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Chapter Twelve: You really did it this time, Peter Wentz

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Pete screws up everything

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Pete slammed the front door and stomped down the darkened hallway into his bedroom. He slammed the door shut behind him and threw himself onto his bed with a sigh. He had screwed things up with Joe and Tia both. Tia and him couldn't be together now, could they? It was tainted...well, it always had been. Pete pulled his bass guitar onto his bed and leaned against the wall, absently strumming his solo in "Dance, Dance" while he thought of what to do.

"Devin!" Patrick called from the kitchen. Frowning, Devin set down her magazine and stood up. She heard the notes of concern in Patrick's voice, and stepped into the kitchen.
"Joe just called. Tia and Pete have been sleeping together for three months!"
Devin tried her best to look shocked.
"What did Joe say?"
"He sounded really shaken up, babbling about Tia and Pete and something about you."
Pete wandered into the kitchen, intending on grabbing a snack. When he saw Devin and Patrick standing there, he froze. This was all Devin's fault.
"Pete, what the hell is the matter with you?" Patrick demanded, "Sleeping with Joe's girlfriend!"
"He never would have found out if it weren't for Devin!" Pete blurted out.
"Devin?" Patrick looked confused, and he turned to his girlfriend, "Love, what did you have to do with this?"
"I...I walked in on them...three months ago..."
"You've known since then, and you never said anything!?"
"Pete was blackmailing me, threatening to tell you about the baby!"
"Why didn't you just tell me?!"
"I was scared, Patrick!"
"Devin, if it weren't for you, Joe wouldn't know about this! This is all your fault!" Pete jumped in.
"My fault?! How is this my fault!?"
"Because as soon as Patrick knew about the baby, you ran over to Joe's place and squealed!"
"I did the right thing!"
"You bitch!"
Devin stood with her mouth hanging open in shock.
"What did you just call me?" she whispered.
"Bitch." Pete replied.
Patrick stepped forward and attempted to punch Pete, but he dodged it.
"Devin kissed me!" he cried triumphantly, using his last weapon.
Patrick wheeled around, looking at Devin. She stumbled backwards, as if struck by an invisible hand.
"WHAT?!" Patrick cried.
"About three months ago. She kissed me."
"Patrick, no, you don't understand! We were drunk! It was a mistake! And he kissed me first!" Devin screamed, tears in her eyes. Pete stepped towards Devin and whispered in her ear,
"You forgot Kingston." Devin turned to look at him, hurt in her eyes.
"Three months ago!" Patrick cried in amazement, "You were pregnant then! You were drinking? You could have hurt the baby!"
"I didn't know I was pregnant! I took the test a few days later!"
"What if you hurt the baby? Oh my's not mine, is it? It's Pete's!" Patrick cried, understanding dawning in his eyes. Pete and Devin's mouths fell open. Pete realized he had done some damage; a lot of damage.
"Patrick, of course it's yours! We didn't sleep together, it was a kiss!" Pete cried.
"How am I supposed to believe you? You two lied to me for three months!"
"Patrick, please!" Devin screamed, tears now flowing down her cheeks like two small rivers.
"I bet you aren't even as far along as you say! You slept with Pete, then took the test a few days later!"
"You are being so stupid! We never slept together, Patrick, we were playing stupid games, it was a dare or something, I can't even remember!" Pete insisted.
"See! You can't even remember!" Patrick pulled off his hat and ran his fingers through his sandy colored hair. Across the counter from him, Devin leaned heavily against the pantry, panting. She fanned the air in front of her frantically, trying to avoid the possibility of a panic attack.
"Patrick, listen-" she began, but was cut off by Patrick.
"You know what, Devin? I don't even know who to believe anymore, because both you and Pete lied to me for three entire months. I don't even know if that baby you're carrying is mine! Just forget it." He threw his hands up with disgust and left through the back door, grabbing his wallet as he went. Devin choked back another sob, and ran for her bedroom.
"You are a total asshole, Peter Wentz!" she screamed.
"I am." Pete muttered. He sat down at the dinning room table with a sigh. He had screwed things up with Tia, Joe, Devin and now Patrick. Who could he still talk to?
"Andy." He whispered, and picked up the cordless phone. He dialed Andy's number quickly.
"Andy, it's Pete, listen-"
"Ah, hello. I just got a call from Joe, then one from Patrick. What the hell is the matter with you? You just totally screwed up the band! Sleeping with Joe's girlfriend, impregnating Patrick's!"
"Am I supposed to believe you?"
"Yeah, well, the best part of believe is the lie, you said so yourself, Peter Wentz." And the line went dead. Pete slammed the phone down on the charger and fought back tears. He wiped his eyes on the back of his hand, and smeared his eyeliner.
"Damnit!" he cried, "Can't I do anything right anymore?"

Devin sobbed into her pillow, her makeup ruining the crisp white linen. Pete had gone too far this time...did he have to ruin everyone's lives? Loose lips sink ships, he said so himself. That's how he had blackmailed Devin for months. She had totally forgotten about the kiss...she never stopped to think that could make everything fall apart. Now she didn't even know if her and Patrick were together anymore...Pete had screwed up everything!

The phone rang and Pete picked up the receiver.
"Hello?" he sighed.
"Peter, it's Tia. Listen, I can't do this anymore. I can't break Joe's heart and leave him for you. I'm sorry...we can't see eachother anymore. It's too hard. Goodbye." She sounded close to tears, and hung up before Pete could say a word. Tears stung his eyes once more; now he had nothing worth living for. He had screwed up everything. He pulled a piece of paper out of the one of the kitchen drawers, and began to scribble his message.

To Andy, Patrick, Tia, and especially Joe and Devin,

I screwed up everything. I'm so sorry. But you guys have to believe me; the baby is Patrick's. I kissed Devin first. I love Tia more than any woman alive. Loose lips sink ships, and I'll never forget it.


He felt a hot tear rush down the side of his cheek and it landed right next to his name, staining the paper with eyeliner. He lay the paper in plain sight on the table and headed for the door.
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