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Chapter Four

by artismyweapon

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Chapter Four:
POV: Frank

I pushed my lips on Gerard because I knew that he was going to go slow. I wanted to kiss him so much, so I just went right ahead and kissed him. After a few seconds when he didn’t pull away, I was a little confused. A few more seconds and we were still kissing. I thought that since I wasn’t going to pull apart and he obviously wasn’t anytime soon, I decided to put my left had on his cheek. He smiled a little in the kiss. Instead of feeling his skin on my palm, I felt a soft fabric. I realized that I still had the skeleton gloves on that Mikey got me.
I suddenly heard a cough that sounded like it came from Mikey. Yes, I have been around him enough that I know what his coughs sound like. I pulled away from Gerard and opened my eyes. He did the same. I looked around the room and saw that every pair of eyes were on us, including Mikey’s. I blushed furiously and so did Gerard. I looked at Gerard with wide eyes. He just looked at me with a little smile on his face. Did he want to kiss me?
“You’re such a fucking fag! Do you like to kiss guys? Ew that’s so gross,” sneered a jock named Brendon. I’m usually not bothered too much from people calling me that, but he said this in front of a bunch of people. I felt hot tears swimming in my eyes. I blinked multiple times in hope to dispel them, but that just made them fall down even more.
“Aww is little Frankie crying now? Why don’t you go home and cry to you’re daddy? Oh yeah, you don’t have one,” said another jock named Ryan. That pissed me off beyond belief. I immediately stopped crying and jumped up from my sitting position. How dare he fucking say that to my face.
I felt a surge of hatred course through my veins. I walked over to where Brendon and Ryan were sitting. “Get up,” I commanded. I stood my ground as they stood up. Ryan and Brendon are tall, so they stood over me. I looked up at them and put on the meanest look on my face.
They looked at each other and started laughing and slapped their thighs. I stood there shaking from anger. Something snapped inside my head and my arm swung forward and punched Ryan right in the jaw. He stumbled backwards into Brendon and they both fell to the ground, but got right back up. Ryan held his hand to his jaw as he said,”What the fuck?! Who do the fuck do you think you are punching me?”
Brendon suddenly raised his hand and took a swing at me, but I was too quick for him and ducked my head down. He looked astonished that he didn’t hit me, so I took that moment to punch him right in the stomach with all the force I could get. He let out a heavy breath and collapsed on the floor.
I was done with their shit. I have been beaten up and scarred, mentally and physically, from their abuse. I have been beaten up for my entire high school carer. And now I’m fucking done. I guess that I have had all this rage built up in me for four years, and now it’s coming out. It’s been bottled up for too long. Now I can finally get my revenge.
I started to kick Brendon, who was still on the floor, in the stomach. He moved a bit after the first kick. I kicked him one more time, but what I din’t realize was that my foot was aimed straight for his head. I knew that that was not a good thing. I didn’t have enough time to process what I was doing in my head, so I ended up kicking him straight in the head. He yelped and stopped moving.
I stopped what I was doing and look around me. People were staring at me with their mouths wide open. Ryan was just standing there still holding his jaw with his mouth open a little. There was a bruise starting to form on his jaw and a bit around his eye. I looked at Gerard and Mikey and saw that they were standing up. I looked back down at Brendon, who still wasn’t moving at all. I gasped and ran towards Gerard who took my hand and Mikey’s and hauled ass straight out of the room. The party was still going on, so we had to push past many people in the other room. Once we got out, we headed towards the door and sprinted out.
Mikey, Gerard, and I didn’t speak, we just sprinted as fast as we could to Gerard’s car. Once we got there, Gerard unlocked the doors and we got in. He started the car and drove off. I sat in the front seat shaking, from anger or from being nervous or from being confused, I didn’t know. I sat there with my eyes wide and thought over what I had just done. I couldn’t believe I did that. I- I never hurt people. Not even animals! I’m a vegetarian! I have never acted out like that. I have never punched someone back, I have never kicked someone, never slapped someone. I can’t believe it.
I stared at the road ahead of me, but occasionally looked at Gerard. I saw him look at me from the corner of my eye a couple of times. He probably wanted to know what the hell just happened. Well that makes two of us.
It was silent for a couple more minutes until Mikey spoke up,”Okay what the fuck just happened, Frank?” I laughed a little at his nosiness. Mikey looked at me like I was crazy. He probably thought that because I laughed at his question. Well shitx.
“I honestly don’t know. I just felt this surge of hatred and fury go through me and I had to do something about it or I was going to scream. Screaming probably would have had a better result, but I wanted to get revenge on ‘Brenny’ and ‘Ryro’,” I said and wrinkled my nose at their nicknames that girls call them. I have to say, Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross are pretty cute, but there is really no need to call them that. I don’t really like pet names unless I’m a relationship with the person. Or if it’s Gerard or Mikey.
“What were you thinking kicking him in the head?!” asked Gerard.
I glared at him and said,”It wasn’t completely my fault. Yes, I was kicking him, but he was the one who moved and put his head where my foot was going!”
Gerard tutted. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window. I had no idea where we were, but it sure as hell wasn’t home. The sky was dark, but I could see well. There were dead trees everywhere with the occasional owl perched on one if it’s branches. I squinted my eyes and looked straight. I saw a lake in the distance. From here, it didn’t look too big, but once we got closer it looked huge.
The road started to get bumpy and I saw that we were driving on small pebbles now. We were pretty close to the lake now. I had no idea that there was a lake here... Oh well.
Gerard parked the car and got out. Before I could open my door, her ran over to get open it for me. Mikey was already out and chuckled a little bit and shook his head. What was his problem? He’s been acting weird lately. Maybe because I just kissed his brother. The thing was, I didn’t know how long we were kissing for. I don’t think Gerard did either. Maybe he did. I don’t know. I’ll have to ask him about it in private later. I know what I thought about it- it was amazing!
I probably sound like a girl right now, but I swear the moment our lips met, a shock of energy went through me. It was an interesting feeling. I have kissed other girls before, but not a guy. Especially not Gerard. I’m really glad that my first kiss with a guy was with Gerard. Now my standards have raised, because he is a great kisser even though it was his first time.
“Frank stop thinking and get out here,” said Gerard in an impatient voice.
I got out of the car and stood up. It was freezing out and I only had a thin hoodie on, so I started to shiver immediately. I instinctively moved closer to Gerard and pressed my shoulder against his shoulder. He was surprisingly really warm, but he only had a hoodie on. I shrugged and leaned closer to him. I don’t know if this was out of impulse or if he actually wanted to get closer to me, but he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. Mikey rolled his eyes and started walking towards a bench near the lake. Gerard and I followed, but I stopped abruptly and put a confused look on my face. I don’t remember seeing a bench anywhere near the lake! Maybe I’m just tired or I din’t notice it. Whatever.
I kept walking with Gerard, his arm around my waist and my arm around his waist. This was comfortable. We fit perfectly together even though I am a lot shorter than him. I am only 5’ 4” and he’s 5’9”. We walked closer to the bench where Mikey was already sitting. I sat down in next to Mikey and Gerard sat next to me. The bench wasn’t that big, so I was sandwitched together with them. They were both really warm, so I became warm quickly. Why were they so warm? Why was I so cold? What the heck?
“Why don’t you start off by telling us what exactly happened back there at the party,” said Mikey to me. He had a straight face on, so I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. I looked at Gerard and he nodded for me to talk.
“Well... um... I-I uh kissed Gerard, as you know, b-because the bottle landed on me. Well, when I s-stopped kissing him, I looked around and heard B-Brendon call me a f-fag. I got r-really mad and... um... e-emotion emotional. Then Ryan said t-told me to g-go cry to my dad at home. T-Then he said,’Oh yeah you don’t have a dad.’ And s-something inside my head s-snapped. So I punched R-Ryan. And then I-I punched Brendon in the s-stomach and s-started kicking h-him,” I stuttered. I think I was stuttering because I was still a bit cold out or because I was angry or nervous. Probably a mixture of all of them.
I felt Gerard’s grip around me tighten. Yes, we were still wrapped around each other, so what?
He leaned his head closer to my ear and said,”Sorry, Frankie.” His lips ghosted over my ear, which sent a shiver down my spine.
I smiled a little, but then it faded when Mikey said,”Do you know how much trouble you’re going to get in? What are we going to do? We can’t go to school now! You’ll get beaten up and so will we for being friends with you!”
I frowned and started to feel really bad. I saw Gerard glare at Mikey. Mikey raised his hands and said,”What? We will get beaten up!”
“Well you didn’t have to say it like that! Frank knows what he has done,” said Gerard.
“Guys! Stop!” I yelled. “I know what I have done, but I don’t blame Mikey for yelling at me. It’s fine guys. I’ll take full responsibility and I will take the hits. It is my fault that I lashed out at Brendon and Ryan.”
I heard them both sigh and nod. “So why did you take me out here?” I asked.
“Well...”said Mikey. “We were going to take you here after the party. Since we had to get the hell out of the place anyway, we just went her earlier. We think that since we’ve known you for four years now and we can fully trust you and because it’s your birthday, you deserve to know everything.”

End of chapter four
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