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A moonlight swim

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then end of the war peace has come to the Earth and PLANT's yet Flay still hates what she had done can the pink Songtress and Kira help her past this pain that she has. Kira/Lacus/Flay lemon one sh...

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A/N Well one and all I have another one-short for you all as this is going to be a Gundam Seed Story with Kira/Flay/Lacus, now for all you Flay haters please no bashing and be nice after all this was a request by Johnnyd2. Anyway I don't own Gundam Seed if I did I would be rich so please enjoy this story.



A Moonlight swim

It had only been a month since the end of the Bloody Valentine war, with so many death peace had at last come to both the Earth and PLANT's. As a teenage girl just walked into the dark moonlight and smiled as she walked out the house that she was in making sure that she slowly closed it behind her without making a nose.

As she moved into the night her long pink hair gave a brilliant shin as the moon hits the hair, Lacus Clyne just smiled as she felt the cool air hit her skin. "This is such a nice night." She said to herself with a sweet smile as she looked up at the moon.

After a while of her just walking Lacus came to a nice open sea lake and the pink Princess as some called her and moved over to the lake. Once she was at the lake she placed her hand into the water to see what the temperature was like, and just smiled when it felt nice a cool perfect for a nice midnight swim. Looking around the lake some more and around where she was she smiled to herself as she took all her clothes off, deciding to go skinning-dipping in the lake Lacus was a little happy that there was nobody here to see her right now as she just dived into the lake with a smile still on her face.


Meanwhile another girl was also walking through the night, hold her arms together as she looked up at the night sky. Her Red hair just blow in the wind as she tried not to cry Kira had saved her shuttle which returned then to the Archangel, yet even after this she couldn't go and talk to Kira she hated herself to much for what she did to him it hurt her too much.

"Kira needs someone better than me." She said the war had been very hard on her as was a captured by Rau Le Creuset and what he had tricked her to do.

Flay was still having nightmares on what she had done, as she continued to walk she heard a splash of water that was close to her. As she got closer she saw that it was Lacus and what shocked her most of all was Lacus swimming naked, Flay didn't even know why the pink hair songstress was doing this.

As Flay was watching this she soon saw that Lacus was swimming around some Dolphins as she got a little closer Flay hid behind a tree and saw the smile that was on her face as she played with them. Flay still hated the way she had acted around her when she had first meet her on the Archangel another thing she knew that she had did wrong, all she could do was sigh at this.

As turned around she looked up at the moon shouldn't help but start to think of something. "Maybe it would have been better if I had just been killed." She said not knowing that Lacus was right behind her.

When Lacus heard what Flay had said she felt sorry for the red head as she moved closer to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "You know that Kira doesn't hate you." She said as Flay looked behind in shock at seeing Lacus smiling at her.

Flay just looked away from lacus still hating herself and what she had done. "Please don't, I know Kira hates me and I deserve it to?" She said as new tears came down her face.

Lacus just continued to watch the poor girl in pain as she blamed herself over and over again as more tears came down her face. The more Lacus saw of this the more it hurt her seeing the red head was in pain over what she had done, the pinks haired girl wish she knew what she could do in order to make Flay feel better.

Lacus just turned Flay around so the two girls could look each, Flay was a little shocked at Lacus just smiled at her and pulled Flay into a hug. Flay was shocked as she could feel Lacus breasts press against her own and all she could do was blush at this, Flay didn't even know what to say to Lacus or why she was hugging her.

Slowly Lacus pulled Flay chin up a little and continued to smile at the younger girl. "You know you really should stop hating yourself for your mistake we are all human and we all make them!" She said smiling once again.

Flay wanted to look away but Lacus made sure she didn't. "But how can he after I..." Flay didn't really get to say anymore as she found Lacus's lips on her own.

Flay was shocked at was Lacus was doing to her, but and she didn't even know why but she was enjoying the kiss. Before long Flay just started to kiss Lacus back she had no idea what had come over her but she no longer cared right now all her fears on what she had done was just washed away within the kiss.

Flay and Lacus soon deepened the kiss with each other as both their tongues battled each other with both girls moaning lightly. Slowly Lacus pulled away from Flay and smiled at the red head, while Flay just looked back at Lacus still a little shocked at what had just happened, however she didn't get much time to answer why Lacus had kissed her as the pink haired songstress took of the blue nightgown that Flay had on leaving her just as naked as Lacus.

Lacus just looked at Flay with a smile. "There much better." She said with a smile as she continued to look at Flay.

All flay could was just blush at this the only one who had ever seen her naked was Kira and all she could do was just cover her naked body up. While Lacus just giggled light at the younger girl in front of he as she once again kissed Flay on the lips while pulling Flay closer to her body as the two girls could feel their skin touch each other.

Both girls just moaned as they continued to kiss the other, soon the two girls went into the lake as they returned to kissing each other. Rubbing their naked bodies on each other the two girls couldn't help but moaned lightly as they both pulled away and looked at the Dolphins and then smiled at each other.


As this was going on Kira Yamato was walking through the island he was on just wandering around as he couldn't sleep. Ever since he had saved Flay the red haired girl hadn't managed to talk to her, all she had said was that she was sorry for what she had done to him before running away from him. Since then every time Kira tried to talk to her she would just run off before he could even talk to her he only wished he could at least say something to her, as he was walking he started to hear a noise.

Looking around Kira moved to where the noise was, and as he got closer he could tell more clearly what it was. Yet as soon as Kira reached the noise he was shocked at what he was looking at, he even had to rub his eyes just to make sure he was not seeing things as he saw two girls in the water heavily making out with each other. Kira just focuses on their wet bodies as he was hiding behind a tree watching the three, as Kira continued to watch he didn't know why he just didn't leave after all he couldn't just watch the two girls kiss each other.

"What are they doing?" Kira thought to himself as he watched on unable to look away from the two girls.

Kira moved lightly to see what was going on a little more closely it made a noise that made both girls look over in Kira's direction. Both girls just looked over at Kira in shock at first until Lacus gave a warm smile at him, slowly she made her way out of the water while Flay could on blush a little embarrassed that Kira saw what she and Lacus were doing.

Slowly Lacus made her way out of the lake she was in and made her way over to Kira with a smile on her face, while Flay stayed where she was. The red head was still shocked that Kira was here sure he had already seen her naked and he had taken her virginity, but this was a little different he had seen her kissing Lacus.

Lacus on the other hand just giggled as she reached Kira and pulling the young man into a kiss in which it shocked the young Coordinator. All Kira could do was kiss back as he pulled Lacus closer to his body he knew that Flay was watching but he wondered what she was thinking Kira opened his eyes a little as he looked over to where she was and saw what she was doing.

Flay on the other just watched what was going on as she once again felt her body get all hot as she rubbed her breasts and pinched her own nipples, right now she wanted Kira to kiss her as well. Slowly she made her way out of the lake her whole body was completely wet as she giggled a little at the two as she got even closer to them.

"Well this look like fun." She said to the two with a smile on her face, as both Kira and Lacus pulled away from each leaving a thin trail of saliva from the lips.

As Flay saw this she got an idea and smiled as she looked at the two who just looked at her wondering what she was thinking about. Before the two knew it Flay brought them both into a kiss, in which all three had a three way kiss with each other, both Kira and Lacus were shocked at this sunned change but right now the two didn't care. All three just battled their tongues on the others, while the two girls knew they wanted much more than a simple kiss from Kira and he knew it as well but for now the three just kept this going until all three pulled away from each other.

"You know Kira all these clothes of yours are getting in the way." Lacus said with a smile on her face while Flay just giggled felling a lot more relaxed now.

"She right Kira after all me and Lacus are both Naked with nothing on." Flay told Kira in a playful tone.

Kira could only blush at this knowing that Flay was right both she and Lacus were very naked indeed, he even saw the two girls giggle at him. Kira just nodded at the two knowing they were right as the two girls looked at each other with a smile on their faces before they looked at each other and nodded to the other. They knew what needed to be done in order to continue to have their fun as they both took Kira clothes off him, both girls made sure to take them of slowly as they wanted to enjoy this as long as they could.

The two girls just smiled at Kira as they saw that he was now naked like them too, something they both liked as they turned to each other and hugged. As the both started to kiss the other once again, but this time the two girls decided to take it even further as Flay bent down to Lacus breasts as the red headed girl licked her nipple.

Lacus just gave a light moan at what Flay just did. "Oh you like that don't you?" Flay teased as she put her whole mouth over Lacus breast as the red head started to suck on it.

Flay was still a little shocked over what she was doing to Lacus. "Oh god I can't believe that I'm really doing this, but she tastes so good." Flay thought as she kept on sucking Lacus breasts making the pink songstress.

All Lacus could too was give a load moan at this as she moved her own hand over Flay stomach, Lacus just rubbed where her hand was for a while until she moved her hand down. Before long Lacus right hand had made its way to Flay's pussy as she slowly rubbed the red headed girl's clit which made Flay moan out loudly.

"Ahhhhhh oh god it feels so good!" She yelled out as she looked over at Kira seeing that he was still shocked but saw that it was moving over to naked girls.

Lacus just giggled as she moved behind Flay and picked her up so Kira could see her pussy which was already wet. "Well would look at this Kira she's already so wet." Lacus said with a smile as she used her hand to insert the finger of her left hand inside Flay making her moan even more.

Kira couldn't help but smile as he moved ever closer to the two as he saw Lacus continued to finger Flay's pussy. Lacus already felt Flay's orgasm approaching and decide to spread the redhead's opening wider so she could dive two more fingers into Flay's pussy and thrust them in to further stimulate the redhead making her scream for joy.

"Yes god, yes don't stop Lacus more I want more!" She yelled after a few more minutes Flay's hips started jerking in Lacus arms.

"Yes I'm Cumming!" Flay screamed as she came hard letting her love juices spilled all over Lacus fingers who just licked her lips in a sexy fashion as she stuck her finger in her mouth tasting Flay's love juices, before she then turned to eye Flay who was trying to recover.

"Well I think she's already Kira." Lacus said with a giggle as Kira just smiled at the two.

Once Kira was in front of the two girls and bent down so that he was in front of Flay's wet and dripping pussy. Kira couldn't help but smile up at Flay as he started to lick Flay's pussy making her moan as she felt Kira's tongue inside her swirling around inside her forming new ripples of pleasure to surge through her being.

Kira on the other hand just smiled at this happy Flay was feeling better with every lick he did to her pussy. "Oh Kira please don't stop." Flay cried as she panted more and more, while Kira just smiled and continued to do what she asked him too.

As Kira worked on her pussy Lacus just gave a smile as she started to suck on the red heads breast making her moan even more at what the two Coordinators where doing to her. Before long Flay felt that she was going to cum again, but she was unable to say anything to the two as Lacus pulled Flay into another kiss.

All Kira could do was smile as he felt her hips started jerking, before long hard letting her love juices spilled all over Kira's face. While the Ultimate Coordinator just drank her love juices as Flay just monad in delight as she soon felt that Lacus let go off her as she saw that Lacus was now in front of Kira.

"I think it's time for me and Flay to please Kira." Lacus thought as she looked at Flay as nodded her head to join her.

Both girls were soon in front of Kira as they both looked at him with a smile on their faces and soon both got to their keens both wondering who would go next. The two girls just gave a look at each other as they nodded as both licking the side of Kira's cock making him moan at what the two girls were doing.

"Oh Lacus, Flay so good." Kira said with a moan as the two girls continued to lick the sides of his cock.

Just then Flay just smiled as she had her whole mouth around Kira's cock sucking on it, while Kira just moaned at what Flay was doing to him. While Lacus just smiled at what she was looking at as she decided to lick Kira's balls making him moan even more at what the two girls were doing to him.

Kira couldn't help but start to grunt as he knew he was about to cum he tried to resist what both Flay and Lacus were doing to him, but what made was harder with them both attack him like this. "Oh Flay I can't hold on." He called trying to warn her, however Flay just smiled to herself at what Kira told her as she went even fast licking him with her tongue.

"Flay I'm going to..." He cried as Flay palled away so Lacus could also could get the treat that Kira was about to give the two.

The two soon got Kira cum over the faces and both girls just smiled as the opened the mouths to let as much in as they could get. Soon Kira realised all over the two girls as his sperm over their bodies while some went into their mouths, both Lacus and Flay were shocked at how much was coming out but the two at the moment didn't care. All they did was moan as Kira's cum went over their bodies until they felt that he stopped, both Flay and Lacus just looked at each other with a smile.

The two just looked at each other with a smile on their faces as they swallowed Kira's cum in their mouths with a smile. Yet they didn't stop here, far from it both girls just looked at each other with a smile as once again the two started to kiss each other, rubbing the cum they had on each other.

They rubbed the sweet cream of Kira's all over their bodies each just smiled at each other while Kira just watched the two. "Well would you look at that Flay you have some of Kira cum on your cheek." Lacus said as she licked it off.

Flay on the other hand just giggled at this as the tow girls looked over at Kira with a smile. "Kira we're both ready now." The two said at once hugging each other and pressing their breasts against each other Kira could help but smile at this as he moved over to the two.

Flay on the other hand just moved so Kira could get to Lacus while Flay just continued to smile at Kira. "I think that Lacus should be the one to go first Kira." Flay said with a sweet smile.

Lacus was a little shocked at this she thought that Flay would want to go first, after all Kira does know Flay more than her. Once Kira was standing in front of her Lacus just smiled as Kira just looked at her, Lacus just gave a little smiled as she got ready for what was coming.

Little by little his rod inched into her until with an elated gasp she buried his shaft deep into her wet moist passage. "Lacus are you alright?" Kira asked knowing he just took her virginity.

Lacus just looked up at Kira with a smile on her face. "It's okay Kira I'm ready."

Lacus could only moan at this as Kira started t move, while Flay just giggled at this as she held on to Kira hugging him even closer as her breasts just jiggled and her voice to become louder and louder. Flay on the other hand just went behind Lacus as she took hold of her breasts playing with them, before she moved to suck on Lacus left breast making the pink songstress scream with joy calling out their names. While Flay just kept up the attack on her breasts switching from left to right even lightly biting her nipples lightly which just made Lacus moan even more at this as Flay pulled the pink haired girl into a kiss.

Pulling away Lacus she looke3d at Kira with a smile on her face. "Oh Kira, Flay please I'm going to cum!" She yelled with joy as she felt her hips felt tight and her pussy contracted on Kira's member before she climaxed on him.

While just grunted as he came inside Lacus flowing cum spilled into her womb filling her up, while both Kira and Lacus just moaned at this. Soon Kira slowly pulled out of Lacus while said girl just moaned trying her best to catch her breath from the lovemaking

Flay just giggled as she moved over to Kira and hugged him as the red head started to kiss Kira while he just kissed her back. He could already tell she felt sorry for all that she had done to him, but he knew that she was only human and humans make mistakes. And Kira could see this very much on her face but he wanted to make sure that Flay had no worries on this.

"Flay I love so please stop blaming yourself for what you did." He said as he as he rubbed his girlfriend breasts making Flay moan lightly as she just looked at him in the eyes.

"Kira that feels so good." Flay said closing her eyes as she moaned at this.

Kira just smiled as he sucked on her breasts some more making the red head moan while using his right hand rubbed her stomach. As Flay just smiled at him she could take her eyes away from him, slowly Kira pushed his cock into Flay womanhood with the red head making a deep moan as he did so.

"Oh Kira it feels so good." Flays moaned lightly as Kira just kissed her both using their tongues on each other.

Flay just smiled as Kira pushed more inside her while lifting her whole body up, Flay just wrapped her arms around his neck. Lacus who had now caught some her just looked at the two with a smile on her face as she swam over to the two before she grabbed hold of Flay's breasts from behind and played with them.

"Oh it's just so good more please Kira I want more." Flay moan as he did what he asked with a smiled while Lacus pinched her nipples.

"Oh yes Kira, pound me, pound me hard!" Flay moaned.

Kira kept on pounding on Flay while now suckling on the jiggling flesh that was her breasts while Lacus was sucking on the other. Flay moaned as she arched her back and wrapped her arms around his head and held him close to her chest. Kira was having the epic moment where he had to choose between to keep pounding into his girl or suffocate in the trap that was her breasts, but he released into her soon enough and Flay let go of her holding.

All three just made there was to the shore line as each laid down, with Kira in the middle with Flay on the right and Lacus on the left. Kira had his arms around both girls while said girls just laid the head on his chest as the both looked at him and then the two girls just looked at each other.

For a while the two didn't say a word to each other until Flay spook up to Lacus. "Thank you Lacus, I was so worried that I would be so hated by people." Flay said with a smile which Lacus just returned.

No other words were needed really as all three got dressed and headed back to where they were all staying, each with a smile on their face. What the three knew was this was a night that they would remember for a long time, and maybe they could do this again sometime as the three just looked at each other all with a smile on their faces, liking the thought of doing this again.


A/N Well you guys I really hoped that you liked this as it took a lot of my time from other stories, but that is not to say that I didn't enjoy doing this. Any please read and review and no flaming or hating people oaky thank you for your time.
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