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This Fic Is A Curse - Frerard

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FRERARD - Frank's hiding secrets from his friends, Gerard goes out all lengths to find out Frank's deepest secrets, even if he gets hurt along the way...

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Hey guys! Sorry for not uploading/updating! I've put "If These Sheets Were The States" on hiatus for a bit as I'm completely writers blocked with it D: In the meanwhile, here's chapter 1 of a new fic I'm writing :D Enjoy!

“All alone now… Nothing feels right” Frank Iero whispered down the deserted corridor. There was no one there anymore; he was locked in and safe until Monday morning when the school reopened. Frank did this every week to get away from his alcoholic and let’s face it, pathetic mother. None of his friends said a word because of course, they had no idea this was going on. Frank would sit in his room night after night, tears streaming down his pale face while his mother was downstairs screeching at his father and smashing things. No words were said in the mornings after these out bursts and when his best friend and fellow freak Gerard Way knocked on his door for school every morning, he completely changed. He was smiling, his back was straight, he looked like… Well, he looked like Frank and I guess no one really saw past that until Frank started staying in the school over the weekends, making sure he had food packed in his rucksack. Gerard knocked on Frank’s door but when Frank’s mother answered and said he hadn’t been there all weekend, Gerard started to worry. He dialled Frank’s phone way too many times and when he got to school and went to his seat in registration, Frank was sitting there, smiling like nothing was wrong. Gerard questioned him about this later but Frank just said that he stayed with his grandparents and that he was probably going to do that for a while as his grandfather was ‘ill’ and he needed taking care of and his grandma was too old.

Gerard spent the next few weeks monitoring Frank, it wasn’t like him to snoop around but he knew he had to do it for Frank’s sake. He went over to Frank’s house one Saturday when he was sure that Frank wasn’t there and when Frank’s mother answered, Gerard knew the coast was clear.
“Hello Linda, I was wondering if maybe I could come in for a moment, I want to talk to you about Frank” Gerard said with a pleading look on his face. Frank’s mother actually looked sober for once and kindly let the young boy in her house. They sat down and talked about how Frank was acting and if anything could have been causing it.

“I mean, his father and I have rows but don’t every family?” Linda said, chuckling to herself. Finally Gerard brought up the fact Frank had been going to his grandparents and why. Linda looked confused when Gerard mentioned that, very confused. “Grandparents? Frank’s never had grandparents on his father’s side and my parents died in a car crash in 1982” Linda said, confused and worried. Gerard suddenly realised that there was no way Frank was fine. He was not okay. Gerard phoned Frank 13 times but his phone was off. He hardly slept that night, and the night after because for once he couldn’t wait to go back to school to make sure Frank was okay.

When Friday came and Gerard had been way too protective over Frank, he followed Frank after school only to find him hide in the teachers’ lounge and set up his usual ‘camp’ there. Gerard waited for at least 2 hours then saw Frank walk out the room. He quickly hid behind the wall and peeked his head out slightly so he could see Frank. “All alone now… Nothing feels right” Frank whispered down the less deserted corridor than he thought.

Gerard tiptoed quietly from behind the wall and plainly said “Frank.” Frank turned around quickly, shocked at the person right there, in front of him. “Frank what are you doing here?” Frank started to sweat, his palms getting clammy and his t-shirt sticking to his stomach, shit.

“Nothing. Gerard leave me alone and go home.” Frank replied, shaking his head at Gerard with desperate eyes.
“It doesn’t look like nothing. Plus, I can’t go home I’m locked in with you.” Gerard responded, taking a few steps closer to Frank and sighing.

“Well, I guess you’re stuck, I’m stuck we’re both stuck.” Frank said, trying to hide the fact he was glad he was stuck.

“Y’know Frank, you never told me your grandparents died in 1982, I wondered why I’d never met them.” Frank sighed and slid against the wall, head in his hands. Gerard placed himself next to Frank and put his hand on Frank’s knee. “Why didn’t you tell me, Frank? I mean, if you wanted to get out the house you could have called me and I would have let you stay with me, you know this, you’re my best friend.” Frank got up and very hastily walked in circles around the corridor.

“Just find ways to cope with feelings that you don’t understand because no one really cares how you feel just as long as you act how everyone else expects you to act!” Frank screamed, completely out of his mind. He fell straight to the floor and sat there, silently crying. Gerard crawled over to Frank and for the first time ever, saw him as more than just his best friend, he just wanted to kiss all the pain away and make Frank happy again. Hell, he just wanted Frank. “I’m trying to hold on to anything and not mess up everything” Frank said, sobbing into Gerard’s oversized hoodie.

“I know Frank, but none of this is your fault” Gerard replied, calming down the younger boy.

“Why does right and wrong seem so far away?” Gerard sighed; he didn’t have an answer to that question so he continued to stroke Frank’s hair in the pleasuring silence.

“It’s gonna be alright Frank, I’ll get you out of here soon but I do honestly promise it will be okay” Gerard said. He kissed the top of Frank’s head and Frank said “I tried to, adjust but I’m young and I’m screwed up! My parents just won’t stop fighting; they were never like this, not until…” Frank stopped suddenly, knowing he couldn’t say what he wanted too. He didn’t want to fuck things up with Gerard; he couldn’t risk losing his best friend.

Frank knew he needed to tell Gerard but he didn’t realise it was going to have to be sooner than he thought. A lot sooner.
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