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Tell me you need me !

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What happens when all secrets are released ?

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A/N- okay I hate this story so much , tell me if for some reason you want more !

Chapter one

Franks pov
I watched his beautifully shaped, sassy lips move perfectly in time with the music, I and the other members of 'My Chemical Romance' were playing. He was exactly what I wanted, what I needed. But I couldn't have him, he wasn't mine, I wished he was though. I gasped as he came to my favourite part of the song.
" uh uh uh uh uh" yelled Gerard, as if it carried deep meaning, depression and sadness. He glanced over at me longingly before starting again.
"uh uh uh uh" this time sounding more like a moan. I liked it. I know I shouldn't , it's too weird. He's my best friend, he's married and I'd just gotten divorced. I was doing surprisingly well I guess. It was my idea to split up with Jamia. I just can't help thinking ' what if she is the one?' , 'what is Gerard never liked me?'.

Gerards pov

 I left the stage as fast as I could when we had finished 'Destroya' , partly because I was feeling high from all the adrenaline pumping round my veins, and partly because I was fucking tired. I looked slightly to my right and noticed lyn-z was by my Side , she looked hot as usual. She was great but I just don't think she is right for me. I married her in anger, anger towards frank. Frank Iero - the one that got away. I know he still loves me, I see it in his eyes whenever i see him. His eyes the most beautiful part of my life. The way they glistened whenever I saw him , the way they widened whenever I spoke to him. I know I sound cocky, but it's true , he wants me and he doesn't realise I know. I would tell him if I wasn't with lyn-z and if he wasn't with Jamia.  

Lyn-zs pov

I looked deep into Gerards eyes, but felt nothing , I just assumed he was high as usual. He was swaying slightly as he made his way towards Frank. I felt a lump in my throat as I knew how Frank felt about Gee , he had told me once before. But Gerard turned away before he could get to him. Frank  Iero - the most beautiful man I'd ever seen,his skin,hair,lips, everything  about him was perfect. I knew if Frank told Gee how he felt I'd lose him forever.

Franks pov

I saw Gerard walk towards me, I wanted to tell him about Jamia and how all I ever wanted was his lips to kiss freely offstage. But before I could do anything lyn-z shot me the most terrifying, deathly look. I stepped back and thought for a moment . Why am I doing this ? , why would I put myself through the pain again? . He loves Lyn-z , end of!

Mikeys Pov

The tension between the band members was exstremly high. Everyone knows exactly why, but no-one wants to admit it. Frank and Gerard are meant to be. Recently I'd began to feel sorry for lyn-z , as she had  sort have become a third wheel.
" hey mikes" came a voice belonging to lyn-z, as she spotted me sitting with Bob. 
" oh , hi" I replied without much thought. A point which she and Bob both picked up on. 
"what's up mate?"
"it's just..." I stopped and let out a reserved sigh " it don't matter" I eventually continued, as I knew if I told her what was really on my mind, Gee would be in huge trouble.
" he's done it again hasn't he?" she questioned, although she knew the answer.
" yer" I forced out through a half smile.
" I'm sick of it okay, I don't want to leave him, trust me I really do love him , but I'm sick of his fucking drug problem" she snapped. When I realised she was serious I began to comfort her.

Franks pov

"Gerard" I called after him as he was headed towards his car with lyn-z.
"umm, I think we need to talk" I added swiftly.
" sure , what's up Frankie" Gerard replied extremely calmly. I scowled. He knows I don't like it when he calls me that. He doesn't deserve to after what he'd done to me that night .He'd abandoned me , alone, lost and scared.
" d'you wanna go somewhere and talk" he asked as he picked up on the fact that I was upset.

Gerards pov
I followed Frank nervously, the look in his eyes said it all, he was pissed of. I'm not surprised it's probably my fault.
" I Have something I need to tell you" Frank said , interrupting my thoughts. I was about to answer but again he interrupted me.
" I've left Jamia " he continued rapidly. I tried to process this but it was hard to do. I promised myself that if this ever happend he would be mine again. But that was 2 years ago!
"I'm so sorry, uh I hope your okay man" I stumbled out in a slightly drunk fashion 
" coping, I suppose" he said sounding rather unsure of his choice of words.
" you beautiful " he mumbled. I I stood in scilence , startled at his sudden outburst of affection. 
" I'm what? "
" beautiful" he repeated, I was shocked , he'd caught me of guard.
" meaning? "  I snapped thoughtlessly , not really thinking of his feelings, yet again. But still in his eyes I saw the light.
" I love you with all my heart gee, don't you see I'm nothing without you, I want you back" he declared. I felt a slight side smile appear across my face but I don't think he noticed. I felt a flash of pure anger run inside me, how could he say that after what happened , it's so insensitive to bring that up. I lashed out, punching his beautifully placed teeth with great force, in the process knocking out two out of his mouth. Frank whimpered slightly. The noise caused a knot to form in my stomach. He was in pain but he didn't want me to know it.

Lyn-z s pov

Gerard was gone for ages, so I decided to head towards the small room he'd walked to with Frank. I opened the large metal door and straight away my heart sank. The smooth, shiny floor currently occupied by a large puddle of Rose red blood. I didn't take me long to find frank    
, holding his mouth with Gees t-shirt. I turned around to see Gerard sitting in the far left corner of the room, rocking backwards and forwards, slightly murmuring. I could only make out a few words " I , love , you " I think deep down I knew he wasn't saying this to me , but I went along with it anyway.
" what " I yelled , not really caring who the hell heard. Gerard stood up slowly.
"umm ...." he muttered, not planing on answering anytime soon . I decided to interrupt. 
" get the fuck out of hear Frank , don't you see he loves me , he just said so" Frank obeyed, but only half heartedly. I saw the sadness grow across his face. I immediately regretted what i'd done, but  before I could stop him Gerard butted in.
" stop " he called. Rage grew across my face, why would he go against my word?

Franks p.o.v

I let out a sigh of relief , we were alone again.
" sorry babe" Gerard said as I walked towards him. I shrugged . I wasn't sure what he meant by babe. I got da ja vu from the word, it reminded me of the night he had left me , the speech he'd given me about how he'd come back. And how the last word he had said to me was ' babe'. The one word capable of melting my heart in an instant. I could see the worry in his eyes, his body trembling with fear. He slowly approached me and cleaned the blood from in my mouth with his tee.
" I mean it I'm truly sorry for everything I've done to you" he declared. My eyes widened.
" do you love me?" i said this as more of a statement then a question. But without waiting for an answer I Leaned in and pressed my lips against his, which made him moan slightly , using my tongue to ask for access to his mouth which I was granted , obviously. I pressed my body up against his and we moved, grinding in sync. Until Gee broke of.
"I need to get back , lyn-z will be wondering where I am ! " my face dropped, way to kill the mood.

Lyn-zs p.o.v

When Gerard finally arrived home I was pissed off , I wasn't sure what had gone on when I left but I had a good idea. He slid past me , not even acknowledging my existence, which was slightly hurtful .
"are you gonna say anything then" I fianally forced the words out , which surprisingly made me feel calm instantly.   


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