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Icy Blues

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It was pure, and white and see through like ice, but both can be dangerous.

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It starts after the crash.

The ice on the road is much thicker on the empty back roads that Gerard so often takes. Mikey is in the passenger seat and they're fighting, he can't remember what about. There was no catalyst, no sharp turn, no bump, just all the sudden they're sliding and Gerard is trying to get control of the vehicle turning the wheel and hitting the breaks, it's futile, they're still sliding and Mikey is braced tightly against his seat knucles white grasping the vinyl. Gerard wonders if he is screaming because suddenly everything is violently loud and then they crash with a thud into a snow bank just off the road. Everything is white in front of them and the windshield is cracked, very slightly. The car is ticking some alert song as if to say, 'Hey, you just crashed' Gerard is annoyed at this noise, he's aware that they’ve crashed but secretly thankful to it for jutting him out of a momentary stupor.

Snow has leaked through Mikey's cracked window. Mikey is silent and when Gerard clutches his hand his sobs become audible, Gerard unbuckles his seat belt and slides across the middle seat. Mikey looks up at him and then he tucks his face in Gerard's shoulder. His head is bleeding, just slightly above his eyebrow.

“Mikey, it's okay, we're okay” he repeats softly, first to his brother and then to both of them. Neither of them know how much time has passed when Mikey resurfaces from the debts of his shoulder. His glasses are gone and he is flushed and pink from crying and the cold, his lips are swollen from biting them, a trickle blood runs down his chin. His head is tilted up. Gerard places his lips over his brothers.

Mikey's lips part and they stay like that, one lip resting on top of the other, and there is no sense of reality in it. When Gerard pulls back Mikey looks dazed.

Two men in a passing truck help them push the car out of the ditch. They seem happy that there's little damage to the car.

“Y'all are lucky the snow cushioned the impact looks like you just have a broken headlight.”

Gerard smiles at them and thanks them and offers them some money out of his wallet mechanically, they don't accept it, saying it's the christian thing to do. With just a little too much emphasis on Christian. It's obvious that they're brothers, Gerard wonders if it's obvious to them that he and Mikey are brothers as well. Sometimes that fact escapes his as well.

On the way home Gerard catches his reflection in the rear view mirror. There's a dry brown line down his chin, smudged in places. He looks at the still and silent Mikey who has the same line pressed into his face and He remembers what he's done.
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