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44. Missing Piece

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**sorry if there's any mistakes. Edited it a while back but.. You know..

Edith's POV
"mmhm.." I felt myself move in my sleep. I was having a dream about babies when I start to hear this ringing sound that bothered my sleep. I opened my eyes and heard the ringing again. I looked over my shoulder to find Gerard sound asleep with his mouth open hugging my waist. 
"Gerard." I shake him. He moans in his sleep and turns around. 
"Gerard. Wake up! Your phone is ringing!" I whisper loudly. He extends his arm and answers his phone. 
"hello? What is it Ray.." there was silence for a few seconds when he shoots awake and sits up.
"whooooo!!" he screams and throws his phone somewhere in my room. He grabs my hands dragging me out of bed and spinning me around in his arms. 
"babe! We made it!! We're official signed up to Eyeball Records!!" he screams again. He spins me again screaming his head off. 
"that is so awesome oh my god!!" he sets me down but keeps hugging me tightly.
"I'm so proud." I tell him once he looks straight in my eyes. 
"thank you Edith! You're amazing!" he kisses my cheek. 
"why are you thanking me?"
"because you're the first one to tell me to give it a try. I wouldn't have known if I made it or not if I wouldn't have tried."
"aww, you're welcome" I kiss his lips eagerly. 
"aww shit!" he says and runs to get his phone. 
"forgot I still have Ray on the line. Ray that's fucking awesome! Oh for sure! Huh? Oh.." he looks at me mischievously. 
"I'll explain later. Alright, see you there." he hangs up and looks at me with hands on his hips. He walks over to me and wraps his arms around my waist. 
"he asked me why did he hear a girls scream."
I laugh, "really? What did you say?"
"I said I'd explain later. That's why you're coming with me today."
"where to?"
"recording studio." he grins widely. 
"awesome! I'd love to go!"
"I can't wait to let them know about us. It'll be their great news."
"I know. I love you." I say making his eyes widen and sparkle with love. 
"I love you too." he picks me up and spins me kissing my lips. 
"alright, shall we get ready?" I smile as he sets me down.
"of course."

I showered and got ready and made breakfast for both of us while he showered. I wanted to give Annie the good news but apparently she wasn't home. She must have gone to work early. 
As we ate, it felt like if we were an official newly wedded couple. We watched TV, laughed as we ate pancakes and spoke about life. Just like a married couple would. It was nice to think and feel the love in the room. 
We drove over to his apartment so he could change his cloths. When we arrived, Victoria was home and she greeted me with the most loving and welcoming hug. 
"I'm so proud of you two!" she says in my ear while she chokes me to death. 
"thank you." I was able to say as she let go of the bone-crushing hug. She grabbed my hand and led me into the living room. 
"do you want anything to drink?"
"no its okay, Gerard and I just had breakfast."
"aww!" she giggles, "so cute!" she grins happily and sits across from me. 
"so, how are you feeling? Gerard told me you were going through some things. You don't mind me asking do you?"
"not at all. I'm okay. Feeling better actually. I was just sick and a bit depressed you know?"
"I totally understand. I'm glad you're feeling better though."
"how about you? How are you?"
"I'm fine. I guess.." she looks down at the ground with a half smile. 
"why just fine?"
"I dont know.. A little stressed over something."
"alright. Gerard told me you were moving out.."
"I am." she half smiles again. 
"do you have somewhere to go?"
"um, I'm looking into that."
"okay well I hope you find some place that makes you comfortable. And I just want to say that, please don't feel pressured to move out just because I'm with Gerard now. I don't want you to feel awkward living with him while he's my.. Boyfriend."
"well thank you for letting me know. I was actually feeling a bit awkward and insecure. Then Gerard let me know that, that wouldn't be a problem. But you know, I also want to move out because I want to do something with my life independently."
"I understand. That's good. Hope you reach your goals in life." I giggle. 
"thank you." Soon after, Gerard walks in the room.
"ready?" he says. I stand and walk over to him. 
"you look good." He couldn't look any better than with a black leather jacket and jeans with a simple white T-shirt.
"thank you. You don't want to come Vicky?"
"um, I have a date." she smiles. 
"oh okay." Gerard says with sarcasm, "bye Vicky."
"bye you guys, have fun!"
"she's dating someone?" I ask as Gerard as we walk down the stairs. 
"some guy she won't tell me about. Apparently they like each other but everyone knows it but them. Get me?"
"oh I get it. Same thing with us in high school remember?"
"oh I remember." he laughs and kisses my cheek. 

"so where are we headed to?" I ask after a few minutes of driving.
"to Ray's house. Everyone is meeting up there so then we could all drive over to the Eyeball's studio."
"alright cool. Does Ray still live in his old house?"
"no he moved out a couple of years ago."
"with Christa?"
"no, Christa still lives with her parents taking care of them 'cause  they're old and can't take care of themselves."
"oh how nice of her."
"yup." he makes a right turn in a neighborhood and stops a few apartment buildings down. As we park, we see Ray and the others standing outside a van. We park right in front of them. When they notice me, they all get surprised. 
"pretty girl!" Frank yells when I step out. He embraces me in a tight hug. 
"oh my gosh we've missed you!" Emma says when I hug her. 
"glad to have you back sis." Ray says messing up my hair. Christa hugs me so sweetly and with care, "we dearly missed you." She says, "I missed you guys too." I reply. Mikey and Jade make their way towards me and hug me. 
"feeling better?" Jade says letting go. 
"yeah. Mom told you?" she nods. 
"she told me." Mikey interrupts. 
"don't do that to yourself!" he adds and hugs me. 
"If you knew, why didn't you say anything?" Frank also joins the conversation. 
"I thought she should tell us."
"did Gerard know??" Frank pouts. I turn around to find a smiling Gee. I walk over to him and grab his hand. Everyone gives me a questioning look. 
"no he didn't. But he came to my house the other night and I told him about. He helped me out and I thank him for it. He's the best ever." I kiss his cheek. 
"I'm confused." Emma announces. 
"I'm happy to announce that Edith and I are FINALLY dating again."
Everyone gasps. Christa looks at Ray and hugs him making Ray grin. 
"it's about time!!" Ray yells. Jade and Mikey applaud while Emma and Frank, seem to still be in shock. 
"Fuck yeah!!!" Frank finally yells throwing a fist in the air. 
"fina-fucking-ly dammit!!!" he says and hugs us both. 
"gahh!! That's amazing you guys!!" Emma says. 
"now we can finally say, we have the gang together." Jade announces. Frank and Emma stop their yelling and laughter, replacing it with sweet smiles. 
"that's very true." Frank and Emma come on either side of us and we create a circle with all of us holding hands. 
"cheers! To the missing piece to our circle! Cheers to Edith and Gerard!" Frank says making me tear up. 
Missing piece I think to myself. And those words stay forever repeating in my head. 
"we are the missing piece." I whisper to Gerard while everyone claps and hugs. 
"what a beautiful thing." he says and kisses me deeply, making my tears role down my cheeks. 
"I love you so much." I whisper brushing my fingers through his hair. 
"I love you so much too." he kisses me again.  
"what is going on?" we hear another voice come around. Gerard and I follow the voice looking towards that direction and find Matt coming up the side walk. 
"I get out of my car and see this circle of couples kissing. The fuck is that?" we all start to laugh. 
"not fair! I need a girl man." he pouts. 
"what happened to Sarah?" Ray says.
"nah, we broke up."
"it's okay man. You'll find a girl." Gerard joins. 
"sure." he roles his eyes, "so you guys are together now?" he adds looking at me. 
"yeah." Gerard answers coming around behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. 
"oh how nice. Congrats to the lovely couple." he says sarcastically. 
"alright people! Let's go make an album!" Frank yells with a fist in the air. 
"yeah!!" the guys cheer and create a pile around Frank throwing fists in the air. Emma walks over to my side with Jade and Christa us saying, "boys." and we all giggle. 
Gerard's POV
We arrived at the studio with our tagged up van. Frank is all excited as well as everyone and I also can't be more excited. Especially to have Edith around but, I'm a little cautious and I can't help but think for the future of this band. What if we don't make it big?
We step out of the van and find David with some other guy waiting for us outside. 
"hello David." Ray greets him. The girls step out of the car and follow their lover along their side. Edith grabs my hand and squeezes it. 
"hello Ray, I am glad to see you, the complete band and.. Your girlfriends?" he questions with a questioning smile.
"yes, this my girlfriend Christa." Ray introduces. Christa smiles and we move on to Emma.
"Emma!" She says over-excitedly and throws her fist entangled with Frank's hand in the air. 
"I'm Jade. Pleasure to meet you."
"oh it's a pleasure to meet all of you beautiful girls." David laughs, "and.." he points at Edith. 
"I'm Edith. Happy to be here supporting My Chemical Romance."
"oh aren't we all happy to be here?"
"yeah!" we all say. 
"great! Okay before we step inside, I'd like to introduce our co-producer Mark. Mark, this is My Chemical Romance; future hit!"
future hit? You're so confident
"hi Mark! Nice to meet you!" Frank says shaking Mark's hand wildly. 
"a lot of enthusiasm you have there. Let me tell you all that I can't be happier to help this band out. I heard your demo and it's great. And the riff's on the guitar; whoo! They're great!"
"thank you." Ray bows his head. 
"okay, let's head inside." 
We follow David and Mark into the building and into a small recording studio. We all sit around in the couches and they grab two chairs sitting in front of us. 
"okay before we get down to business, I'd like for you guys to pass this around and sign. It's just a confirmation contract." Mark speaks while David passes me the paper. I sign it and pass it down to Ray. 
"the demos are really good. But, although you guys are great, you guys are missing a few key points. And that's what I want to show you guys. So follow me." the band stands and we follow Mark inside the recording room where there are drums and guitars and mics. 
"whoa.. Look at this equipment." Ray says amusedly and grabs a guitar. I walk over to the mic and test it. 
"is it on?" I ask. 
"no, not yet." I stare out the huge glass window in front of me and notice the girls talking amongst themselves. Edith turns her head and notices me. We keep eye contact for a second and she grins making me return the smile. She blows me a kiss and I pretend to catch it and place it over my heart. I then blow her a kiss as well and she does the same. 
"anyone good with tech stuff?" David comes in and asks. We all look at each other.
"uhh- I am." Ray announces. 
"okay, follow me." Ray leaves the room leaving Mikey, Frank, Matt, and I alone with Mark. 
"Are you guys excited?" Mark speaks as he comes to me fixing the mic. 
"hell yeah!" Frank responds playing the the soundless guitar set out for him. 
"when are we going on tour?" Frank adds playing guitar like Brian May. 
"like the positiveness. I dont know, depends on your hits you know?"
"oh I'm sure we're going to be grreeat!!" Ray and David come back in the room, "okay, is everything set up?" David asks Mark. 
"yup all set an ready."
"perfect. How about we brainstorm a little. Okay, so I know you have a demo CD right, and I'd like to see how it sounds live, here in the studio. Mind playing a song or two?"
"not at all," I answer, "what song do you guys think?"
"vampires." Franks answers with a smirk and wink.
"I want Monroeville." Ray says grabbing the guitar. 
"Monroeville sounds good." Mikey interrupts not looking up from his bass.
"alright, Monroeville it is. Sorry Frank."
"fucktards." I hear him whisper to himself. 
"alright, we're gonna stand outside with the buttons and stuff." David and Mike step outside and stand right in front of us on the other side of the glass mirror and put on some headphones. He holds out a thumbs up and Ray starts to play the rhythm following with the bass and then Frank's melodic tune. 
"these are the early sunsets. Just like my favorite scene.."


We finally got down to business after a few songs. We recorded Skylines and Turnstiles, Early Sunsets Over Monroeville, and Cubicles. Although I'm not too fond of Cubicles anymore(I wrote in a time of distress)it's still part of our album and a great song. 
As Ray, Frank, Matt, and Mikey talked something about instrumentals, I went outside and joined the ladies conversation. 
"hey, how was it?"
"it was way better than at a gig. Your voice and the guitar were in so much more in tune. No offence though." Jade replies throwing at me her pitch-perfect ear. 
"hey thanks." I mock. 
"Jade is right, it was a lot better. Better sound qualitiy since we are in a studio you know." Emma talks. Christa sighs and looks at Ray through the window, "My Ray looked amazing up there." 
"he was pretty bad-ass." Edith gets up and walks over to the vending machine. I follow behind her and place a hand on her lower back as she bends down to grab her soda. 
"what did you think?"
"what didn't I think?! It was great babe." she kisses me quickly. 
"I love it when you call me babe." I comment as I give her another kiss. The other guys come out and we walk back to join the group.
"that was great! Whoo! I can't wait to record more songs with you guys. How about we make next meeting next week. Sounds good?" David speaks. We all agree and give out hugs and high fives to David and Mark.
As we all make our way out of the studio, we all split our ways. We had planned to hang out but, more than half of us have plans tomorrow so we had to reschedule. We all exchanged goodbyes and Edith and I stepped in my car. We drive in silence till I spoke. 
"Do you want to go anywhere right now?" she turns to me from looking at the window. 
"not really. You?"
"nah." I giggle. 
"why do you ask?"
"just wondering if you wanted to go anywhere."
"oh... Okay.. Um, can you spend the night again?"
I take my eyes off the road and look at her again. She stares back at me with wide opened eyes. 
"why do you say it that way."
"what way?"
"like.. Shyly.."
"oh I dont know.." she giggles, "maybe because I am." I make a stop at a red light and stare at her shockingly.
"what is there to be shy about? Edith, I've known you forever. You weren't shy before. Why now?"
"because things are different."
"things may be different but our love is the same." I grab her hand and kiss it. She blushes and a smile spreads across her face. 
"I know but... I feel like you do so much for me and all I've been to you is a bitch."
"a bitch? Edith, what is wrong with you?"
"I'm sorry but, I mean come on. I made you suffer. I told you I hated you. I was with someone else, cheating on them, giving you high hopes to just later on say /I have a boyfriend remember that. We're just friends/. I was thinking about it and I was like, I'm so mean. I'm really sorry Gerard."
"Edith no, please don't think that way. Please don't. Yes, you might have done those things but it's all forgiven. I don't care. Because you're mine now. I love you so much, I don't want to lose you again."
"believe me, I don't want to lose you either but I feel like you do so much for me and I can't thank you enough. I don't think I could ever repay you."
"your love is enough for me Eddie." I grab her hand and squeeze it. I make a right turn and park in front of her apartment building. 
"you're the sweetest Gerard. I love you. And I'm really sorry for being such a bitch."
"no, you're not a bitch. I love you too Edith." I grab her chin and kiss her deeply before stepping out of the car. 
As we wait in the elevator to get to the top floor, I hold her in my arms tightly as if my life depends on it. As we're about to enter her home, the door opens widely by a grinning Annie. 
"yay! You're home! And with your new boyfriend!!" she squeals and gives us both big hugs. 
"we're currently /dating/." I extend my hand putting quotations over my head as we all walk inside Edith's room. 
"why dating?" Annie says with a scrunched up nose. 
"I dont know, ask her." we both look at Edith who slips her sweater off. 
"I'm trying to take things slow okay?" she scolds. 
"but what is there to wait for? You know the guy from head to toe! It's not like you have to get to know him or anything."
"I know but- fuck Annie! Don't you remember I just got out of a relationship!"
"like weeks ago!"
"still!" she throws Annie a pillow as she walks in the restroom to change into her pajamas. I walk over to the bed and kick off my shoes. 
"I still don't see the point in dating!" Annie yells as she steps out of the room closing the door. I laugh to myself and then lay down closing my eyes thinking things over.
Since last night, while Edith was sleeping in my arms, I stayed awake and thought of some lyrics for a new song. I was trying to remember the lyrics when Edith came out and sat down at the end of the bed. 
"What are you doing tomorrow?" she asks as she gets up and turns off the lights. In the dark, I slip off my jeans and jacket and lay next to her. 
"school and work. You?"
"work and work." she snorts.
"why?" I ask. I slip a hand over her tracing my fingers over her Lynn tattoo under the dim light. 
"just. I wanted you to come with me. Remember my old ballet teacher Ms. Joyet?"
"of course I do." I chuckle. 
"well she's teaching me again and I wanted you to say hi. I guess maybe next time."
"for sure, just tell me when." she moves onto her side and I hug her waist in a spooning position. 
"goodnight." she sighs stroking my forearm. 
"night." I kiss her head and close my eyes
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