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Abandoned House Layouts

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Not a chapter - link inside to my dA account :-) please take a second to look!

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OK guys, so as promised, I was going to upload onto my dA layouts of the abandoned house :-)


Its in the, 'Calm Before The Storm folder'. There is an upstairs layout and a downstairs layout

Before I could write the chapter of when they entered the house, I had to draw out, what the house would look like, just to help me visualise it basically; weird I know, but I am weird, rather be weird than normal!!

If, when you do look at the layouts, find something that you can't read or don't understand, then feel free to ask and I will happily explain it to you or try to make it a little clearer :-)

Also I hope to have the next chapter up by Friday!! :-) I have been writing it, but haven't done any writing during today or tonight as I have been so tired and full of some virus -.- but I'm still going strong :-)
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