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I can't make my own decisions

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One shot- When Callie wants to make her own decisions will anyone let her?

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Callie's POV

I looked through the schools I could attend next year.
I picked up one and looked at the lessons I could take.
I smiled to myself.
I ran downstairs to my dad.
"Dad! Dad! I wanna go here! I can do music , art, media studies! What do you think?" I said handing him the booklet.
He looked at it.
"Well, as long as these subjects will help you with a future career and you want to do them, that's fine by me," he said.
I grinned and hugged him.
"Go and show your mum," he said.
I skipped upstairs to my mum and repeated my sentance again.
But her response was different.
"You can't go just because you like the subjects, you need to be good at them," she said.
"But mum, I am," I said.
"Well it depends how are your exams go it can be your backup school, anyway you should stay at your current school and do English, Science..."
As she said that I felt my whole world begin to crumble.
I couldn't stay THERE.
It is the very heart of my nightmares.
It brings back bad memories.
I needed to get away from there.
She had done this before, about a year ago we were picking what lessons I would be taking for the next year and a bit, I wasn't allowed a say.
I simply couldn't bare to listen to anything else so I got up and walked out.


I gently knocked on the door.
The door opened and Mikey grinned at me.
Mikey is four years older than me and he's my best friend in the entire world.
"Hey Cal," he said hugging me.
I hugged him back tightly.
"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked.
I stared at the floor.
"Come on, I'll get you some coffee," he said putting an arm around me.
I sat on a kitchen chair and sighed.
"So, what's wrong?" he asked putting the coffee in front of me.
I gave him the whole story.
"What the fuck? Why does she keep making you do what she wants like a flaming dog on a leesh?" he asked.
"I dunno, I've tried talking to her, she won't hear it, she just wants me to be a pretty blonde girl with lots of friends and who is so smart she becomes president, but no she ends up with the outcast girl who wants to be in the music industry," I mumbled.
"You do realise that you need a B to stay on at your school and they accept C's at the one you wanna go to," he said
"Yeah and she'll actually disown me if I get a C," I said.
"Ouch, that's harsh," he said.
"Well I guess we'll have to wait and see," I said.


Results day

Mikey's POV
I looked through the car window at Callie walking slowly througn the rain.
She got in and stared ahead.
"I can't go home," she whispered.
"Why not?" I asked.
"All C's Mikey! All mother fucking C's!" she screamed.
She then burst into tears.
Ah shit.
I hugged her to my chest.
"Cal, it's okay," I said.
"No it's not, there's no point in going home if I'm gonna be chucked out as soon as I walk through the door!" she cried.
I sighed and kissed the top of her head.
"I don't know what to do Mikey," she whispered.
I took her face into my hands.
"Let's run away, you and me together," I said.
She hesitated.
"You'd do that for me?" she asked.
I took her cold hands into mine.
"Of course, I will stay with you till the very end," I said.
Her face started to light up ever so slightly.
She kissed my cheek gently.
I smiled as she did so.
She looked at me and smiled.
I traced my fingers over her soft lips.
"You're so...beautiful," I whispered.
He cheeks started to go pink.
I smiled at how cute she was being.
I lent towards her slowly looking into her deep blue eyes.
She looked so innocent and unsure.
I stopped for a second to see what she'd do.
She then lent in too.
Our foreheads were now resting against each other.
I could feel her soft breathing on my face.
I then lent in and kissed her ever so gently.
She kissed me back running her fingers through my hair.
I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer.
It felt like this was happening for an eternity.
We then slowly pulled away from each other.
"Wow," she whispered.
"Yeah," I whispered back.
She smiled at me and I smiled back.
"Come on hon, let's run away and never look back," I said starting the engine.

Sorry for the crappiness!!!!
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