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I'm happy, you're happy; we're all happy.

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Just incase you haven't seen a post explaining how this works yet, here's how it's gonna go:

I'll suggest some stories I've written that I'd appreciate you guys read and review, and then you review this post with one of your stories you'd like me to read and review in return. Once I see that you've reviewed one of my stories, I'll return the favor.

Stories I'd like reviewed: I'm not gonna be picky, pretty much anything I've written (that's not an author's note or something, obviously). Just click on my profile ( and check out whatever grabs your interest. "I Think I'll Blow My Brains Against The Ceiling" ( is the story I've worked the hardest on, so it'd be cool if you chose that one, but it's pretty long, so I won't complain if you don't.

Type of story I'd like to read and review in return: I'm into anything angsty and/or surrounding alcohol and drug abuse, but I have a soft spot for fluff, so that's cool too. Frerard is also my preferred pairing, but I'll read any others aswell. No stories with OC pairings, though. Sorry.

Kudos to CosmicZombie for coming up with this awesome idea. Hopefully this'll bring back some positive energy to this website :3
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