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Lavis wild card

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What would lavi do if i did not say i love you to him. "allen" lavi was getting closer to allen.- great just the person i didnt want to see- allen thought to himself. "lavi i dont want to talk to you right now" allen got up off the rock and started to walk away. "please allen you dont have to talk i will do all of the talking please just listen" allen looked down he could not bear (he he see what i did there) to see lavis face but gave in instead. " fine" choked allen. "allen thank you but i dont understand what would make u think i dont love you other than me not saying it"

"lavi stop the fact that you dont say it is enough dont you think how would you feel if i never said i love you to you and only wanted sex" lavi was afraid to say anything it would probaly just make things worse. " lavi do you understand now how i feel" lavi so sad now he just nodded. "now that you clearly understand i will let you off the hook ok". Lavis face bounced up right away lavi moved closer to allen and kissed allen inbraced the kiss he missed after lavi pulled away from the kiss then wispered in allens ear "i love you allen"

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