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20- Divorce

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Things get serious.

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(Brendon’s POV)

“Let’s play a game-” Kacy proposed with a giggle.

I gazed at her in adoration, finding myself falling further in love with her with each passing moment. She was special, and different- and glue. Yeah, she was my glue. It was the corniest thing I could think of. It fit perfectly in place however. “What game?” I asked, knowing that I’d do anything she wanted. She just had to name it.

Kacy brushed her hair away and patted her ever growing stomach. “How about forever?”

“What’s forever?”

“It’s where we love each other forever, even when we hate each other.” Kacy smirked.

“Forever? The timeline sounds pretty long.” I teased.

Kacy nodded, “It’s pretty damn long but the first one to give up loses- and I’m not a loser.”

“Neither am I.” I extended my hand. “Let’s shake on it.”

“I want a kiss.” Kacy leaned forward with a devilish grin.

It took all of my self restraint to end at the kiss.


(Third Person POV)

Kacy nervously sat on the edge of the bed, listening to the sound of the water running in the bathroom. Brendon was showering. It was a welcome break from the awkward silences that they’d never before had to deal with.

She found herself grateful when her ringtone broke the silence, piercing the air.

With trembling hands she reached for it, knocking it off the dresser and in to her hand. It was Spencer. She almost didn’t answer, but then she did. “Hey Spence. Now just, it isn’t the best time.” She croaked out.

“I know, and it’s about to get worse.” Spencer warned.


“I have to tell you something. I- it’s going to suck though. Should I come over? Where are you?” Spencer sounded concerned, making Kacy even more worried.

“What? Just tell me.”

“Brendon changed your address to er, my address.” Spencer admitted.

“So? I can change it back if the magazines are bugging you or something…”

“It’s not that Kacy.” Spencer’s tone completely changed, and Kacy took immediate notice.

“What is it?” Kacy didn’t even know how to brace herself for anymore bad news. Things were already bad enough. Brendon and her were fighting- Adam was with her mother for longer than she’d prefer while they tried to figure things out.

It was just hard.

It was already hard enough.

“Brendon filed for…” Spencer sighed heavily. “He filed for divorce.”

“W-what?” Brendon didn’t say that he was going to. Kacy said that she was going to. It had been an idle threat though. She wasn’t actually ready for divorce. “… my god. He- he-” Kacy trailed off.

There was a loud bang as Spencer angrily hit something. “There’s something else.” Spencer spit out through gritted teeth as he stared down at the paperwork.

“What? What else?” Kacy asked in a quiet voice.

“He’s… taking you to court for Adam.” Spencer replied. “He’s suing for full custody Kacy.”

“What?” Kacy whispered, feeling numb suddenly. “He can’t… He can’t do that.”“Kacy-”

“I just- can I call you back? I need to go, to think- I just need to be alone.” Kacy whispered.

“Don’t do anything stupid.” Spencer warned. “I’ll keep my phone by my side all night. Call me whenever. You’re not alone.”

“You’re a good friend.” Kacy answered softly. “Thank you.” But then she hung up, and as the line fell dead she did feel alone.

Then the sound of water in the background shut off- and Brendon opened the door.


(Brendon’s POV)

“Unlimited hot water. That is a plus in crappy hotels.” I commented, glancing at Kacy as she let her cell phone fall to the floor after it bounced off the bed. “Who called?”

She swallowed hard. “It’s not important.”

“Did you want to shower? There’s still hot water.” I grinned.

“No… I-” Kacy abruptly stopped as tears filled her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

The question hung in the air as Kacy wiped her tears away.

What had I done?


(I feel like such a jerk for ending it RIGHT before an argument but I really need to update this and I’m seconds away from passing out. I have work soon- and need sleep, and have been too busy lately. So sorry! This is kind of a teaser chapter but there is more to come, hopefully this weekend depending on feedback.)
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