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In A World Of His Own

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Gerard is homeschooled, and only has Mikey as his friend, but when Mikey starts hanging out with Frank more often, Gerard starts to feel left out.

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Chapter 1. Disappointment

Gerard watched the little raindrops chase each other down the window,
“Where the hell is Mikey!” he exclaimed. His brother was 15 minutes late and Gerard had started tobecome worried. Mikey was never late coming home after school; where was he?

Mikey was three years younger than Gerard and at one point, the two brothers had gone to school together. Mikey was one of those really popular guys who all the girls loved, whereas Gerard on the other hand kept to himself. He spent his lunch and break times drawing comic book strips and listening to music. Gerard hadn’t minded going to school back then, he got along with a girl called Lyn-z who loved the amazing super heroes he used to draw. The two of them used to spend their time in the library, sat leaning against one of the old, worn-out bookshelves.They were always in their own little world, sometimes not even talking; they were just comfortable with having the other person around.

In the 9th grade, Lyn-z had to move away leaving Gerard behind. Mikey had tons of friends to talk to and so didn’t have time for Gerard at school. Gerard began to hate school, and it wasn’t long before another problem came along; bullying.
Gerard had his own unique style and he definitely stood out of the crowd. This usually intimidated most of the kids at school (most of which were total sheep and followed the mainstream crowd) and so they picked on Gerard’s insecurities to make themselves feel better.

Gerard really hated school.He did whatever he could to get out if it. He didn’t have any friends because Lyn-z had left and all the other kids picked on him so eventually his parents decided to let Gerard be home-schooled. Mikey begged his parents to let him be homeschooled too so that he could be with his brother, but his parents saw no reason for him to leave school as he was doing well. Mikey hated the way the kids at school treated Gerard but he could never summon the courage to stand up to them in fear that he may lose his friends and damage his reputation and popularity.

The front door slammed shut shaking Gerard out of his thoughts.

”I’m home!” yelled Mikey whilst balancing two Starbucks’ coffees and a bag of cakes as he marched into the living room.

“What took you so long? I’ve been waiting ages”, said Gerard moodily.

“Oh I’m sorry Gee, Starbucks was really busy. It took me forever to get these!” Mikey explained waving the bag of cookies in the air and handing Gerard one of the coffees.

“Well OK then...So do you want to watch a movie?” asked Gerard, taking a sip of the deliciously warm drink.

“Well umm Frank’s coming over in a bit...” said Mikey, carefully pronouncing each letter as if each word would distance the two of them even further apart.

Mikey had been spending a lot of time with Frank out of school and Gerard was beginning to think that his brother had found a new best friend.

“Oh. Right. Well that’s cool. I need to finish this comic strip I’ve been working on anyway so...”

“We can watch the movie tomorrow though right?”

“Yeah, sure.”


“That’ll be Frank, why don’t you hang out with us Gee?” asked Mikey, worried that his brother was a little upset.

“Naa, I’m pretty tired anyways”, replied Gerard, trying not show that he was hurt.

There was something about Frank, something that meant Gerard was constantly catching himself stealing little glances at him; something about him fixating in a way he couldn’t interpret or understand. Maybe it was the way his hazel eyes would look at you so knowingly, as if they knew exactly what you were thinking. Or maybe it was Frank’s perfectly ink covered hands which intrigued Gerard so greatly, the way his hands would make small gestures as he spoke made Gerard’s stomach flutter. No, it had to be his smile, that mischievous grin he always had on his face...

“Hey Gerard.”

Gerard looked up; a sudden rush of warmth came over him as he felt his face go red. There stood Frank Iero looking at him with his hazel eyes piercing straight through him.

“Oh.Umm. Hi Frank”, Gerard mumbled.

“Are you alright? You don’t look too good”, said Frank with a slight smirk on his face.

“Oh. Umm yeah. I’m fine”, stuttered Gerard.

“You sure?” asked Frank.

Gerard looked up to Frank’s eyes, Frank had to know how much he liked him; it was plain obvious. His gaze lingered on the small metal ring which hung perfectly from Frank’s lip.

“Yeah, I ... I just.. I’m going to my room...” said Gerard, desperately wanting to escape.

“Hey Gee? Where’re you going?” asked Mikey, walking back into the living room and giving Frank a bag of crisps and a drink.

“I just... I’m just umm... I’m going to go finish that comic strip I was working on...”

“Well you’ll come and hang out after, right? “asked Mikey, looking worried.

“I think I might play guitar for a bit... I’ll see ya later Mikes... Umm bye Frank”.

Gerard ran up the stairs and headed straight for his bedroom; his bedroom was the only place he felt completely safe. Once inside, he could close the door and block out the world, he could be himself, and there would be no one to judge him or tell him otherwise. He sat down at his small desk with one of it’s’ legs balanced on an old book to keep it level, and leaned back in his chair. Breathing deeply, he closed his eyes as he lay still and tried to de-clutter his mind. There would be times when Gerard felt as if his mind would explode if he didn’t stop thinking, so he focused on the rhythm of his breathing and would eventually calm down.

He opened his desk drawer and took out his sketch book,with a black Sharpie pen in his hand, he let the world of superheroes and villains take over him and let his imagination run free.
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