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Harry Potter and the Shingi Troika

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Unknown to even Dumbledore the was a true prophesy spoken. It was of the 'Ultimate Magtama Wielder'. With Harry Potter characters and King of the Fighters chacters in it.

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It was a nice day in Kyoto, Jpn and a very young looking woman had received a letter. She was on her sun porch enjoying the breeze, she had a very huge Japanese style manor. It had covered about three miles, had a private waterfall in the back, a koi pond, a master dojo and a separate building for kitchens and food storage. She had red hair in a bun, with blue-gray eyes, she was dressed in a dark gray kimono with crescent moons on the elbows, a lightening-white obi and white tabi socks. Her eyebrows were delicately arched and sculpted. She goes by the name of Nodoka Saotome now but, when she was younger she went by the name of Angela Potter, elder sister of James Potter.

She had left England because of Tom Riddle Jr. a.k.a. Lord Voldermort and Albus Dumbledore. Tom wanted to kill her but, Albus wanted to control her. But what neither one of them knew was that she was pregnant and it was her brother's, but when she get to a safe house in Japan, she had a miscarriage. While she was depressed she had meet a young man who was a pen pal of hers and she knew he could help her.

His name was Kenshin Yagami(1), he agreed to it on one request; she joins his family via a blood adoption. She agreed and gained one of the most powerful magical power on the planet, the 'Magtama no Orochi'. Her new family was one out of two clans that had and he told her the story for how both of them were of one solid clan how they had broken up over a misunderstanding.

Then she had met and fell in love with a nice young man by the name of Saishu Kusanagi. Not knowing he was from the the same family as she was. After a wild night, she was pregnant again but as she was carrying her child she had gotten a message from her other child, the one that was supposed to had died.

She had asked what had happened to her, the child to her that her magical core wasn't strong enough for her to live but now that she had the powers of a god with in her, albeit a fallen god, she could be reborn with her beloved twin brother. Also he was the topic of a prophesy called 'the Ultimate Magtama Wielder'. It went like this:

He is the child of the moon

He is the son of the sun

He is loved by most

Hated by a select few

Respected by all

He can save the world

But with dark powers

The 'Boy-Who-Lived' will call him 'brother'

Darkness shall fear him

Woe to mankind if it is found wanting for the 'Wielder' and the Chosen One shall destroy it.

Surprisingly, she had given birth to twins one boy and one girl. They both had the Magtama abilities, the girl, whom she named Ranko had became somewhat a priestess for the Magtama and the Anti-Magtama, white was the power of ice. While the boy had became one of the greatest fighters ever and it was at the age of ten. But he was kidnapped by a fat martial artist and his life was almost hell until the man was taken down before they had reached China.

The boy, who was named Ranma, had came back home to his mother. But when he reached 16 he has started to ask about who his father was and she told him that he and his sister had two fathers. She told him the closest one was living in Japan, so he met him and found out he had a younger half-brother as well. While there he was told of the prophesy of the 'Ultimate Magtama Wielder' and that it was him. He also had met his soul mate then he, his brother, Kyo and his soul mate, Chizuru had formed a team called the 'Shingi Troika'. Turning the time, they had met up with Ranma's and Kyo's cousin, Iori Yagami and they dominated the 'King of the Fighters' tournament. During the time Ranma and Chizuru had learned about their magic, got married and had children. Who in turn had children making them grandparents but they were only babies right now though.

Nodoka was ecstatic that not only she had grandchildren, but she had great grandchildren. She and the help were watching them as her grandchildren were training for next year's King of the Fighters tournament. Because their parents had won the tournament for an unbelievable twenty-fifth time.

Nodoka just smiled as she saw the children and drinking tea with Ranko, the years were very king to her daughter as well. She looked half her age and every but of the goddess she was. “So,” she said. “What's in the letter?” Nodoka looked at the letter and started to open it up. She felt a power she hadn't felt in a long time.

Dear sir or madam,

You may not know me but I am Harry James Potter and I need your help. You see, fourteen years ago, both of my parents were killed by a maniac and I was given to people who abuse me. I got to a boarding school in Scotland and even there I am not safe for four years straight my life was on the line, zealots of that maniac were there for two years, the third I was attacked by assassins trying to kill my godfather. This year, a close friend of mine was killed in front of me and somehow the maniac had came back.

Thank goodness I got away, but now people are not believing me when I say that he had returned. I am at my wits end, please either pray for me or help me in someway.

Thanks for reading,

Harry James Potter

Nodoka had read the letter out loud and with every word her eyebrow twitched. Ranko wasn't doing any better, she was doing a slow burn as the air around her started to frost over. “Mother,” she said coolly “Just say the word, I'll be on the first plane to London.”

“No Ranko,” she said. “Ranma is in there now, I'll have him get Harry.”

Meanwhile the 'Ultimate Shingi Troika' was celebrating another tournament championship. Chizuru leapt in to her husband's arm as he spun her around as Kyo and Iori leapt in to the hug. The big screen showed 25-0 and the crowd started to cheer. Fireworks started to go off and they celebrated with the fans.

After the party with the fans, the gang headed to their locker room. They were tired, Ranma, the team captain had graying black hair and the same blue-gray eyes that voted him the sexiest fighter ever, he was around 1.93 meters and 111kg.(2) He was dressed in just a pair of black cargo pants, and boots as the shirt he was wearing was burned off. He had scars all over his buffed body.

Chizuru was still the goddess everyone saw her as, she also had graying black hair and blue-gray from the soul bond she shares with Ranma, she was, 1.524 meters and was at an undisclosed weight. She was in a white long sleeved blouse, a white vest, black tights and heeled sandals.

Next was Kyo Kusanagi, he was once so very arrogant but once he had fought by Ranma's side it disappeared, he had short black hair, brown eyes and a goatee. He was also 1.93 meters but weighed 106 kg. He was in a black vest and like his half-brother, wore no shirt, black leather pants and boots. Lastly was their cousin Iori Yagami, he had red hair in a ponytail and violet eyes, he was over 2 meters tall and weighed 129kg. He was in a shirt, a white jacket, red slacks and black boots.

“Well,” said Ranma. “Twenty-five and zero, just another day at the office?” The others laughed, that was when his phone rang. “Hello, you've reached the team captain of the undefeated, undisputed, King of the Fighters Grand Champions. How, can we save your world today?”

Twenty-five and zero Ranma?” Giggled Nodoka, “when are you going to retire?

“As soon as the world no longer have a need for us. What's up?”

I need to do me a favor.

“Mom, you gave birth to me. I owe you, what would you like me to do?” So she told him about the letter she had received and who it was from. “What a minute, it's from who?”

Your half-brother.

“I got another sibling?”

Yes he needs our help.” Ranma had remembered the letter.

“Who do you need me to kill?” He could hear the grin that saw on his mother's face.

That weekend Ranma was on his motorcycle, it was a chopper with a black frame big tires, chrome handlebars, leather seats with flames stitched in to the seat and a gas tank with one side gold with silver flames and the other silver with gold flames. He was in a black hooded trench coat, black cargo pants, boots, a black T-shirt with the words 'Burn Victim' with 'Burn' ash and 'Victim' on fire. He was racing down the street of Privet drive, there was 'cookie cutter' houses and a play ground.

He pulled up to the most normal looking house and stopped. He dropped his kick stand and got off, 'this must be number four.' So he walked over to the house and knocked on the door.

Meanwhile in the smallest bedroom in the house, a young man was sitting down at his desk. He was depressed because no one had wished him a happy birthday. He was in hand-me-down clothes that were two sizes too big for him. A shirt, jeans, a rope for a belt and tennis shoe, held together with duct tape. He also had on glasses, he had short, messy black hair, green eyes and a scar in the shape of a lightening bolt on his forehead.

Just then someone bellowed at him. “BOY! GO SEE WHO IT IS!” They said, so the boy got up and walked downstairs to answer the door. He opened up the door to see a man dressed in all black, a T-shirt, cargo pants, boots and a it was covered in a hooded trench coat. The was over his head and his head was down as he was reading some papers.

“May I help you sir?” The boy said, then man looked up and lowered his hood he had graying-black hair and blue-gray eyes.

“This the Dursely's House?” He asked.

“Yes sir,” the boy said.

“Oh good,” he said. “I am looking for a,” he looked back at the papers for the name. “Harry James Potter.”

“That's...” Just then his mouth was covered by a hand that was connected to a huge man, he looked like a human walrus, dressed in a suit.

“He's not here!” The man said, he had sandy blonde hair, beady looking eyes and and bristled mustache.

“Oh do you know when he might be back then?”

“Never! He died!” The other man narrowed his eyes.


“Yes, some freaks killed him!”

“Freaks huh? Why don't you tell me about these freaks.” Ranma knew the man was lying about Harry because he was looking at him. So the walrus-man was telling his story and trying to make Ranma believe it. “Oh, well. I guess he's not going to get this billion pound sterling check I wrote for him.” The walrus-man had 'pound signs' in his eyes.

“Now let's not be too hasty.” He said, “we'll take the money. He would've wanted it that way.”

“Really? Now why would I give a billion pound check to a lying, fat, child abuser?” The walrus-man was now in shock, “yes I know who you are Vernon Dersely! I just wanted to confirm that he was Harry.” Just then Vernon was pissed.


“Are You Out Of Your Damned Mind Dersely?” Said Ranma, “Do You Know How I Got This Money?” Vernon wasn't listening and attacked Ranma, or tried to because the KOF Champ judo tossed him in to a wall. “Want some more? Or do I have some fun?” Vernon got up and attacked again proving he was a dumb as a certain panda and Ranma hit a super-kick that would make Shawn Micheals proud.

“I guess that's it then, okay the reason why I'm here.” He said to Harry, “I'm your half-brother kid. We share the same father.” Harry was stunned.

“But Dumbledore, didn't say anything about you.”

“He didn't know about me. Oh yeah, I wasn't kidding about giving you that check. You're family so I got to take care of you.” He handed Harry the papers he was reading, the boy's eyes widen. These adoption papers and signed by; Angela Potter. “Yeah that's my mom, your aunt.” Then he held out his hand to shake Harry's. “Adrian James Potter, at your service.” They shook hands, “now why don't you go and get packed and we can blow this joint.

So the boy did as he was packing, Ranma woke Vernon up and had him sign the release papers. Now Harry was Ranma's charge. Harry came back down and they headed for the bike. Harry shrunk his things and they got on. Of course no one was watching the house so no one knew what was going on.

“Where Are We Going?” Harry asked.

“To A Celebration Party! We'll Head Home Later.” Said Ranma and with that the two headed on their way.


1. I don't know what Iori's father's name was.
2. I measured the team in meters and kilos.

Note: I hope this wasn't too much infofor you all.
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