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Trial #12

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Ms. Bude's interview with Robyn.

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Trial #12:

Next Victim...

Ms. Bude's Interview with Robyn:

"Please state your name."

"Robyn Bates."

"How long have you worked at Beach Radio Magazine?"

"Five years."

"I see." Ms. Bude wrote down some notes. "Describe the work atmosphere."



Robyn nodded. "Yeah."

"And that's it?"


"I see..." Madison wrote down more notes. Robyn's face dropped into a frown.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

The other woman glanced up at her. "I'm sorry?"

"What was with that tone just now? You said it like it was a bad thing."

"Is it?"

Robyn glared at her. "No!"

"Did I say it was?"

"No, but your tone implied it."

"Did it now?"

Robyn slammed her hand down on the desk. "Listen, bitch! We take pride in this company and our work! We have been busting our asses just to humor you and not focusing on our work! Why? It's because of this bullshit! Because of this, nobody is comfortable to work here at the moment and they are worried about losing their jobs because of the half-assed responsive that you give them! At least, act like you care about your job instead of wasting our time and freaking everyone else out!" She rose to her feet.

"In fact," she said. "I don't have time for this crap!" Robyn turned to walk away. Ms. Bude watched her back.

"At least get me your portfolio!" she called. The Canadian woman tossed it at the desk and flipped her the bird. Madison shrugged to herself as the door slammed shut.

"Well, that was entertaining," she muttered to herself. She jotted down some quick notes before waiting for her next candidate to walk through the door. Robyn gritted her teeth as she began work at her desk without any care about what would come next. Screw Madison Bude, she had a magazine article due next week anyway.

Do it All Again
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