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Our New Years Eve

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The perfect end to the perfect day!

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Mikey smiled over at his niece, “Okay M, time to grab your bag.”

Molly turned her gaze from the remaining wedding cake to give her uncle a very confused look.

“Time for us to go.” Alicia said.

Molly slowly walked over to where the group stood. “Go?”

Gerard, who had his arm around Holly, felt the sudden tension in her body. It was then he realized that not once during the preparations for the wedding had anyone mentioned to Molly that she would be spending tonight at Mikey’s home.

“Well yeah.” Mikey smiled, “Time for us to head on home. Don’t you have your bag packed?”

Gerard could see the confusion on his little daughters face. He tried to put himself in her place, tried to understand how she was feeling.

Molly’s bottom lip began to tremble. “I don’t want to go.”

“But honey” Donna said softly. “Your mommy and daddy got married today so we need to let them have a little time alone.”

“That’s right.” Don added. “This is their special day.”

Now Molly’s eyes began to tear up. “But it’s New Years eve. Mommy and me watch the big ball drop on TV. We didn’t get to last year cause mommy was in the hospital.”

“Oh” Holly whispered.

“We can watch it at my house.” Alicia said kindly. “I’ll even make us some popcorn.”

Molly shook her head “But it’s gonna be the New Year with my mommy and daddy.”

Gerard turned Holly slightly in his arms the gazed into her eyes. The love he saw there took his breath away. Smiling he turned to the others. “Molly’s right.” He released Holly then scooped Molly into his arms. “It’s only right we start the New Year off together.”

Molly smiled, “Cause we’re a family now.”

He hugged her tightly, “That’s right, Honey. We’re a family now. This is our New Years Eve."

Holly blinked back tears of happiness.

“Are you sure?” Mikey asked softly.

Gerard nodded, “Yep, we’re sure. Besides I’m sure Molly would like to spend tomorrow night at your house. Wouldn’t you Molly?”

The little girl nodded happily. “Yep.”

Don chuckled, “Well then that’s settled.”

They all walked upstairs to the front door. Once everyone was ready to leave Don held out his arms. “So Molly, gonna give your grandpa a kiss goodbye?”

Immediately Molly went into his arms. “Love you grandpa Don.”

“Love you too, Sweetie. I’ll be going home soon but I’ll see you tomorrow night at Mikey’s.”


Next it was Donna’s turn.

“Love you Grandma Donna.” Molly said placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Love you too, Honey.” Donna then turned to Holly. “See you tomorrow daughter.”

Holly hugged her tightly.

After a round of hugs the last of the wedding guests left.

Gerard closed the door then turned to his girls. “So what’s our plan?”

Holly smiled, “Well first I think our little bridesmaider needs to take a bath and put her jimmies on.”

“Then we wait for the ball?” Molly asked.

“That’s the plan.” Her mother nodded, “Now go grab your jammies.”

When she ran off Holly turned to Gerard. “You’re a beautiful man.”

He laughed, “We’ve discussed this over and over. Men aren’t beautiful.”

Holly wrapped her arms around his neck. “Oh yes Jackass you really are beautiful. Thank you for understanding how Molly felt.”

Gerard pulled her close, “All my lists and planning and I forgot to tell our daughter she’d be spending the night at Mikey’s. But it’s okay. I get how important it is to her that we usher in the New Year together. It’s what I want too.”

“Me too.” Holly kissed his neck.

Gerard whispered in her ear, “I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow night to make love to you in every room of our house.”

Holly felt her body responding to his words. “Oh, that sounds like a plan.”

“A very good plan.” His hand caressed her back.

“Ready” Molly, who was now clutching her jammies, sang out.

Holly reluctantly stepped out of her husbands embrace.

“I’ll get the fire going while you help her with the bath.” Gerard said.

While he got the fire going he realized that while this wasn’t exactly how he’d envisioned his wedding night it actually was perfect. All his dreams had come true. What he’d wanted the first time he saw the house, Holly and their daughter making it a home, was now a reality.

He was still lost in thought staring at the flames in the fireplace when Molly, fresh from her bath, joined him. “Hey Squirt” He hugged her as she crawled up into his lap. “So did we have a good day?”

“The best.” Molly nodded.

“Where’s your mom?”

“She’s taking a shower.” Molly answered.

Gerard tried to push the vision of Holly in the shower from his mind. “Well I was thinking it’s still a long time until midnight. Maybe we should play some games while we’re waiting.”

“Yeah” Molly scooted off his lap. “I like Candy Land.”

Gerard took her hand as they walked to the girl’s bedroom. “That’s a good one for sure. How about Chutes and Ladders?”

“Me and Bandit tried to play that one but she kept changing the rules.”

Gerard chuckled, “Yeah, she does that. Well we’ll play it when your mom joins us.”

As they were coming out of the bedroom with the games Gerard heard Holly singing in the shower. So did Molly.

“Mommy sings when she’s really happy.”

“Me too.” He answered as they walked back into the living room.

“Daddy, remember last New Years Eve?”

Sadly he remembered it very well. That night fear that he’d lose Holly forever had haunted him. “Yeah”

Molly placed Candy Land down on the coffee table then sat on the floor. “Me too. I was so scared but I did get to see you on TV. How come you didn’t do that this year?”

Gerard sat down on the floor across the table from her. “Well…” He was trying to decide the best way to answer the question. “It’s good we didn’t do that this year because I was busy getting ready to get married.”

Molly seemed to be giving that thought deep consideration. “Yep, that’s true. But I like watching you sing on TV. Maybe you can next year.”

Gerard laughed, “Yeah, maybe. I’m hoping the new album me and the guys are working on will do well.”

“It will.” Molly nodded.

“Are you sure?” He teased.

“Yep, I’m sure. Daddy has the best voice in the world.” She stated as she lifted the lid off the game box. Suddenly she stopped. “Daddy?”

“Yeah, Squirt?”

“Are you always gonna love Mommy?”

Gerard believed he understood why she asked the question. Molly knew he’d been married to Lindsey and that that marriage had ended. Now she needed reassurance that his marriage to her mother would last. “I love your mama, very, very much.”

“And I love your daddy very, very much.”

He hadn’t heard Holly sneaking up behind him until he felt her arms around his neck. She hugged him then stood back. “So I see we’re gonna play Candy Land.”

Gerard nodded, “That’s our plan.”

“Why don’t you take your shower first?”

“Yeah, okay.” he slowly got to his feet. “I’ll just be a few minutes.”

Molly explained she’d get the board all set up after she asked what color each of her parents wanted for their game piece.

“I’m the red guy.” Gerard laughed.

“I’m the sunny yellow one.” Holly answered.

“Okay, Molly will be green.”

As Gerard started down the hall Holly was at his side. “Don’t think she’s gonna start referring to herself as “Molly” do you?”

Holly giggled, “You mean like Bandit does?”

He nodded.

“Who know?” Holly laughed. “Hurry up with that shower. I’m gonna take our little Bridesmaider’s dress down and put some presoak on the stain.”

Before she knew what was happening he pulled her into his arms. “I love you, woman.”

Holly giggled, “Because I do laundry?”

His lips crashed down on hers leaving them both breathless.

“Hurry up, guys.” Molly yelled.

Reluctantly Gerard let Holly go. “She can’t even see us.”

“Yeah, but she can’t hear the shower running either.”

He lowered his voice, “To be continued later.”

Holly smiled, “Definitely.”


When Gerard returned to the living room he saw Molly alone by the coffee table. “Mom still working on your dress?”

Molly nodded.

Just then they both heard Holly coming up the stairs. However instead of joining them she rushed down the hallway towards the bedroom. Curiosity got the better of Gerard, he wondered what she was doing.

Holly walked out of the bedroom just as he reached the door.

“What’s up?”

“Oh nothing.” Holly smiled, “Just had to get something for later.”

Immediately his eyes lit up. “For later?”

Holly took his hand then began walking back towards the living room. “Yes, later. For now you must concentrate on Candy Land.”

“I know what I’d much rather concentrate on.” He whispered.

Holly squeezed his hand then spoke to Molly who looked up as she saw her parents approaching. “Are we ready?”

“Yep” Molly nodded happily. “Let’s play.”


After five games of Candy Land and two Chutes and Ladders Gerard made a mental note to buy more games, not that he didn’t like these but…

“Daddy can we play with my Light Bright now?”

“Sure” He nodded.

“You go grab it and I’ll pick up this up.” Holly said as she began to place the game pieces back in the box. “And in a little bit I’ll make us some popcorn.”

“Goody, popcorn.” Molly clapped her hands.

Gerard waited until his daughter was out of earshot. “Uh, think she’ll make it to the New Year?”

Holly smiled, “She is yawning a lot but she’ll make it. This is very important to her.”

Gerard settled himself on the sofa. “You know I was thinking, we only have a few more weeks of work on the album.”


“Well I think you and I should take off for a few days, sorta a late honeymoon when we’re done. Think you’ll be able to take off too?”

Holly was pleased he understood she too had commitments. “I’m sure Richard would understand if I took a few days off. Matter of fact he already asked if we were going to take a honeymoon.” She answered as she placed the lid on the box. “Anywhere special?”

He’d been giving this some thought. “Wherever you want.”

Holly sat down next to him. “Doesn’t matter to me.”

He placed his arm around her shoulder so she could snuggle up next to him. “Maybe someplace on the beach.”

Holly’s mind suddenly filled with memories of the trip they’d taken together so long ago. “I like walking on the beach at night.”

Gerard placed his fingers under her chin to tilt her head up. “Thinking about our trip?”

She nodded, “Yeah, that was special.”

“It was special.” He said softly. “Very special. But this time it will be even more special, this time you’re my wife.”


It was now just after 11:30 pm and the Light Bright had been put away. Molly, Gerard and Holly were seated on the sofa watching the TV. Happily Molly, who was seated between her parents, was munching on popcorn. She was giddy with excitement. “Look, only twenty minutes.” She said seeing the counter on the bottom of the TV screen.

Gerard leaned back trying to hide his yawn.

Holly giggled, “I think your dad is tired.”

Molly spoke very seriously, “He should go to bed as soon as we see the New Year.”

Holly’s eyes locked with Gerard’s. “Yes, I definitely think he should go to bed.”

The corners of his mouth twitched. “Yeah, we all should. It’s been a very big day.”


Finally it was just minutes to the New Year.

Molly turned to her dad, “You gotta kiss mommy at the stoke of midnight.”

“Stoke of midnight?” He repeated in surprise, at times Molly’s vocabulary still surprised him.

“Yep, that’s what’s supposed to happen.” Molly nodded.

“I think I could do that.” Gerard grinned.

“Okay, here it comes.” Molly got up to hop up and down. “Ten, nine, eight…” Her parents counted with her. “Six, five, four….”

Gerard pulled Holly closer.

“Three, two one….Happy New Year.” Molly yelled at the top of her lungs. She turned to see her parents were lost in a kiss.

When they broke apart Gerard grabbed Molly to pull her on his lap. Both he and Holly kissed their daughters cheeks at the same time.

“Happy New Year, Baby.” Holly whispered.

“Happy New Year, Squirt” Gerard said.

“This is the best New Year ever.” Molly giggled. “Ab so lutely lee”

“Absolutely” Gerard agreed, “Absolutely.”


After a few more minutes of celebrating both parents walked their little girl to her room then tucked her in.

Molly hugged Bobo tightly. “Happy New Year”

Gerard lowered his voice pretending to be Bobo answering his owner. “Happy New Year Molly.”

“Silly daddy.” Molly giggled, “That’s not what Bobo sounds like.”

“It isn’t?”

She just shook her head.

“Okay Squirt, time to close those eyes and get some sleep.”

Holly leaned down to kiss her baby goodnight.

“So what are we doing tomorrow?” Molly asked with a yawn.

Gerard answered, “Well tomorrow morning you and I are gonna start working on getting the garage set up for your mom.”

This made Molly very happy. “So she can work on her art?”

Holly walked around the bed and immediately Gerard placed his arm around her. “Yep, that’s right.”

“But what about our Twinkie Trailer?”

“For now it can stay right where it is, there’s plenty of room.”

“Daddy will we take our Twinkie Trailer camping?”

Gerard realized she must have overheard a conversation he’d had with his dad during the reception. “Yep, we sure will.”

“And Bandit will go with us, right?”

“Sure she will.”

“And Bobo?” She tried to hide her yawn.

Gerard smiled, “Yes, of course. Bobo will help protect us from real bears. Now close your eyes Squirt.”

Molly’s eyes started to drop but suddenly she spoke again. “I’m glad I got to stay here tonight.”

Gerard reached down to stroke her cheek, “Me and your mom are glad too. We started out the New Year as a family.”

“Love you guys” Molly’s eyes fluttered shut.

After her parents crept from the room Gerard turned to Holly. “Pretty sure she won’t be waking up anytime soon.” He whispered.

Holly smiled, “Pretty sure you’re right.” She reached out to caress his cheek, “Give me about ten minutes, okay?”

He smiled remembering how earlier she’d gotten something she’d said was for later. “Yeah, okay.” He nodded, “I’ll just unplug the tree and check the fire.” His mind and body were anticipating the moment he’d finally make love to her.

He waited exactly ten minutes then started down the hallway towards the bedroom. When he first pushed open the door he was shocked to feel a cold breeze, it was then he noticed the sliding doors to the balcony were open.

Gerard closed then locked the bedroom door. When he glanced back towards the balcony again he was started to see something white pass by the slit in the partially open drapes. Slowly he made his way across the room. What he saw when he pushed the doors open further and walked outside caused him to smile. There stood Holly in her marshmallow coat.

“Hello husband.” She said softly.

“Hello wife.” He took a step closer to her. “Uh….”

Holly giggled, “You’re wondering why I’m wearing this coat?”

He nodded.

She reached out and took his hands in hers. “Well remember on Christmas Eve when you asked me about it? You said I might need it if it snowed. At the time I didn’t believe it would snow, I didn’t believe in magic. Matter of fact I still hated this coat. It held too many bad memories for me.”

“And now?” He was grateful for the moonlight that allowed him to see her face.

Her smile made his heart catch. “Now, I believe. And I realized that hating this coat was wrong. It has just as many good memories as bad, I was just allowing the bad to overshadow the good.” She squeezed his hands, “I was wearing this coat the first time I met you.”

“And that’s a good memory.”

“A wonderful memory.” Holly nodded, “But damn, you were cranky at first that night.”

Gerard laughed, “Yeah, I was. But to be fair I was pretty tired and suddenly this vivacious woman I’d never met was there.”

“Driving you crazy.”

“No, bringing me out of my bad mood. Holly, I will tell you this in all honestly, that night by the time you dropped me off a mom’s I knew in my heart I’d just met someone very special. I just didn’t know at the time how special.”

Now it was Holly’s turn to speak honestly about that night. “I was so nervous when Donna called and asked me to pick you up. I mean, I knew who you were, I thought you were so damn handsome. But I remember I was wearing ratty old jeans and a sweater. Hell, my hair even needed to be washed. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted to look the first time I met you.”

“I thought you were cute as hell.”

Holly giggled, “So I threw on this coat and told myself to stop worrying about it. There was no way in hell a man like you would ever have any interest in me.”

“You underestimated yourself.”

“Always.” Holly admitted. “But when I saw you in that airport you looked so lost and sorta sad.”

“And your natural instinct to help people kicked in.”

“I suppose that’s true. I just wanted to see you smile.”

“You made me smile.”

“You made me smile too. That night when I got home I couldn’t wait until the next day because I knew I’d get to see you again.” She looked down, “I didn’t want to admit it but I knew I was falling in love with you.”

He pulled her into his arms. “I realize now I felt the same way. I’d never met anyone who I felt such a quick, close connection to.” He stroked her back, “It’s cold out here.”

Holly took a step back, “Yeah, it is. I think it’s time to go inside.” As she spoke she pulled open the coat.

Gerard’s breath caught as his eyes drank in the sight of her nude body. “Definitely time to go in.” He ground out. Then before she could object he lifted her into his arms.

“Gee” She giggled.

“Hey, gotta carry you over the threshold.”

Once inside he gently placed Holly on her feet then turned to close the balcony doors. However he pulled the drapes open completely to allow the moonlight to flood the room.

“Now then.” He turned back to her then slowly pushed the coat off her shoulders. As it fell to the ground their eyes locked. “I love you”

“I love you.” Holly whispered as she reached out to lift his tee shirt over his head. Once it hit the floor her trembling fingers reached for the elastic on his pajama pants. “You’re so over dressed.” She giggled nervously.

Anticipation was making him crazy. He helped her remove the pants and boxers in record time. Now they stood nude facing each other.

Holly smiled, “Uh, I think this is where you make love to your wife.”

“Yeah, slow beautiful love.” His voice was full of emotion. “I want to go slow, I know…”

“You know how long it has been for me.” Holly nodded.

“I was such a fool.” He said sadly, “That last time…”

“In my heart I believe that last time is when Molly was conceived.”

His eyes widened, “Really?”

Holly nodded, “Yes, that’s what I believe so how could it have been anything but wonderful?”

He reached for her hand then led her to the bed. Settling her on the soft mattress he laid down beside her. He was determined to take his slow, her pleasure was more important than anything else. His fingertips brushed over her tightening nipples.

Holly’s body reacted immediately, the heat pooling in her lower belly. “Gee, make love to me. Tomorrow night can be slow in every damn room of this house.”

He smiled, “As you wish, Bossy.” He rolled over her body holding himself up by his arms. “I just want to make sure you’re ready.”

“Already there.” Holly whispered. “Just thinking about this….”

He knew she was telling the truth when her legs parted and he lowered his body onto hers. She was wet, she was ready. Slowly he inched his way inside her.

“Oh” Holly’s back involuntarily arched.

He was looking deeply into her eyes, “Are you okay?”

“More’ She ground out.

With one thrust he buried himself inside her. Holly’s arms encircled his back urging him closer. “Oh, yes.” Her head rolled back and forth on the pillow as he began to move inside her.

Gerard was shocked when she suddenly giggled.


“Gee, look.” Her head was facing the balcony doors.

When he followed her gaze he understood. Huge snowflakes were fluttering down from the sky.

“More magic.” Holly whispered.

He turned to brush his lips against hers, “We make the magic Holly. You and I.”

As they made love the world outside was once more covered in a beautiful blanket of white. It was the perfect end to the perfect day.

AUTHORS NOTE - Once more...thanks to all who have read this story. I had such a great time writing it. Soon I will begin to post another story, one that is quite a bit different than this one. Hope you will give it a chance.
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