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I have something to say!!

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Hey guys, I decided to ATTEMPT to write a poem about how much you guys mean to me. I am terrible at poetry so this could go badly...sorry =S

My name is Amy
I'm the girl who always felt alone
A room full of people?
I'm alone
Sitting with friends?
I'm alone

My name is Amy
And I decided to return
To a place I was uncertain
Wether it was a good decision
It was a place we all call Ficwad ;)
And here goes nothing

My name is Amy
And I am still uncertain
Wether I would feel accepted
Would my stories be enjoyed?
Will you like me for who I am?Little did I know...

My name is Amy
And my world is changing
One by one you all appeared before me
Like my guardian angels
I've been waiting so long for to appear
My cries for help have finally been heard

My name is Amy
And I fainted after seeing Mikey the stripper
These guys are getting to know me well
Not many people get to know me
They take one look at me and say
She's a freak not worth knowing

My name is Amy
And theres one thing I always look foward to
Going home to talk to people who truly care
People who never fail to make me smile
People who are my REAL friends
And guess who they are?

My name is Amy
And I'm no longer alone =)

I told you my poetry was CRAP!
But I just hope the message has gone across clearly.
You guys mean everything to me and I'll always love you all and I will never ever forget you!
Thank you for everything! =D

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