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Age of consent

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For tdeeley!! Taylor is a 17 year old MCR fan, and when she falls for her hero, Gerard Way, and he feels the same, can they keep it secret until Taylor reaches the age of consent?

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This is a personalised one-shot for my friend tdeeley, who I have promised to write a story for in exchange for her to carry on with her awesome story 'Dreaming is believing', which she didn't want to carry on with... Yeah, as id I would let her give up on such a brilliant story!! Here is the link to it:

It was a drab, rainy winter's day and Taylor Shaw was freezing and absolutely exhausted. She had spent the night before at a My Chemical Romance preformance and didn't stop moshing all night, and was carrying the resulting bruises with pride. She spotted her favourite Starbucks only about fifteen metres down the road, and desided to grab a Coffee and take it to the park that was just around the corner. She loved parks. She loved Coffee. Coffee in a park? Bliss. Taylor ripped her head out of her thoughts just as she reached the shop's door and pushed on the dark wooden frame.

As Taylor stepped into the familiar and comforting surroundings she looked to see if her favourite table was free. The warmth of the shop and the smell of Coffee instantly making her forget her plans of going to the park and replaced them with the plan of sitting on her favourite table, on her favourite seat, and watching the people outside go about their buisiness. Now that was bliss...

She once again pulled her head out of her drifting thoughts and looked at her table, to be met by the sight of a man with black, straight hair that looked identical to Gerard Way did when she say MCR the night before. He was the same build and everything... maybe he was... No. Impossible. The mysterious man then turned, as if he had heard Taylor's thoughts, reveiling a perfectly sculpted face, with his eyes artistically obscured by a feathery fringe. The man WAS Gerard Way.

Taylor's heart lept into her mouth, and she just stood there, staring at her hero, who was sat at HER TABLE!! IT WAS FATE!! Taylor was thankfully only the second person in a line that was being served by three people, so it was only a matter of time before she was served her Coffee. She thanked the cashier and headed over to her table, which still contained Gerard.

"Hey, Gerard... Mr. Way?" Taylor enquired, trying to keep her voice steady, dispite her nervous exitement.Gerard looked up at Taylor, who was clutching her Coffee as though if she let it go, she would make some huge mistake and die or something...

"Umm... Hay, Are you okey?" Gerard asked her, a bit puzzled by her sudden appearence.

Taylor blushed a little and looked away from the singer. "Yes, thanks, I'm fine, but I was just wandering if I could join you?"Gerard flashed Taylor his sincere tradmark grin and gestured towards the seat opposite.

"Sure! I was just thinking that I was a bit lonely, Frankie was supposed to join me, but Mikey told him that he had to go with him shopping else he would get a Unicorn to shove his horn up his ass... and then he made some rude remark about how I had already shoved something long and thin up there... For the last time, I AM NOT GAY!! ESPECIALLY NOT WITH FRANKIE!!" Gerard sat seething for a moment, and then realised that Taylor was still sat opposite him, and she was now giggleing softly into her Coffee. He let out a sigh. "Sorry, you probebly have no idea what I am on about..."

As soon as Gerard said this, Taylor stopped giggling and composed herself enough to reply.

"No, no... I know exactly what you are on about! Frank Iero was going to accompany you here, but your brother, Mikey Way, gragged him shopping on pain of his favourite animal, the Unicorn, shoving its horn up his ass, and he made a comment related to you and Frank kissing whilst preforming! HOW COULD I NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WERE ON ABOUT!?! I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!" Gerard looked a bit taken aback by this outburst, and then he started to giggle. Taylor suddenly realised that she had declared her love to the raven haired singer, and blushed the deepest shade of scarlet possible.

"Hay..." Gerard giggled, "Your eyes are really beautiful!" With that, Taylor gave him an odd look, and then joined him giggling.

"Wh-Why?" She stuttered, her long streight raven hair and full fringe falling over her face as the giggles took over her movements.

"Because they are soooo BLUE!! THEY ARE ALMOST WHITE!!" Gerard squealed, spilling his Coffee down his front. "SHIT!! THAT IS BOILING!" He yelped, and that just made the duo laugh even harder.

After not breathing for five minutes, Gerard and Taylor stopped laughing because their sides were hrting and they were getting some really odd looks from the other costomers.

"I really mean it, your eyes are really beautiful, like ice!" Gerard said, completely sincearly. "They almost don't look natural... They are natural, arn't they?" he asked, looking a bit sheepish.

"YES!! Of corse they are real, I HATE having things in my eyes, it is almost as bad as having a needle jabbed benethe my skin." Answered Taylor. Looking a bit desturbed as she thought about needles and contact lenses.

Gerard nodded in agreement. "Same, I hate needles, that is why I don't have any tattoos or piersings, unlike Frankie..." He mused, "Wait a second, you know exactly who I am, but I have no clue who you are! So, who are you?" Gerard realised suddenly.

Taylor also realised the fact at the same moment. "OH!! Sorry, My name is Taylor Shaw, but everyone calls me Taylz! I am seventeen right now, but my birthday is soon!" Gerard looked slightly shocked and dissapointed at the last part of what Taylor had just told him.

"Oh. You are seventeen. Okey." He muttered half to himself, looking more and more dissapointed as he let the infomation sink in. "How long until your eighteenth birthday?" He looked up, hope glimmering in his eyes.

Taylor smiled. "Just over a month, and then, FREEDOM!! Age of consent, here I come!! I would be able to date people like YOU-" Taylor slammed her hand over her mouth before she finished the sentence, but it was too late.

Gerard's ears pricked. "You would date me?" He grinned.

"Uhmmm... Well... Yeahhhh..." Taylor mumbled, the shade of scarlet returning to her features.

Gerard's grin widened. "Well, Taylz, I will date you as soon as you pass the age of consent!" He anounced with a small flourish of his artistic fingers.

"Why wait? We could start dating now, but keep it between us..." Taylor suggested, her thumbs twiddling nervously, awaiting the reply of her hero to her brave suggestion. "No-one here knows me, and I don't have that many friends... So there aren't many people around who know that I am only seventeen..."

Gerard shrugged, his grin once again taking over his face. "Why the hell not? Let's do it!! Taylz, be my secret Girlfriend?"

Taylor looked into her hero's eyes and suddenly realised what had just happened. She let out a squeek of delight. "Yes!!"

Well, I rewrote this chapter three times, so I hope it is worth it!! :D I also hope that tdeeley likes it and it is what she needs to convince her to carry on with 'Dreaming is believing'!

Pleaserate and review, they mean the world to me, and they inspire me to carry on writing!!

Lovee you all!!!! The next chapter will be up soon!!!!!

Midnight Blues
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