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Some of my addictions.

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I am addicted,
I am addicted to distracting my never-ending imagination by the roar of the music,
In my addiction, my life is filled with astounding noise and heart-filled lyrics that save my sanity.

I am addicted,
I am addicted to the frenzy of dragging my pencil across the dull, white sheet of a sketchbook,
In my addiction, I hate to think about the fact that I have to serve a life sentence in the reality of this world,
In my addiction, the real me becomes sprawled out on the page, raw and leaking my darkest secrets.

I am addicted,
I am addicted to the people who surround me, the ring of their voices,
In my addiction, betrayel comes in the form of a silence that's screaming at me for interaction,
In my addiction, I struggle to appear alone and drown myself in confidence.

I am addicted,
I am addicted to the yells and crimson liquid on the screen as the film plays,
In my addiction, I am hiding my true phobias by letting everyone else's sink in through my eyes,
In my addiction, I'm in a constant battle with my inner-strength and tolerance levels, defeating my hidden nightmares,
I am addicted.
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