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I Hate Being Woken Up Early!

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Mel is woken early in the mornig by Frank who needs her to save is life.

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I hate being woken up early. And at 5am, that’s exactly what happened. I obviously wouldn’t be too happy with the person who had woken me. In fact, I would probably have ripped out their guts and strangled them with them.

It was the ringing of my phone that had dragged me to the murky place that is between sleep and awake. Angrily, I look to see whose intestines were getting ripped out. I should have known that it could only be one person to dare wake me at this time. The name read `Frankie’.

Suddenly wide awake, I answer. “Frank? Are you ok?”

“Mel! Oh god, I tried to call you before, but you didn’t answer. I need you.” He replies in a rush.

“Ok Frankie, where are you?”

“Your door step.”

I leap out of bed, forgetting that I had dodgy legs, almost falling to the ground immediately. Frank needed me though. “I’ll be about three seconds.” I hang up and fling myself at the door, unlocking the clasp and revealing Frank. It’s not the Frank that everyone else knows. This Frank is my Frankie. He’s soaked from rain and he has more eyeliner on his cheek than around his eyes. I can see him shivering and his teeth are chattering loudly.

“Frank. Come on, let's get you inside.” I help him to his shaky feet and guide him to his favourite seat in the house-a big bean bag in front of the TV. I then help him take off his shirt and jeans. I remember when I was shocked at the sight of him without clothes. Yes he was beautiful and had such a pretty colour to him and a slender body. But the shocking part wasn’t the good kind. He had scars all over, some from himself and others not. There was usually an array of colourful bruises ranging from painful purples to fading yellows. Now, they were just another part of my Frankie. This is part of him only I get to see.

“Ok, I’ll go get your clothes now.” I tell him after wrapping him up in the three blankets kept downstairs. I always had clothes for him here. In fact, I had just bought him some new ones. I probably sound like a mum. I’m 16, so no.

I grab the new clothes, two towels and his box for these occasions. On my way downstairs, my mum stops me.

“Melanie, what are you doing? It’s 5 30 in the morning!” She whisper shouts.

“Frank’s here.” I tell her and continue. Once back in the room with Frank, I set to work cleaning him up as best I can. Starting with disinfecting all the open wounds I can find. After than I check his ribs are intact. It seems like there’s one broken, but it won't kill him.

“You have a broken rib. You’re gonna stay here for two weeks at least. I’m not risking what happened last time. If anything happens we’re going to the hospital.” I tell him sternly. “Do you want a bath and some coffee to warm up?”

“Thanks Mel.” He tried to smile. His voice is barely even audible. “Ok, we’ll go up to my room and I’ll run you a bubble bath.”

I had helped him upstairs, started the bath and then gone back down to get coffee and his clothes. Once upstairs, I sat on the bed with him drinking coffee.

“Frankie, what happened? I thought things were getting better?”

“She left him. He got drunk. Again.” He croaked. I still don't understand how anyone could hurt Frank. He was different from what society expects, but just because he was a little punkish doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person. Frank is my most favourite person in the world.

“Ok, well you can stay here for a while and let him calm down. My mum won't mind and I’ll go get the rest of your stuff.” I smile at him and squeeze his hand. “Come on, your bath should be done.”

Once I had him in the bath, I laid out the clothes for him. Maybe I should ask my mum about him moving in. If I get a job, I could like, pay rent or something for him. Bless him, he’s so small. And adorable. And lovely. And funny. And perfect. How can anyone ever want to hurt him? Ok, so I may have a little crush on him. Fine. A masssssssssive crush. I love him. Happy?

“Frank, when you’re done just call for me and I’ll come help you.” I tell him before taking out a sketch pad and pencils. I look around for something to draw. I’m not amazing, but practice makes perfect, right?

I settle on the pile of clothes I took off Frankie. his black jeans and red t-shirt. That’ll do. For half an hour I was just drawing, waiting for Frank. I realised I was finished, wrote my name, and put the paper on my table. I should probably put those clothes in the wash, but I don't want to leave Frank by himself right now. He needs someone and, right now, I am that someone.

I decide to open up my laptop and pass the time there. Tumblr or YouTube will probably work for now. After watching two videos and reblogging about 100 things, I check Frank’s still alive since I haven’t heard him at all.

“Frankie, I'm coming in in 5 seconds.” I count to five in my head then walk in. “Just checking you’re ok?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s just so warm in here.” The joy of his voice back to normal and not broken almost killed me.

“Ok, but if you stay in here too much longer you’ll shrivel up into a shrimp.” I smile.

“Fine. Can you help me out?”

I had done this enough times now that seeing Frank completely naked was just a part of the process and neither of us really cared about it considering he was in pain, and I was worried about his life.

“Come on, you clothes are on my bed.” I help him walk to my room, paying attention to how badly he was limping, figuring out what hurt most. “Here, let me put the deep heat on you.” I told him and he made a face.

“It smells bad though.”

“I don’t care. It’ll help you and you’ll be thankful afterwards.” I massage his shoulders, neck and back, carefully avoiding cuts and bruises. He climbs into the clothes-Fleece PJ bottoms and a plain white t-shirt.

“Painkillers?” I asked holding out two white pills to Frank. So, they may be prescription ones, but after tonight, I think he needs them.

“You’re the best Mel. Love you.” He says before swallowing them with the remainder of his coffee which had gone cold now. Hey, what’s this?” He picked up my drawing from earlier.

“Oh, I just did it as a bit of practice.” I say wishing I’d put it away.

“It’s amazing! My clothes look so... real.” He looks from the paper to the clothes on the floor and back a few times.

“That reminds me, I need to put them in the wash.” I take them downstairs and return as quickly as possible.

“Draw me like one of your French girls.” Frank says as I re-enter the room. He’s seductively lying on my double bed, not naked though.


“Fine, draw me like a pile of dirty clothes?”

“Frankie, you really don’t want me to draw you, I’ll end up making you look like some ogre or a fucking marshmallow!”

“Awww, but this one is so good! I want you to use your magic on my face!” He giggles happily and lays down like a normal person.

“Maybe sometime, when I feel like it.” I tell him softly. “Now, get to sleep. You’re going to need your sleep after this, and I’ll stay off school with you tomorrow if you want, but decide in the morning.”

“Ok. Thanks for everything Mel. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He mumbles as I climb into the other side of the bed.

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