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This one time

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Kanda and allen are together but now allen us curious to do something with kanda what will happen sorry im horrible at summarys

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Kanda and allen have been together for a year now and have only reached the point of kissing and nothing further than that. Allen started to get curious but did not know what to say to his lover not knowing how he felt about all of this.

"allen hey allen" a very concerned kanda stood over him. "allen what are you thinking about" allen now very nervous to answer the question because he was thinking about kanda in a way that he knew kanda would not approve of. "just day dreaming why" kanda looked at him with a bit of a smirk

"just because you looked so peaceful" allen bent over to kiss kanda but kanda leaned back. "whats up kanda why are you backing away" kanda had feeling that allen would take advantage of the fact they were alone. He also knew that allen was getting curious about a sertain thing. "kanda please just kiss me"

Allen leaned in to kiss kanda catching him off gaurd. Kanda felt allens warm lips press against his. "what are you doing damn moyashi" kanda never called him that name unless he was really angery. "k..kanda" allen was able to stutter out some words he had never seen kanda angery because he was kissing him. "moyashi you only jave this one chance ok no more times after this"

Allen looked up at his lover then smirked he was going to have fun with this.
The end if you want me to write more please review i would really appreciate it thx.
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