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Bend Backwards

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"Senpi, can I ask you something hypothetical?" I flinched as his glasses flashed white in his turn to face me. "Of course, but now that you said hypothetical, I have to assume it is very real."...

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I walked into music room three like I would any other day. In seconds, Kaoru and Hikaru were up from the table and coming at me, winding their identical arms around my shoulders.

My eyes scanned the room quickly. Honey was dancing with Usa-chan to no music while Mori's watchful eyes tracked his every movement.

Kyoya and Tamaki were sitting on one of the low couches. Probably having their usual discussion of how Tamaki's ideas are impossible.

I ducked out of the twins arms and made my way to my usual perch, the warm window bench. Even is the snowy winter, the sun bathed this bench in a soft heat.

"Haruhi, can you come here?" I paused in lifting my legs over the edge and looked up. The twins were peeking over the back of the couch at Kyoya's laptop with huge smiles.

Honey was on Mori's shoulders behind them, both watching intently. Tamaki had his rare look of seriousness. "Of course, Senpi." I answered Kyoya with a little swallow of fear.

I sat on the very edge of the couch next to him, my heart pounding. "Your 'Daddy' here can't think of a theme for our next meeting. Any ideas?" I blinked. "And this is open for everyone."

The second those words were out of his mouth, it was insane. "Beach party!" The twins yelled. "All those girls in bikinis. Haruhi, you could wear one, too." I smacked both of their heads with my notebook.

"We've already done beach party." Kyoya said, pushing up his glasses.

"Candy Land!" Honey smiled, his eyes already shining with sugar lust.

"No. You'll get another cavity." Mori said sternly. Honey pouted.

"Haruhi? Anything?" I felt all eyes on me and took a deep breath.

"Well, before she passed, my mom and I would watch this American show. They would get three girls and one guy our three guys and one girl. Then they would disguse their voices and put a wall between them and have them ask five or six questions and two group questions. Then the girl or guy would pick one of the three and have to go on a date with them."

"Americans." Tamaki laughed, tears gleaming in his eyes. "You're talking about a dating game."

"That would be good. And easy." Kyoya was already finding voice modifiers on his laptop. "Well done, Haruhi." He smiled at me.

My face went red and I looked down. Everyone went back to their own things again. Tamaki was speaking rapidly with the twiins, who were grinning evilly. Kyoya abd I were left alone.

"Senpi, can I ask you something hypothetical?" I flinched as his glasses flashed white in his turn to face me.

"Of course, but now that you said hypothetical, I have to assume it is very real." I felt my heart speed up again. "Well?" He asked calmly.

"How do you know when you're in love?" His face, for once, looked shocked. He closed his laptop slowly.

"Well...." He trailed off with a sigh. "Every second you're nit with them feels like years. Every moment you're together feels too short. When you're with them, it makes your chest hurt a little until you touch them." His hands clenched. "You'd bend backwards for them."

I blinked and looked down. "Thank you, Senpi." I stood. His fingers caught my jacket, pulling me back. I fell into his lap, my notebook flying out of my hand.

Thankfully, he'd moved his laptop to tbe couch. I tried to get back up, but he pulled me closer, making my arms fall around his, neck to keep from being squished between us.

"Senp-" I was cut off by his lips on mine. My heart exploded in my chest, raining little sparks of heat through me. I sighed and relaxed against him, getting as close as I dared.

Though it was beating way to fast, my heat was easing up. My muscles were unclenching. My chest felt.....lighter.

Kyoya. His name alone sent a shiver of joy through me. I pulled away a little unwillingly.

But the room had gone dead silent. Which was never good. "It's about time." Honey smiled at Mori, who nodded. My face was hot as I looked at Tamaki's corner. He and the twins were there sulking.

"I don't know what to say." I whispered to Kyoya. He smiled up at me and took my chin in his hand. He kissed me softly, scattering my thoughts.

"Say you love me too." He breathed. I pulled his glasses off of his face carefully.

"I do love you." I sat them on his laptop gently a moment before he pulled me into a joyful kiss.

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