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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

As Hillary and Sara walked towards the interrogation room the next afternoon, they both thought about the new information they had found. The fingerprint on the room key and the fingerprints on the knife matched, which meant that if the fingerprint on the key was Mitchell Evan's, he had committed the murder with the knife. They stopped in front of the closed door to the room, and Brass stood leaning up against the wall.

"You guys aren't going to believe this, but Mitchell Evans called in his lawyer from New York. Flew over and just arrived this morning." he told them as they stood at the door.

"Well, when you're rich, you can get people to do anything." Hillary said as Brass opened the door. She was about to walk inside, and looked around the doorway into the room. Her face went white and she suddenly stopped. Sara almost ran into the back of her.

"Hillary?" Sara asked.

Hillary didn't take another step forward. She stood just behind the wall, out of sight of Evans and his lawyer. 'It couldn't possibly be...'

"What's up?" Brass looked at her and shut the door.

"What is his lawyer's name?" Hillary asked.

"Connors. A Ms. Conners. Don't know her first name."

The colour came back to Hillary's face. "Well this is awkward."

Sara looked at her. "Do you know her?"

"Yeah, actually," Hillary began, rubbing the back of her neck. "She's a close friend of mine. Haven't seen her in three years, but I just talked to her last week."

"I know how awkward that'll be." Brass said. "Sara?"

"Already ahead of you, Jim." Hillary handed the warrant for Evan's DNA and fingerprints to Sara. Sara opened the door and stepped inside. Brass followed her.

Hillary felt bad for leaving Sara to do this by herself, but she knew she had no choice. After the interrogation was over, she could meet up with Miranda, and everything would be normal again. Miranda was going to laugh at this. "And I'll head to the viewing room."

The viewing room was a room connected to the interrogation room by a two-way mirror. Hillary could listen to the conversation, but not been seen.

Brass closed the door, and Hillary headed for the viewing room, the whole time thinking: 'Of all the people in New York City, Miranda had to be this scumbag's lawyer'. As she looked through the glass, she saw Sara sit down and Brass stand next to the door. Miranda looked just like she had three years ago.

"Where's your partner?" Evans asked. He didn't seem as put-off as he had the day before.

"She couldn't make it," Sara told him, no emotion in her voice. She took a split second to look at Miranda.

"Now, we'll ask you one more time, Mr. Evans. Would you like to give us your DNA and your fingerprints voluntarily? If not, then that puts you in suspicion." Brass asked.

Miranda whispered something to Evans. "Only if you have a warrant," she said boldly.

"Well, we do." Sara placed the warrant on the table, and Miranda picked it up and read it.

She placed it back on the table, and then looked at Evans. "Alright."

After a hair sample and fingerprints were taken from Evans, they let him go. He stomped out of the interrogation room and walked towards the exit. Miranda walked out of the door. She took a look around, and spotted Hillary as she came around the corner.

"Hillary! Is that you?" Miranda walked over to Hillary quickly and gave her a hug. "I was planning to find you after I was done my work here, but I guess you found me! Are you the one working on the case against my client?" Miranda was a completely different person when she wasn't working.

Sara walked out of the door. Hillary looked over Miranda's shoulder at her. Sara nodded her head and Hillary nodded back. Then Sara headed towards analysis.

"Yes. And I'm going to have to get back to work soon, Miranda. And so do you." Hillary told her friend.

"Yes, I know." Miranda grinned at Hillary. Hillary knew what was coming, Amanda had obviously phoned Miranda up, and so she said something before Miranda could.

"So, how's Aaron?" Aaron was Miranda's husband.

Miranda rolled her eyes. "He's fine. Stop trying to change the subject. Nice try though." Miranda paused for a moment, "So, what's Nick like? I heard from Amanda that's he's pretty cute."

'Typical Miranda.' Hillary thought, sighing. Miranda had always been crazy about who they (her, Amanda, Katie, and Molly) were going out with. That's how Miranda had started to keep in good touch when she moved to New York. "You should believe what you hear."

As if on cue, Warrick and Nick passed by. They were talking, but Nick gave a moment to wink at Hillary as they passed. Hillary began to blush.

"That's him, isn't it?" Miranda looked as the guys disappeared around the corner.

Hillary looked at her. "What gave you that idea?"

"I don't know, possibly because it's obvious that you have a major thing for him."

"Miranda, don't even start." Hillary shook her head. Miranda knew her too well. She enjoyed talking to Miranda, but she had to get back to work; she couldn't leave Sara hanging. "Sorry, Miranda, but I have to go."

"So do I. But I'm planning to go to Amanda's when this is over." Miranda lowered her voice. "Just to tell you something. I really don't like Mr. Evans at all. I'm just here because I work for his father."

"Understandable." Hillary said, nodding her head.

"Well, good luck with your CSIing, Hil. I'll talk to you later. Oh, and tell you partner I really didn't mean anything by sneering at her, it's my job."

"She knows Miranda, believe me, she knows." They began to go their separate ways when Miranda looked over her shoulder.

"Good luck with your date tonight, you'll need it!" Then she quickly walked off, to avoid Hillary's comeback.

"Miranda, I swear. You and Amanda are seriously going to get it. Someday," she jokingly whispered to herself. Now all she had to wait for was Molly and Katie to show up in Las Vegas and nag her too.


When Nick and Warrick disappeared around the corner, Warrick got right onto bugging Nick.

"I saw that."

Nick looked at him like he had no idea what Warrick was saying. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Oh, Nick. Nick, Nick, Nick. Not even your first date and you're already blind."

Nick rolled his eyes. He had seemingly picked up the habit from Hillary. "I have perfect vision, thank you very much."

"You know exactly what I mean, bud." Warrick grumbled to him.

"Maybe I don't."

Nick and Warrick were heading toward the parking lot to get an SUV. The stolen van had been found in a ditch in the middle of nowhere. Warrick continued to bug Nick as they drove out onto the highway, then onto a back road in the mountains. He only stopped as they pulled onto the side of the road and got out of the car.

A red van lay in the ditch. The windows were broken, and the front end was collapsed in, which showed that Victor Williams had driven the van towards the ditch, and bailed as it went over the side.

They went right to work and searched the van. There was nothing in the van. No fingerprints, no fiber, nothing. Either Williams had got lucky, or he was smart enough to rid the van of any discriminating evidence. They'd hit a brick wall, and there was nothing they could do about it.


That night, Nick sat in Hillary's living room. She had answered the door and told him she had to run upstairs, and to make himself at home. He was twiddling his thumbs, and realized just how nervous he was. He looked around the room at the pictures on the walls and shelves. A few caught his eye. One was a picture of Hillary, a man her age that resembled her, and an older man and woman that looked like her parents. He guessed the other man was her younger brother, Tim. Another picture was that of Hillary, and four other girls her age. He recognized one of them as the woman Hillary was talking to earlier as he passed her in the hallway. There were pictures of other people Nick didn't recognize, many of them were in red and blue police uniforms.

There was also a cabinet in the corner of the room filled with ribbons of every colour, and pictures of people riding horses. The one that caught Nick's eye was one of Hillary and Louie parading around in an RCMP uniform carrying a small red and white flag. On the corner table near the arm of the coach, there were some postcards. One said 'Wishing you were here in the Caribbean!'. Another said 'Greetings from Italy'. Hillary had really widespread friends.

Nick had been looking at a picture of a group of people in ski gear back dropped by a huge snowy mountain when he heard Hillary at the top of the stairs. He stood up as she came around the corner. He gawked for a moment. She wasn't wearing a dress as he hoped for, but he didn't care. He hadn't actually believed she would. But she was in dress pants and shirt, with beautiful jewelry (a pair of earrings and a bracelet) and makeup. He had never seen her like this before. After she walked up to him and he picked his jaw off of the floor, he spoke.

"You look beautiful." Nick was so nervous, and he was amazed he got the words out. He was never really nervous around women, and his sudden shyness startled him.

Even when he had a thing going on with Kristy, a "professional", he hadn't been so nervous. He had been sad when he found out she was murdered after they had been "physical". He was sad, but not torn. He had dated since then too.

Hillary looked at him and blushed. "Thank you."


The beginning of the date was silent and the air was full of uneasiness. As the two waited for their food, Nick spend most of his time staring at Hillary. When their food finally came, Nick decided he would start a conversation. He knew Hillary was nervous around people, and obviously around him right now, and he wanted to talk to her badly. He couldn't remember how the conversation started, but after a few moments the colour returned to her face and she became the same woman he had a huge crush on.

"So your parents call you Poncho? That so cute." Hillary giggled. Nick had rarely heard Hillary giggle, and he loved it every time. They were dining by candlelight in the small restaurant. He thought it was very romantic, but somehow they got on to a conversation about nicknames a second ago.

"Yes, my dad's been calling me that since I was a kid," Nick grinned at the thought. Suddenly a painful memory came to his mind.

That was a memory that had burned into his brain when he had been stuck into a coffin by a complete maniac. Sudden fear and hate welled up in him. He painfully remembered looking up through the glass coffin, the gun to the side of his head, then Grissom laying on the glass calling to him. 'Don't do it Poncho, don't do it.' That was about a year before Hillary arrived, and he was still recovering from it. Nick closed his eyes to calm his pounding heart.

Hillary saw the fearful expression on his face. His eyes were closed tightly. She reached across the table and put her hand onto his. His eyes shot open.

"Nick, are you alright?" she asked, worried. He felt her warm hand on his, and suddenly his heart beat sped up slightly, but not from fear. He was glad she was here with him.

"I'm fine," he grinned wearily, trying to remove the worried look from her face. "Really." He picked up her hand and squeezed it; feeling more comfortable then he had all night. He really didn't want to tell her. She didn't know and he didn't want her to. It was too painful. She gave him a look, not believing him. Nick realized he had to make her happy again. He flashed his most devilish smile he could at the time, and started speaking confidently.

"Alright, I told you my silly nickname, you tell me yours." She grinned a bit, and then seemed to become happy again. What he didn't know was that see tucked the thought into the back of her mind, where all her other thoughts and questions were stored.

"Um, do I really have to?" she joked playfully. She wasn't very good at flirting, but hell, she liked it.

"Yes," he swooned, almost forgetting his thoughts about the terrifying experience. She wasn't the only one who enjoyed flirting. "You promised."

"Oh, alright," she sighed in defeat. "It's... Hillbilly." Nick gave a silly grin. Hey, so his nickname really wasn't that bad.

"Hillbilly?" he laughed, now completely forgetting the evil memory. He actually found it quite adorable, but he loved to tease her.

"Yes. And don't you tell anyone, Nicolas Stokes. Or I' something." She threatened.

"The question is, would I like that 'something'?" Nick joked. Hillary turned a crimson red.


The rest of the dinner was much the same, although sometimes Nick or Hillary caught the other staring at them. And now, as they sat in the theater, Nick was enjoying how close Hillary was sitting next to him. There only about four other people there. Leaning up against him, his arm around her shoulders, he really didn't watch the movie. Heck, he didn't even know what the movie was about. His heart was beating fast and he was getting bolder, all the while still wondering why he was so slow. He was usually straight up and flirtatious with women. But with Hillary, it wasn't the same. Hillary leaned up against his chest and listen to his heart beat. She hadn't been this close to anyone in a long time.

Nick put his chin on her head and breathed in the scent of her hair. He loved it. He felt so warm right now. Nick felt better, just sitting by Hillary, then he ever had with any other girl. Nick suddenly felt the urge to kiss her. Pulling away, he looked into her eyes, seeing the same warmth and urge. He bent his head down, and slowly pressed his lips up to hers. At first she didn't return the kiss, then, slowly, she but passionately kissed him back. Nick had finally done what he had wanted to do for months. Pulling away for air, they looked into each other eyes again. Hillary grinned up at him, loving the crooked grin he returned. Looking into her deep eyes, Nick realized something. He was in love with Hillary. It was still their first date, but he was feeling something he never did before.

Leaning down, he kissed her again, felling the warmth of her lips. For how long they stayed like that, neither of them knew, but it was bliss. When they stopped (after several more kisses), Hillary cuddled into Nick as he held a protective embrace. Both of them closed their eyes, and could have fallen asleep, except for the theater lights flashing on.


As Nick and Hillary stood on her doorstep in the moonlight, Nick felt slightly nervous again. He knew she wouldn't be dragging him inside (although he could dream, couldn't he?). With her hands in his, he looked deeply in her eyes.

"I had a really good time tonight," she said to him quietly, grinning hugely, but never moving her eyes.

"So did I," Nick's grin was just as large. He brought her close in a deep kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he did the same around her waist. She then rested her head against his chest and listened to his heart beat for what must have been the hundredth time. It took all of her effort to pull away, but somehow she did.

"Goodnight Nick," she gave him a kiss on the side of the mouth.

"Goodnight." Nick watched as she walked into her home and closed the door. He stared at the door for a moment, both amazed at the night and how he wasn't disappointed in not following her inside. He turned and walked towards his car, the biggest grin on his face. He nearly skipped down the pathway, and he whistled softly. If he had been whistling, he would have heard the squeal of joy from behind the front door of Hillary's house.


Author Intervention: Muh HA! I hope my description of a date between Hillary and Nick wasn't too boring for you. But this is really my first writing of romance, so bear with me. As for Nick and Hillary not getting, uh, what was the word I used earlier? Oh yeah, "Physical". When that happens, is really up to your own thoughts on the subject. As I said, I am 14 years old, and personally, I think it shouldn't happen until marriage (although I know that isn't the case). Its hard getting by this (at my age) with knowing what adult relationships are like, based on TV shows, movies, books, and CSI itself. I know that I shouldn't be using these as an example, but it's all I have to run on. Anyways, that's it for my little explanation (in other words: useless ranting).

Oh. And the chapter DOES continue. Happy reading


Hillary was lazily daydreaming in the lunch room. She had found Nick the moment she entered the lab, and to her enjoyment, was greeted by a kiss. She had the hugest crush on him before, and right now she though it might be something else. She thought she was in love with him. She had never felt that way around anyone. She was so busy daydreaming about the night before that she didn't see Sara walk in, a very triumphant look on her face.

"Hillary? Hillary!" Hillary suddenly shot out of her blank stare and looked at Sara. Sara sat down across from her and shook her head. "You are so love struck, Hil," she joked. She and Hillary weren't just co-workers, they were friends.

Hillary shook her head, but grinned. "Work, Sara. Is Evans on his way?" she wanted to work, honestly. She had been trying to all morning, but she had trouble.

"Yes. And you know what? Your friend, Evans' lawyer, she's not working for him anymore. He has got a new lawyer now." Sara seemed happy by the whole thing.

"Yeah, I know." Hillary had talked to Miranda earlier. Miranda said she had to head home. 'Family emergency', she said. But Hillary knew she had finally refused to work for the rotten man. Plus, Miranda was getting a new boss anyway. Hillary felt as if it had been her to make Miranda quit, but her friend told her she hadn't. But Hillary couldn't say she didn't like Miranda dissing her ex-client.

They began to discuss the case. This case seemed to cause more problems as it went along. It seemed so airtight: The blood on the knife had been Jane Doe's, and it also matched the mold. So it was definitely the one that killed her. The fingerprints on the knife were Mitchell Evan's. It seemed like an airtight case. It was almost for sure he had killed the woman, except for a few things. He had no motive and no reason to kill Ms. Doe. And, to Hillary and Sara's surprise, there was also another, small fingerprint on the knife...and a small contribution of someone else's blood on the handle. But he would be going behind bars so they could find a way to close the case, without having to hunt him down. The evidence all pointed to him, except for the unknown fingerprint and blood.

The last few days would be brutal for them, as when Evans was hit with the jail time, he began a barrage of threats. And his new lawyer wasn't any better then Miranda was, just, ruder. He would be out soon. He was a rich man, and rich men could get anything.

Hillary could still hear his threats as she sat in the quiet meeting room the next day. She was still waiting for a match for the unknown fingerprint and blood, and Sara had gone off somewhere long ago. She wished Nick was with here right now, although she knew it was a bit selfish. Even though they worked in the same place didn't mean they needed to see each other all the time, although then did that a lot. Nick's case was going to be put-off as there was nothing more he and Warrick could do.

Hillary's eyes began to droop. At the moment she was useless, so she decided to rest a bit. She closed her eyes and leaned up against the back of the coach. No one would see her. This part of the lab was almost empty. As she began a slow rhythm of breathing, she felt something warm against her forehead. Her eyes shot open and she was greeted by Nick's warm face. She grinned.

"Wake up sleeping beauty," he chimed, bringing his lips away from her forehead.

"Nick..." she grinned uncontrollably. He sat down beside her and gave her a kiss. She was awake now.

"How's everything going?" he asked as she leaned up against him.

"Fine. You?"

"Well, we're all done with my case. Can't do anything else." He grinned down at her and put an arm around her shoulders. Everybody already knew about them dating, so if anyone saw them there was no harm.

"Hmmm..." she closed her eyes, just happy to be right now.

"Ahhh, Hil?" Nick began, definitely not as nervous as before. "How about going out again on Tuesday?" Hillary lifted her head and looked up at him.

"Sure Nick," she grinned again, he returned it with his crooked smile. He then bent down and kissed her. Pulling away, they looked at each other then leaned up against the back of the coach and closed their eyes. They stayed like that for a few minutes, when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Both of them sat up. It was Warrick.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything," he chuckled, but it was obvious he felt out of place.

"Nope." Nick grinned at his friend.

"Well then," Warrick began. "Nick, we've got a new case assigned." Warrick saw the disappointment on Nick's face. "And Hillary, Greg says all the analysis is done."

"Thanks Warrick." Warrick shifted a glance at Nick, who returned it.

"I'll be at the front door, Nick. See you." Warrick then turned and left.

"I think you scared him," Hillary joked, standing up.

Nick flashed a grin as he followed her to the door. "Well, its worth getting to spend another second with you." She blushed, something she did a lot around him now. Kissing her, Nick headed off. Hillary watched him go for a moment, and then headed towards the DNA analysis lab. She found Sara in the hall, and they walked there together.


"Man, you are one slick dude." Warrick said as he and Nick got into the lab SUV.

"What do you mean by that?" Nick asked as he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Well, considering you and Hillary are like two love birds, I can see you two seriously have something going on." Warrick grinned.

"You're one to talk; you've been on your 'honeymoon' all month." Nick was referring to Warrick's new girlfriend. "And we haven't done anything yet."

Warrick ginned hugely, and said nothing more.


Author Intervention. Again: Well? What'd ya think? This has to be the best romance I've every written! Cept, it the ONLY romance I've ever written. But yeah, hope you enjoyed it! Review accordantly! Criticize me on my writing, I like it.
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