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Bar Crawl

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Gerard is a skilled bartender at a failing bar. The ONLY bartender, at that. What happens when his boss hires a second hand?

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I shook the margaretta mix in the shaker, the familiar action of it making me smile even brighter. Moze walked by, grinning at me as she hefted her try up on her shoulder.

With my foot, I kicked up the lift to let her back. "Thanks Gee." She didn't break her stride as I tapped the lift with my elbow and poured the drink.

"Seven dollars." I smiled and handed the girl her glass. She smiled and handed me the money.

"That was cool." She nodded to the lift and sipped her drink. "Mmm...." She sighed and headed off to her group of sixteen. As I wiped down the counter top, nine of the girls walked up, giggling and flipping their hair.

I had all their drinks made in fiftedn minutes. "Gee, you work too hard." Nova slid past me and out, flipping her caramel brown hair.

"I got it, Nova. Besides, I'm a pro." I purred and leaned across the bar, watching her with my piercing green eyes. She laughed and winked at me.

"I'm sure you are." She stuck her tongue out at me. I laughed and flipped my legs over the bar and sat on the other side.

The girls squeaked at the table as they saw the rest of my toned, lanky body. I lifted myself off the polished wood and wiped away my prints. "Well, don't get used to it. I heard that Len was hiring another barmonkey." She poked my hard chest.

"Ah. Well, you know monkeys come and go. Only pros survive." I laughed softly and smirked.

"This guy worked at Whiskey Willie's." She warned, her light brown eyes darkening. I blinked, swallowing a little.

"No problem." My voice cracked a little. She patted my shoulder and left me standning there.

Whiskey Willie's. A bartender from Whiskey Willie's?! Fear bubbled in my chest as pictures of the insane Irish pub flooded my head.

It was ALWAYS packed. It was ALWAYS amazing. The drinks were ALWAYS perfect. I swallowed hard and walked back to.the bar.

My heart was hammering. Every time the door opened, I looked up like a lost puppy.

I don't know what I expected a Willie's bartender to look like. A huge, hulking monster in a kilt shaking a drink?

The image in my mind made me wanna laugh and made me shiver at the same time. A few groups came and left, and finally, around nine thirty, a teenager walked in.

He came to.the bar, his eyes a light brown. "Hi. I'm looking for someone." I blinked.

"Sorry, but are you old enough to be in a bar?" I looked him up and down. He smirked and leaned against my bar.

"I could ask you the same." His breath smelt of cigarettes and mint, making goosebumps raise on my arms. "I'm looking for Len." He reached across the bar, his fibers brushing my cheek.

"Frankie!" I jumped at Len's voice. He came from the back room and hugged the kid. "So you've met your partner." He waved at me.

"Partner?" I asked stupidly. Frankie smirked again and nodded.

"Gerard, this is Frankie. He'll help you keep up with the drink orders." I blinked at the boy."

"YOU worked at Whiskey Willie's?" I asked in shock. He laughed and stepped under the lift, standing next to me.

Eight girls walked in, heading straight to us. Len backed away. "What can I get ya?" Frankie smiled at them.

They placed their orders and when I grabbed a glass, Frankie shook his head. "I got it Gee." He smirked at me.

I stepped away from the station and watched him. He spun the bottles in his fingers like they were pencils, flipping them over and pouring.

Not one look of stress touched his face. He kept that calm smirk as he gathered up the money and slid the girls their drinks.

Once they were drinking, he smiled impishly at me. "Okay, you're good." I gawked. He laughed.

"I'm good in bed, too." He grinned.

"I might have to test that theory." I smirked back. Len and Nova were watching us.

"He's in loooovvvvveeee." I heard Nova sigh to Len. They shared a quick look I hardly caught and a nod.

"Kisskisskisskiss!!!!!!!" They chanted. The girls got in on it too. Frankie turned red.

"Well, our boss told us to do it." I shrugged. He jumped a little a I took his face in my hands and tipped it up.

I felt his pulse in my fingertips as I leaned forward, the thump quickening and getting harder. He raised on his toes, closing the gap as fast as he could.

We kissed quickly, the girls squealing all around us. I laughed quitely. "Tell your friends about the sexy gayness." I laughed. "We could use the business."

Frankie had fallen silent, his face bright red. I took a deep breath and poked his forehead. "Relax. I think we found our hook."

"Okay?" I ruffled his hair and smiled at him. "Hey..." He shook his head, fixing his hair.

"You two should go out." One of the drunken girls slurred slightly.

"And that, sweetpea, is your last drink." I smirked at her, turning her red.

"I'm not dru-" she started but fell backwards out of her seat. Len picked her up and dusted her off. "I'm fine." She laughed.

I shared a look with Frankie. It was one every pro knew. The 'Drunk Spaz' look.

Maybe this one can stick around. Maybe. I kicked the lift up for Nova making him jump.

He'll learn. I smiled to myself as I polished the wood. He'll learn.

Super random thing I thought up while I was watching Bar Rescue.

If you don't know what it is, It's on ebery Sunday on SPIKE. Idk if it plays outside of the US though.

If not.....well, Google is alive for a reason lol

R+R and all that.

I gotta go cause my phone is goin insane.

Hugs and Tomatoes,

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