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Chapter 3.

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The worst part of life is waking up.

I sighed and rolled out of bed, flattening my greasy hair to my head and I chucked on my tattered school uniform; a shirt, a green and blue striped tie, a blazer, and a pair of trousers and boots. I yawned and picked up my school bag.

8:30am. Shit, that meant I was gonna be late for school. I dashed out of the door, without even eating breakfast.


I opened the door to my science class and I felt everyone's eyes on me, I heard their snickers about me, I felt as if they all knew my secret..

Only that Geefreak person knows my secret. And he turned out to be a creep. Oh, how I wish he wasn't.. He was beautiful, lived around my area, seemed nice at first, and gay. Hah, he sounded great. How I wish he wasn't a creepy peadophile..

I taken my seat next to a tall, skinny, mousy boy with glasses. I've never taken the time to talk to him. But God knows, that he's tried to talk to me. I only want Geefreak to talk to. What's so bad about that..?
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