. She grabbed a Stethoscope of the side and went to the door. "You kids be careful, just remember that Frank is ill and it might be contagious..." She warned before going through the door and shutting it behind her.

"Well, I think I was right that we were a secret couple." I stated before Gerard and I started to kiss once more.

I hope you liked it!!!!!!! I really enjoyed writing it and I hope it gets as popular as 'There's no room in this hell...' is getting!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! Please R+R, I am powered by them and so I need them to carry on writing stories!
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