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When the lights go down

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When the lights are down, every rock star is just a normal person with the same emotions. Some just choose to treat them differently.

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When the lights go down

The show was done, they rocked the stage. The crowd left the venue. Everything was dark, everything but a small spot on the empty stage. A red glowing spot. Nikki Sixx tok another deep breathe from his cigarette and closed his eyes. He tried to push the thought away, the thought of being alone, being average. He was alone, nothing but his bass was with him. If he left, there would be dozend of groupies waiting for him, expecting the smiling, stoned rockstar. If he stayed here, in the dark, safe and sound, nobody would miss him, maybe the band would even leave without him. He wished for nothing more than being alone. There was just a little problem. If he stayed here, Mötley Crüe would lack their bassist, and he would lack the stupid brown powder he fell in love with some time ago.
Nikki Sixx felt like the darkness grabbed hold of him and would never let him go again. Everywhere he went he left a trail of misery and destruction. Broken hearts, broken basses, broken hotel rooms. He decided to walk to the hotel, maybe he'd find a dealer in the little side streets of New York. What the people said about this city was true, it was cruel and cold. Lighting yet another cigarette, he stopped and looked around. Everything seemed dirty and wasted. Even the rain, in other cities it'd wash away all the dirt, the rain here just brought up all the bad memories the people were hiding from. The dark-haired bassist sighed and gripped the little package in his pocket tighter. Maybe he should quit all this. He couldn't stand seeing himself in the mirror anymore, nor did he recognize his voice or his face. He needed a break as soon as possible.
The bathroom mirror was taunting him, showing him his face in a bright neon light, showing him his sunken eyes, his pale face. He tried to ignore his appearance, he closed his eyes. The world went silent as the heroin made it's way through his veins, to his heart. Then, the world sunk in complete silence.

"Go kill yourself."
With a scream, he opened his eyes again. Where was the voice coming from? Who was talking, and how the hell did they get inside? With his heart pounding faster and faster, he got up. His eyes wandered across the bathroom as he saw himself in the mirror again. His face was distorted with pain. But was it really his face? Because it seemed like his face was talking to him. This wasn't reality, was it?
"This IS reality, fucker. You can't stand me huh? Can't stand what you have become. Can't stand the fact that you are a lonely dirty drug addict. You can't stand the fact that nobody likes you! GO! KILL YOURSELF!"
Nikki pressed his hands onto his ears and stormed out of the bathroom. Everything seemed right, like the normal world, but somehow it was still wrong. In every shiny surface he saw this face of a demon, shouting at him. Trembling, he grabbed his jacket and took the rest heroin out of it. He needed this. The demon was right. He shouldn't be alive. As he loaded up his syringe, the voice was still haunting him. Stabbing it in his arm, he felt relieved. It wasn't that bad, wasn't it? Just some heroine. Just... drugs... Just his little escape. Everything was okay. This wasn't the last good-bye, was it? But when he noticed the blood dripping from his arm, he realized that it was too late.

His world got silent again. And the lights went down.

Inspired by the not-so-famous but still awesome Haunting Confession and their song "When lights go down". If you read until here, listen to it please. They are great, I promise :)
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