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[A/N] - I looked up the lyrics to the song and kind of got an idea but I didn't know who you wanted to be paired with... Since I don't ship anyone with Mikey so far, I chose him ;)

Alex knocked three times on the front door to the cottage "Open the door, it's bloody freezing!" She cried, giggling at the same time.

A few minutes later her best friend Mikey opened the door and smiled at her. It was Christmas Eve and they'd both rented a cottage for Christmas since they had no other plans. Mikey's brother Gerard was spending the day with his girlfriend Lyn-z and Alex's parents were spending the day in a completely different country so they'd arranged to spend their time together so they didn't have to spend Christmas alone.

"Move out the way, it's so cold out there." Alex shivered, barging past Mikey and dropping her two suitcases on the floor. She was wearing dark denim skinny jeans with furry boots and a large sweater with a panda on the front. She looked at Mikey "God, aren't you cold?"

He was wearing a baggy Iron Maiden tee-shirt and skinny jeans. The Iron Maiden tee-shirt had short-sleeves so it couldn't have too warm "It's boiling in here." Mikey said "I was wearing heaps of clothes when I got here because it's freezing outside. But once I lit the fire and sat in front of it for a while I started to boil. You'll warm up soon enough."

"So what are we gonna do exactly?" Alex asked, taking her knit scarf off and hanging it up next to Mikey's stripey one.

"We should bake some Christmas cookies!" Mikey cried "I brought the stuff for it! We always did that when I was a kid on Christmas Eve and I really miss it."

"Sounds like fun." Alex giggled and they went into the kitchen. Soon the room was filled with loud rock music and laughter while the two made cookies "What are those?"

"Cookie cutters obviously." Mikey smiled, handing her one "That one makes stars and this one makes christmas trees. And then afterwards we get to do the best bit. Decorate them!"

"You're such a little kid." Alex told him as she pressed the star cutters into the cookie dough that they'd rolled out. Mikey pouted and Alex grinned "Don't worry, it's adorable."

Mikey just laughed and finished cutting out his cookies and laying them gently onto the tray "Hurry up with yours!" He said impatiently "The sooner we cook them, the sooner we can decorate them and the sooner we can eat them!"

Alex stuck her tongue out at him and started laying hers out onto the tray too. Mikey quickly put them in the oven and then took her hand and pulled her into the living room "Let's dance while we're waiting for them to cook."

"You want us to dance to this?" She asked, raising her eye-brows as a particularly heavy song flicked onto the stereo.

Mikey had an idea. He ran into the kitchen, flicked it off and walked back in "Play something." He said, gesturing to the piano "And I'll dance for you."

"Are you serious?" Alex raised her eye-brows and Mikey nodded. She sat down and started playing. Mikey did a sort of ballet dance around the living room which made Alex laugh so much that soon she couldn't play the piano because she was too weak from laughing.

"Are the cookies done yet?" Mikey pouted.

"Of course they're not done yet, we only just put them in." Alex reminded him. Mikey sighed heavily so Alex asked "Do you wanna see some pictures I drew? I wanted your opinion on them." Mikey nodded and Alex ran to her suitcase. She pried it open and pulled out her large sketch book. She came back and handed it to Mikey.

He flicked through. There was a picture of a lady-bug really close up, a sunflower, an anorexic girl that was crossed with a dragon "These are really good." Mikey smiled as he flicked through "You're as talented as Gerard is. I wish I could draw as well as you too can."

Alex went bright red "Oh, they're not good. I could probably do better if I tried."

"Then you're an amazing artist." Mikey said, his mouth falling open "You're so talented. I'm really jealous."

"You can draw too." Alex said kindly even though in truth, Mikey couldn't draw at all.

The two sat around for a while having a mini-arguement about whether or not Mikey could draw until Mikey insisted that the cookies must be done by now. They went into the kitchen and took them out the oven "We can't decorate them straightaway anyway." Alex told him "We need to wait for them to cool."

"You're such a Grandma!" Mikey teased "Why don't we play tag?"

"Are you-"

Mikey poked her shoulder, yelled 'tig' and then ran off. Alex rolled her eyes but smiled and ran after him. He had longer legs than her so he ran off way faster than she could run after him. She chased him around the cottage before finally stopping, sighing and saying "Look, I think the cookies are cool now."

"Now who's eager to get to the cookies?" Mikey teased, coming down into the kitchen.

He decorated his cookies with extreme care, mixing some food colouring into the icing and making sure the christmas trees were all green, using some writing icing to make tinsel and little balls to make the ball-balls on the tree. Alex's were more random. They were stars so they were meant to look pretty. She painted some pink, some silver and some green like Mikey's trees and decorated each one differently. Then they got to the best part. Eating them.

"These are delicous." Mikey smiled.

"They are!" Alex grinned. Her parents had never made Christmas cookies. They were delicious and heaps of fun.

"Hey Alex, it's snowing again!" Mikey cried, looking out the window "Let's go for a walk. That's totally Christmassey? Right?"

"It's really dark." Alex frowned.

"I won't let anything hurt you, honest." Mikey said re-assuringly, holding out his hand to her.

Alex sighed "We're putting our scarves and stuff on first if we're going for a Christmas walk." She pulled on her knitted scarf and a pair of owl gloves while Mikey pulled on a 'Misfits' hoodie and his stripey scarf.

"Take my hand then." Mikey smiled, holding it out again. This time Alex took it. They left the cottage together and set off down the road.

"I still can't believe we're doing this." Alex whispered, her teeth chattering from the cold "It's freezing."

"Here, let me keep you warm then." Mikey said, putting his arm around her "Come on, it's beautiful out here at night with all the snow."

"I suppose it is. Especially since it's Christmas Eve." Alex smiled.

Mikey suddenly stopped walking. Alex turned to him "What's up?"

"It's Christmas Eve." He told her "And... And I wanna tell you something. I just hope it doesn't ruin our weekend."

"What could you possibly have to say that might ruin out weekend?" Alex asked, feeling confused.

"Well... I never told you this because I was shy but... I love you Alex. More than anyone in the whole world. And I figured since it was Christmas Eve and we were in such a romantic setting, I might as well tell you." Mikey sighed "You hate me now, right?"

"Of course I don't." Alex said.

"You don't?"

"Nope. I don't." Alex smiled at him "I've kinda always loved you too."

Mikey grinned "So is it okay if I do this?" He wrapped both his arms round her, pulled her close and then kissed her gently.

Alex kissed him back, closed her eyes and saw fireworks. It was her first kiss. She never dreamed it would be with someone so perfect, on Christmas Eve in the most perfect place in the world.

[A/N] - I really hope this was okay and what you wanted? I wasn't really sure :( Tell me if you want it changed!
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