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Izzy and Duff love story

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A love story about Izzy and Duff.

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Tears gathered in Izzy’s chocolate brown eyes. He felt as though every person at the party was looking at him and laughing, if not out loud then in their minds. Why did she have to dump him here? At the party right after Guns n Roses first real gig.
For the first time in a long time Izzy had been happy. He was with his best friend Axl and their new friends, and band mates, Duff, Slash and Steven. They were getting more and more fans every day.
Izzy held back his tears and said. “I was gonna dump you anyway bitch!” in the meanest tone he could manage. Then Izzy walked straight to the beer, grabbing a bottle and chugging it, desperately trying to drown all the memories.
Meeting his girlfriend and hitting it off right away. But Izzy had to admit they were growing apart. Instead of comforting him this thought caused him to grab another beer then another, until he was so drunk he crashed on the couch and fell asleep.
He awoke to some random boy yelling at him that his girl was kissing some man and what was Izzy going to do about it? Izzy tried to get off the couch and failed. The second try he stood up shakily and walked over to the man kissing his girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend now.
“Who do you think you are?” Izzy slurred drunkenly. The man only laughed and ignored Izzy, who attempted to punch this man, but he was faster.
Izzy literally fell to the ground when the man’s fist connected with his jaw. Izzy gasped in pain, unable to control the tears this time.
Izzy yelped when he felt someone’s arms encircle his waist and pull him to his feet. “Hey it’s ok.” A soothing voice whispered in Izzy’s ear. “Duff?”
“Yeah, come on let’s go outside.” Duff grabbed Izzy’s hand. Izzy blushed but didn’t pull away. “Yeah that’s right walk away with your boyfriend!” the man yelled feeling that he’d won.
In a flash Duff let go of Izzy’s hand and punched the man in the nose. He doubled over in pain as blood poured from his now very much broken nose.
Duff whipped the blood on his shirt then reclaimed Izzy’s hand. Izzy smiled.
When they got to the parking lot Izzy looked up at Duff. “Thank you.” He whispered, suddenly feeling shy. “You’re welcome sweetie.” Duff smiled at Izzy, whose face turned red once again. Duff laughed good naturedly.
They drove home silently, seeing as Izzy was asleep. When they got back to the house they had rented with the rest of the band, Duff tried to wake Izzy up but failed.
Duff got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side opening the door and picked up Izzy. Izzy sighed and nuzzled his face into Duff’s shoulder still mostly asleep.
Axl was waiting for them when they got home, standing in the living room hands on his hips and an annoyed look on his face. “Where the fuck were you guys!?” he said accusingly. “We thought you went home.” Slash woke up from his spot on the couch and said “Shut up Axl I’m trying to sleep!” Axl just rolled his eyes. “Then go sleep in your room!” he said even more annoyed. “Not without you.” Slash said teasingly. Axl blushed.
“Ummm Izzy got into a fight that’s why we were late.” Duff explained. “Izzy doesn’t ever fight.” Axl stated raising an eye brow.
“Never mind Axl.” Izzy said still half asleep.
Duff decided to ignore Axl who was now yelling at Steven, for no reason at all it seemed. Duff walked into Izzy’s room and set him down on his bed.
“Thanks Duff. I love you.” Izzy said quietly. Duff froze not knowing what Izzy meant by this, or even if he was just drunk and it meant nothing.
“You’re so nice and pretty.” Izzy was mumbling looking at Duff through, a bit glazed over but still beautiful, brown eyes.
Duff was so confused; he didn’t know what to do. Izzy grabbed his arm and pulled Duff to him kissing him. Duff didn’t kiss back instead he pulled away and ran from the room, yelling goodnight.
Izzy was too drunk to do anything other than fall asleep almost instantly. He would have to find a way to figure this out, figure these mixed feelings of confusion out, in the morning.
In the other room Duff lay on his bed, heart racing. He too decided to figure it out in the morning. Maybe Izzy was so drunk he wouldn’t even remember what happened, but strangely Duff did want him to remember. Duff sighed and closed his eyes drifting into an uneasy sleep.
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