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“Mikey!” Frank shouts as he opens the door to me.

“Hey Frankie.” I reply and trap him in a bear hug.

“Mikes... Air... Die...” Frank manages to squeeze out.

“Haha, sorry man. It’s so cold out there.” I let's go. “How’ve you been?”

We walk through Franks flat to the back room which has a large couch and TV. There’s also all the video game consoles and games one person could get their hands on. The collection of DVD’s tower almost above Franks head.

“Apart from the broken heater, I’m alright. Its weird living by myself now your brother’s moved in with Lyn-z.” He tells me.

“Yeah? You thinking of having someone else live with you?” I ask, hoping I don't sound as enthusiastic as I think.

We keep the small talk going while I choose a DVD and Frankie makes coffee.

“Really Mikes?” Frank asks. “You want to watch My Little Pony again?”

“What? It’s majestic!”

“Whatever you say. You’re just lucky I secretly like it too.” Frank giggled cutely.

Although I had the possibility of getting frostbite, I was actually glad for the freezing cold. It gave me a reason to cuddle with Frankie. He was so adorable. Especially when he fell asleep on my lap after the first 4 episodes.

I don't think I know any person cuter. Frankie is just so small and fragile looking. He also looks peaceful when he sleeps. I find myself with an urge to kiss him. Without knowing, my body starts to lean towards him. I'm halfway there now, why the hell not? I know he’s bi so he shouldn’t be freaked out that much.

I let my eyes close and gently press my lips against franks plump ones.

His eyes flutter open and he looks me in the eye. So cute and innocent, but I know the truth. I know where this mouth has been. That’s what I'm attracted to most about Frank. He seems so innocent, but he’s really just some horny boy.

“It’s about time Mikes.” He smiles and pulls me in for a longer, more erotic kiss.

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