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Until My Heart Gives Out

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Frank misses Gerard.

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Meh. Crappy oneshot of royal crappiness. I hardly know anyone on here anymore, but such is life. I wanna know you though (Fuuuck, now I sound creepy).... I'm not very good at this. But.. yeah blush


The short boy sat crosslegged in the familiar basement of a familiar house, his mind pumping thoughts into his brain. His weak body felt heavy, full of guilt and fear. The darkness of the room matched the darkness eating away at his heart, at his mind. This was not his house, nor his room, yet it felt like home.

Home is where the heart is.

His heart was once here, he gave it to another boy, a beautiful boy with pale skin and dark hair. But now, the dark haired boy was dead and gone, his pale feautures turned into a distant memory, his body to dust.

The short boy curled up on the floor of the familiar basement, in the familiar house, and cried, hoping to numb the pain. His weak body was being ripped apart form the inside because of his venomous thoughts. The dim light in the room matched the flicker of hope in his heart. This was not where he should've been, but he was.

He looked around the room, seeing his boyfriend everywhere, in everything. This fictional figment of the short boy's weeping imagination was terrifying, but, depsite that, he found them strangely comforting. His true love, Gerard... Gerard was still with him. The short boy hugged himself tightly, trying to regain his composure.

After a while, he climbed to his feet and began to leave. He looked around the room, knowing he wouldn't come back, knowing he had to move on. He smiled weakly at the empty room and placed a hand on the door handle. He took once last look and whispered and words into the surrounding air.

"I'll love you until my heart gives out."
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