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Attention to Detail

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Yuuko is very good at paying attention to detail. Watanuki, however, is not so adept. DoumekiWatanuki

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Yuuko eyed me from under her eyelashes, and I felt an ominous sort of prickling at the back of my neck. Doom. That was what I was feeling, and quickly, I set down the tray of snacks and sake so I could make a hurried retreat. I knew how it worked now; I now know when to run.

However, it was not to be as she stretched out one pale, elegant arm and pinched the back of my school uniform, pulling me back.

"So," She began, peering into my eyes with a smirk.

"So what?" I snapped, dusting my arms off with a haughty sniff. I needed my dignity back.

"How was it?" She looked up at me, all too eager. "You know, your date with Doumeki."

Instantly, I hissed; hairs raised all over the back of my neck and head.

"It was not a date."

"It was so." She said, picking a biscuit off the tray. She looked at me, and then said in singsong, "Doumeki asked Watanuki to a café~"

"To look at manuscripts," I almost screamed, "/Manuscripts/!"

Distantly, I heard Mokona chime 'manuscripts' with me, but I was beyond caring. Yuuko was sat there, ridiculously skimpy kimono on as always, a smug all knowing smile on her lips.

"Dates have coffee, dates have cakes," She then paused for dramatic effect, and then said with great relish, "Dates...have /kisses/."

The world then came down around me to a crashing, hashing halt. Yes, we had been sat in a café and yes, I suppose Doumeki had wanted the corner table so no one could see us working on his grandfather's precious documents. And perhaps, maybe, we had ordered Doumeki's favourite dessert to share - but only because he had run out of money - and graciously, I let him have the last piece of dessert.

He had stared at the piece of chocolate cream pastry for a while and shook his head, sticking it on a fork and holding it out to me instead.

"You have it." He had said. "You paid."

My hands had been full with papers and documents then, and without thinking, I had eaten the dessert automatically - off the fork that was connected to his hand. I suppose my eyes widened dramatically, face turned a beastly shade of red, and I hurried to withdraw, only to be caught by his hand on my cheek. Moments later, I had been guided to his lips with his other hand tilting my chin up.

Yuuko's voice bought me back to the present, smug voice dripping with amusement.

"Done daydreaming yet?"

"You..." I halted, lost for words, and then glared, tone accusing. "You followed me."

"I didn't need to." She said. "It was inevitable." She shook her sake cup merrily, swishing the alcohol with glee, her other hand pulling my collar down so I had to bend over to meet her eye level. I avoided her gaze stubbornly, and she then laughed as I realised with horror that she could see the hickeys planted down my neck.

"Watanuki dear," she said, "I want /details/."

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