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Sakura has targets to reach. Onesided SakuraSasuke. For Anu.

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Sakura's always wanted to have blonde hair. She'll never admit it, but she's always wanted Ino's long, lustrous blonde tresses with an envy she didn't know she had. There's something wrong when she starts wishing to be her greatest rival, and Sakura tries to stop it.

Though she has always wanted to be more confident, too. Naruto and Sasuke may not be the strongest in the village, but their guts and grit make almost everything worth it. Even their failures. They have something to be proud of, enviable of, and you can see it in their eyes, their stances; and even in their walks you can see the beginnings of a swagger.

The shy little meek girl against the confident Uchiha.

Haruno is a name that isn't known in the ninja world.

Pink against black.

The colour contrast is garish.

Stop it. Stop it. She repeats it like a mantra, a lesson, and she gets up everyday, puts on her Konoha headband so it will keep her pink hair out of her eyes. Unlike a real ninja. But that is always left unsaid.

She needs to become stronger. Perhaps it will make her better, so she will not be the weak link on her team, so she will not be so different to Sasuke. She knows that people don't believe in her as much as the others. How can they, when she doesn't even believe in herself?

Sakura's smart. She'll figure it out. But Sasuke is getting further and further away with each passing day, and she can only scramble after him with her own haltering pace.

You're trying to be strong for the wrong reasons.

She gets it. But Sasuke is just in reach...

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