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“There isn’t a sun, Gerard!” Frank exclaimed, turning to look at Gerard with an excited look in his eyes, “It’s like, it’s dark, everywhere!” He giggled and bounced on his heels, look...

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Anyone else looking at the sky that night would have seen stars shining dimly against the dark sky, outshone by streetlights, car headlights and the distant glow of the city nearby, so faded that they may not have been there at all. They would have seen the bats fluttering from a hole in an attic somewhere and heard the clatter of their wings as they soared against the moon, shrieking silently at each other beneath the diluted sound of car engines passing by streets away. Maybe they would have even noticed the fireflies hovering gracefully over the trees in the park, casting their bronze glow on the leaves and dancing to the low hum of civilisation. But as Frank stared out from the crack in the boarded up window, he did not see any of that. He saw a great, black canvas smudged with lines of bright colour and dotted with white. In the centre of it, he saw a glowing hue of light, shifting gently from white, to yellow and to orange. Flecks of light split off from it and floated away into nothing every now and again as he watched, fascinated by this new world that he was so lucky to see and that was all his own.
“Gerard, have you seen this?” He laughed, turning to glance at Gerard then back outside, feeling a wash of remarkable thrill and happiness cover him completely. He smiled and stared out of the crack, his eyes wide. “It’s like… everything!” Gerard got up and went to stand next to Frank, holding his shoulder with one hand.
“My mom used to tell me that if you look at the sun too long you burn out your eyes so you’d better stop it or else you’re gonna go blind and then you won’t be able to see.” He slurred, pressing his lips against the side of Frank’s warm face, unaware that it was only two in the morning. Frank’s skin felt like spectacular fireworks had shot off from it from such basic contact and it was fantastic.
“There isn’t a sun, Gerard!” Frank exclaimed, turning to look at Gerard with an excited look in his eyes, “It’s like, it’s dark, everywhere!” He giggled and bounced on his heels, looking up at Gerard, completely intoxicated. Gerard noticed this and smirked smugly, then held Frank’s shoulders tightly with both hands and leaned in to kiss him roughly. Frank’s eyes widened further as Gerard thrust him forcefully against the wall, slamming his back against it painfully and pinning him flat, his hands moving to his waist and skating over his back. He pressed his lips forcefully against Frank’s then wrapped his arms around his back, pulling him away from the wall and holding him tight and close. Frank squeaked in surprise, shocked at the sudden contact, then locked his own arms around Gerard’s back and leaned upwards, closing his eyes in pure, blissful ecstasy at the indescribable sensation of Gerard’s lips upon his. Every one of his senses were heightened and it was beautiful. The way the weight had suddenly lifted from his tired shoulders was beautiful, the way the moonlight shone through the crack in the cheap, splintering wood over the window was beautiful, the way Gerard’s skin felt against him was beautiful. Everything was beautiful.
He leaned back, let Gerard’s arms take his weight and moved one hand to his neck, holding it lightly, trusting him not to drop him. Gerard pulled him closer and spun him round onto the bed behind them, then laid him flat before spreading his hands softly over his hipbones and propping one knee on the side of the yellowed mattress. He leaned right over Frank and kissed him, sliding his hands under his shirt and over his pale skin, caressing his waist and up to his ribcage, then pulled it over his head and tossed it aside where it landed in a heap on the floor. Frank groaned and wriggled back, pulling Gerard closer so he was laid next to him and tugged on his jacket, peeling it off quickly then grabbing back, taking hold of Gerard’s faded, stretched out t-shirt and his shoulder blades tightly. He looked up into Gerard’s wide, dilated eyes with a pleading look on his face, biting his lip. Gerard’s eyes flitted around Frank’s imploring face and his heart fluttered; Frank looked gorgeous. Warm, messy. Gerard wanted to keep him all to himself and to never let anyone else near him because Frank was his, nobody else could ever have him.
Gerard giggled and pulled him into a sitting position, holding him up like a ragdoll, and sucked on his neck, spreading his fingers across Frank’s damp, slightly arched back. Frank croaked out a moan and dug his fingers into the mattress, pushing his neck against Gerard’s hot, wet tongue and closing his eyes. His mouth hung open and he squirmed at the oddly relaxing sensation. “Gerard,” he whined, screwing up his face, “I wanna…” He let go of the sheets with one hand and tugged the hem of Gerard’s t-shirt, dragging it upwards roughly. Gerard moved from Frank’s neck to pull it over his head completely then drop it on the floor behind him.He leaned over Frank and pressed his lips against his damp chest, planting soft kisses down his torso, feeling it rise and fall raggedly as he breathed and keeping him still up by holding his back with one arm. Frank saw stars and bright flashes of colour; his skin felt so much more sensitive, tonight, Gerard’s lips felt like fireworks bursting on his skin. Gerard reached the top of Frank’s jeans and his bottom lip gently brushed against his belt as he looked up, plainly asking for permission. Frank liked that – it was always him asking for permission and Gerard deciding what they’d do, but not tonight. He smirked and nodded, chewing his bottom lip in anticipation.
Gerard used his free hand to quickly unbuckle Frank’s belt, his hands shaking and making it harder than it should have been, then fiddle with the button almost violently. Frank propped himself up with his arms and nudged Gerard’s hand away to let him know that he could move it, which he did, using it to pull both Frank’s jeans and his underwear down roughly, noticing that he was noticeably more than a little turned on. Frank squirmed and kicked them off of his ankles onto the floor. Gerard leaned forward, then hesitated. “You-you want me to… I mean, it’s okay if I-“
“Yeah, yes, Gerard, please!” Frank interrupted him, nodding franticly. Gerard half smiled and lightly stroked a line from his hipbone to his dick then skated his fingers teasingly upwards, making Frank choke out a ragged gasp. “Gerard, please,” he repeated, biting his tongue and crewing up the sheets in his hands. He felt so high, a mixture of the drugs and how turned on he felt making his head spin and his skin tingle, it felt like the most amazing torture he’d ever had the pleasure to endure. Gerard giggled again and smiled before taking Frank in his mouth and closing his eyes, moving his lips delicately. His skin felt like it was on fire and the intensity of everything made him moan quietly, sending vibrations up Frank’s cock and making him wince. Gerard moved one of his arms off the bed and palmed himself roughly through his jeans, his eyes flashing white as he pressed his tongue against Frank in his mouth, moving it gently up and down. Frank whimpered and grabbed a handful of Gerard’s greasy white hair in his hand, pushing his head down and forcing himself further down his throat and moaning quietly. “G-Gerard,” He grimaced, his face screwed up, “I’m nearly – I’m gonna… Ugh!” Gerard held his slightly protruding hipbone and scratched him slightly with his thumbnail and Frank couldn’t help but buck desperately against his mouth. Gerard hollowed his cheeks and swallowed against Frank’s cock, almost there himself but trying to make Frank come first – he could deal with himself afterwards. He hummed quietly, making Frank gasp and pull his hair before shouting his name through a groan, coming down his throat and flopping backwards onto the bed, panting. Gerard looked at him and felt frustrated at how perfect he looked like, sweaty with hair all over his forehead. He wiped his mouth with his hand and swallowed with a grimace, then stuck his hand down his jeans, trying to unbutton them with one hand. Frank looked up and leaned up on one elbow. “No, Gerard, let me,” He said, dragging himself forward and trying to pull Gerard’s jeans down himself, maybe hoping to return the favour in some way.
“Fuck off!” Gerard spat, suddenly angry for reasons he didn’t understand. Frank didn’t understand either. His eyes widened and he reached over onto the floor to pick up his jeans.
“I’m sorry, I… What did I do?” He asked, pulling on his clothes and staring at Gerard with an innocent expression, wondering why his mood had changed so suddenly.
“I said ‘fuck off’,” Gerard said, not meeting Frank’s eyes and jacking off with his pants still on. Frank mumbled something then slouched across the room to pick up his shirt, tearing his eyes away from Gerard and blinking away tears at the sudden rejection. He felt guilty for whatever he’d done despite the fact that he didn’t know what it was. Had Gerard wanted him to wait until he came before Frank did? Maybe, Frank thought. He felt sick. “Sorry,” he muttered before stepping out of the bedroom and walking across the dark and suddenly a lot less magical house and slowly downstairs to sleep alone on the cold, wooden floor.

At about four o’clock in the morning, Gerard crept downstairs and nudged the door open to see if Frank was asleep. “Frank?” He whispered. Frank was curled up in a ball on the floor, hugging his own waist and shivering in his sleep, his dark hair covering his reddened eyes partially. Had he been crying? Gerard blinked a few times then snuck into the room and over to where Frank was, thought for a second then picked him up gently. Frank was shorter and skinnier than Gerard so it wasn’t that hard for him to do and the drugs had caused him to sleep deeper than usual, meaning it would be harder to disturb him. He hoisted Frank up and held him like a baby, holding his back tightly and feeling his shaking slightly – he felt freezing. Gerard sighed and held him tighter before carrying him upstairs and lying him on the bed, pulling the sheets over him then crawling in next to him. Frank stirred and rubbed his eyes. “Gerard?” He croaked, squinting up at him.
“Yeah, don’ worry,” Gerard whispered, “I brought you upstairs, you were cold. Go back to sleep, baby, I love you,” His hair fell across his face and he kissed Frank’s cheek softly then pulled the sheets up over him further, which made him smile lazily.
“Mm, I love you too,” He slurred, snuggling up close to Gerard and wrapping his arm around his waist, resting his head against his chest and closing his eyes. Gerard put his own arms around Frank and kissed the top of his head, breathing in the faint smell of shampoo and cigarettes.
“Sorry,” He said quietly, “I’m sorry, I…” He sighed. He knew he couldn’t explain what he’d done as he didn’t even know how to explain it to himself, so he just held Frank a little tighter in the warmth, glad that he’d stopped shaking as much. “I’m sorry.” Frank made a quiet, barely noticeable sound that sounded like a kitten and he nodded, curling up next to Gerard and drifting off into a blank, fuzzy sleep. Gerard looked down at him and smiled, because in that moment, those short hours they stayed together like that, everything was perfect. Frank was perfect. But, Gerard? Gerard wasn’t perfect. Gerard was sick, twisted, demented, selfish, manipulative, stupid and so, so fucked up. He knew Frank thought those things, he knew everyone did, which was why he didn’t see anyone else, he knew they all hated him. They hated him almost as much as he hated himself. But Frank was perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect.
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