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So yeah I wanted to get started right away ;) I'll probably write a short chapter though because I need a shower hehe :'D


Gerard's girlfriend: Hozzie (YAY! :D)
Frank's girlfriend: Penina (You'd probably murder me if I didn't haha ;D)
Bob's girlfriend: Jennifer (As usual ;D)
Ray's girlfriend: Raven (Same as above ;D)
Mikey's girlfriend: Callie (You deserved this part :3)
Frank's daughters: Mia Iero (Because you gave me the idea for the story and I love writing your character :D) and Izzy Iero (Because you're nice :D)
Gerard's daughter: Ellie Way (YAY you're my daughter ;D Your character was really cute :3)
Ray's adopted daughter: Shayla Toro ('cos you're my buddy ;D)
Kid at the orphanage who looks out for Shayla: Luda Hewitt (Sorry you didn't get the part you wanted D:)

Hope you're all happy with your parts :) I should have the first chapter up soon... I don't know what I'm gonna call it yet :3

And by the way, Ray and Raven are the main characters but you'll get a special section of your own ;D

Love Hozzie
P.S. atomickilljoy, when are you updating your horror story? ;3
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