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Cinnamon Challenge.

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Frank just wanted to play a game, as grown men. How maturely could they all take it?

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A/N: Aaaaand here is the humor side.
Note: I actually did the cinnamon challenge myself before this to kind of have an idea of what it feels, it's fun, but I don't recommend doing it if there's still some hint of dignity left in you). Read, rate, review, enjoy!

Cinnamon Challenge.

Frank just wanted to play a damn game. Which wasn't even meant to be that of a big deal. After all, they where all grown people, married, some with children. Nothing wrong with having some fun from time to time, I mean they where still rockstars, right?

"Oh you're all just scared." stated Frank when most showed denial towards the challenge.

"Pff, no? we just think it's a little stupid don't you?" said Rat in defense.

"Aw c'mon people! Where's that young spirit, it's been a while since any of us did something fun, at least just one of you yes? I'll do it too, swear, no lie." Frank insisted.

"Na-ah. I ain't thinking on swallowing a whole fucking spoonful of fucking cinnamon man, I'd like to se you do it first." said Mikey.

Frank rolled his eyes.

"Oh jesus, big fucking deal with you guys, it's just cinnamon, Frank's right." Gerard spoke up.

"Yes! Exactly! c'mon. I'll get the spoons." Frank got up happily and made his way to the kitchen, 2 table normal-sized spoons. And cinnamon of course.

"Oh wait dude let's do it in here though." Gerard suggested referring to the bathroom's sink.

"Oh. Okay!" Frank made his way in after him.

"Oh god, are you seriously gonna fricken-- Oh shit, Gerard seriously though man?" Ray pleaded.

"No big deal guys! Just chill already."

"Oh, oh holly shit, I'm recording this man," said Mikey somewhat excited as he got his phone out.

"Wait, what? No. No you're not." Gerard argued.

"Yes I am. Oh yeah. Okay, any time now.

"Nono, fuck no, I'm not--"

"C'mon Gee! Just try to get it down, whatever."

"No! I-"

"Ah don't be such a cry-baby."

"I can't do it with a camera in my face though!" Gerard still refused.

Mikey laughed.

"Just do it man." said Ray. Gerard sighed.

Frank filled in the table spoon carefully up with cinnamon,in between giggles, trying for it not to be too much.

"You better fucking do this after me.." said Gerard.

"You bet I am." he laughed and handed him the spoon-full of cinnamon.

Mikey pressed the recording button.

Gerard came close to sniff a little out of the spoon before swallowing it, or at least trying to. Sniff, sniff. Gerard retreated immediately and turned to the camera with a disgust impression on his face.

"Uugh... Smells really.. Alright..." He said quickly. Geez, that's a strong smell. Imagine what it would be like to eat it.

Frank laughed, then Ray and Mikey giggled too. Gerard put a hand over his mouth and laughed there in order not to bloww all the cinnamon away.

Okay Gerard, no big deal, right? No big deal man, just swallow the damn spoon. Breathe..


"Okay, I'm doin' it.." Everyone leaned in a bit. Frank trying so very hard to contain his mixture of laugh with excitement. "Doin' it..! In between breaths.

One, two..

Down with it! Whole spoon in his mouth clean.

"Holly--" Mikey giggled. Unable to believe his older brother was actually doing this.

Gerard held it in, trying to find a way to swallowing it somehow, it didn't actually feel so bad, maybe he was actually winning, getting it down. It was all mental, despite the others laughing Gerard put all his effort in concentrating.

Suddenly, his tongue began to wriggle around in a weird attempt to tasting it, as if it were any kind of jello or something.

Bad idea,

Baaaad idea.

The strong flavor of the cinnamon started invading his mouth, burning. Burning badly.
And the little bit of cinnamon that actually made it's way down his throat stinging and giving him the inevitable urge to cough.

"MhmmmHMMMM!HH" he mumbled in a vain attempt to say something with his mouth stuffed. It only made it worse and make the others laugh harder.

"Ohmgawd..." He looked around with a face of either disgust or fear. Or maybe both. Most likely. "Ohhmgawd. I can't--" little puffs of cinnamon coming out of his mouth as he tried to say stuff. "Mmmmm!" He yelled-whispered as it fell in his sweater.

Frank wasn't even breathing.

Pufff. Out with all of it, in the sink, all over.

"WHAT THE FUCK" Then he proceeded to spit repeated and obnoxiously in between little screams "AHHH, AH OW!"


"IT BURNS!" His yells sounded muffled.

Everyone else was in a fit of tears cause by laughter.

All mature, huh?

"AHHH. SHIT- COCA COLA." He said desperately as he reached over for an emergency can of coke zero next to him and took a gulp.





This was so going on the internet.

"Disgusting! What.. What kind of a sicko actually frickin' does that and eats it the taste's disgusting, shit!" Not like anyone listened anyway, all too busy dying in laughter.

"Who even invented cinnamon?! It doesn't even taste good it anything.."

"Jesus christ man.. Y-you actually did it" said Ray as he continues giggling. "I-I mean you failed.." Laughs, Gerard rolled his eyes. "But you did it."

"Say hi to the fans!" Cheered Mikey.

Gerard looked even more annoyed, sass queen of course.

It wasn't even funny, or fun. At least not for him, and boy did he wanted to see what Frank did, his turn...

He should've not think about the flavor at all, just swallow it and not keep it in his mouth for so long, and now the entire world would see that video and laugh their asses off. Great.Twitter and Tumblr filled with gifs and stuffs, Gerard Way, epic cinnamon challenge fail, lol txt it tho.

As if this where all an evil plan to ruining his life from the very start, sigh.

Maybe he should do that again one more time sometime, maybe actually win the challenge someday. But not this time.

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