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Christmas Presents!

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The boys are in a hotel and they hope for Holidays at home. Instead, they make what they can and Gerard finally gets his not so secret wish. Thanks, Donna.

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"I'm not gonna be able to get home tonight," Gerard explained sadly to my mother as she exasperated how important it was for me to make my annual Chicken dumplings. "What?" She sighed, hard. "Gerard, where's your brother? Let me talk to him." "That's not gonna solve anything. Our situations are exactly the same. Me, Ray, Frankie, Mikey, Bob, and his little nephew." "Ooooo, Frankie?" Donna smirked over the line while Linda just gave her a look. "What about him?" She inquired. Donna giggled, "Gerard's talking about him again."

Both ladies swooned and grabbed at the phone. "Did you kiss him yet?" "Did you guys cuddle?" "Are you being safe?" Gerard's cheeks blushed horribly and tensed even though no one but him could hear how these batty ladies were pestering him about his sex life that wasn't so secret thanks to his mom. it made Ray glance up with a somewhat knowing look and just shook his head before going back to reading his comic. "Mom!" Gee groaned, rubbing his face as he sipped his steaming hot coffee as he tried focusing on just the hot liquid running down his throat.

What if it was Frank's cum running down his throat from dirty sloppy blow jobs? Would it taste as sweet? He grimaced and choked after he realized he was gulping down the steaming drink and Donna panicked. "Gerard! Are you dying?! Linda, call Frank! Wait! Gerard!" "I'm fine!" He managed to gasp out after a few more seconds. "Swallowed hot coffee." Donna, shaking her head, mumbled, "I worry about you. Let me talk to your brothers. We'll wait to open presents until you get here."

"That's gonna be a while though..." Gerard whispered sadly feeling the lingering loneliness from earlier sink in. He sat on the window seat of their hotel room and glanced out at Chicago's snowy streets and Christmas lights on the light poles. "Oh, baby..." Donna frowned. "It'll be okay. I mean, you're a famous rock star now. You're living our greatest present." He managed to smile a little. He loved her. "Thanks, ma."

Mikey came strolling in the room as Gerard spoke his last sentence and his face immediately lit up and dropped his comic on the bed. "Mom's on the phone? Gimme!" "Mikey wants to talk to you," sighed Gerard. He tucked a strand of long hair behind his ear and shook out the inky strands away from his eyes. Damn thing needed a trim. "Love you." "I love you too, dear." She replied. "Let me speak to him." After handing over the phone Frank walked in looking like a giant red marshmallow from all the heavy clothing he was wearing to escape the winter cold.

The only thing to be seen from under his furry hood and black snow cap was his startling eyes that shone with a hidden smile that was meant just for Gerard. He mumbled something along the lines of, "Help me get this spacesuit off." and yanked off his gloves. Gerard strolled over and slowly unbuttoned Frank's Jacket as if he would see his gorgeous inked skin underneath it and was revealing one of his invested paintings. Frank watched with curious eyes as his veiny hands undressed him and he made a mental note to ask Gerard to stroke his hair to help him sleep later.

Call him creepy, but Frank loved how his hands were. He always fantasized about his spidery fingers fucking him until he pleaded and begged or just gave him a handjob. Shuddering at the thought, that's when Gerard looked at him with concerned green eyes. "You okay?" He asked softly. Frank nodded and took off his hat until he was left in tight jeans and a fitting black t shirt. "I'm okay, just a chill. It's fucking cold! My dick froze, I swear!" Ray shook his head. "it's one of the most used organs of the body, Frank. It's impossible." "Tell that to motherfuckers who've been trapped in ice." Gerard retorted. "It is possible."

Frank giggled and plopped on the bed, patting the empty space on the large red velvet beside him. "Come sit, Gee. Please?" He pouted his bottom lip out and gave him doggy eyes. Gerard giggled and poked his lipring before taking his spot next to him. Frank scooted closer lying his head in his lap and stroked his legs gently. "Pet me like a dog, Geebear." He said dramatically trying to pull a Rose impression from titanic. He obeyed and gently ran his fingers through Frank's fringe and kissed his hair.

It was quiet for a few moments while Mikey rambled about to his mom. Once the conversation disconnected Ray finally broke it. "What about Christmas?" "What about it?" Bob wondered from under the TV. "We're stuck here. That's that." "... I really wanted a margarita..." Frank admitted. "You can get those here!" Ray exclaimed staring at Frank with wide eyes. "There's a bar right below us!" "Shut the fuck up, I meant a real inexpensive one!" Gerard sighed, shaking his head. "Enough, you two. We all wanna be home."

"Why don't we just do Christmas here?" Mikey's big bug eyes looked for his big brother's approval before he just sighed. "Mikey, we have no presents to give." "We have room service. We're near quite a few shops."

"No tree!"

"We can find one a few shops from here."

"I'm not getting my ass up at the ass crack of dawn to go get one."

"But please, Gee?"



Frank huffed, breaking the two's argument. "Just do it, please!" "... Fine." Gerard sighed softly. "How much are they?" Bob shrugged, fiddling with his pocket knife that was glinting in the dim lights. "Like... a hundred." That was more than enough money he could be using to buy Mikey the new CDs he was after, even buying Frank something nice. Something... Something like... A star wars thing? A necklace maybe? "I can buy it." Frank looked at Ray, shaking his head. "We can all put a little effort in it. Saving enough for some presents or something."

Mikey smiled and that warmed up Gerard's cold heart a little more seeing that childlike gleam in his eyes again. "That sounds like a really good idea!" he squealed. "Then, we can all have our own little Christmas instead of waiting!" Gerard reached over and hugged his head to his chest and ruffled his hair before kissing it. "Of course, kiddo. Big Gee's gotcha." Frank frowned. He wanted one of Gee's affectionate hugs and shit! "Me too?!" He whined obnoxiously. "Gee! Me too? Me? Me!?" Giggling, he nodded and hugged him tightly kissing all over his hair and even one on his temple. "Yes, you too, Frank. All of you guys."

"But i'm special." He sneered over at Ray playfully, he narrowed his eyes back. "Special as in fucking stupid." He grumbled. "Watch it, monkey face!" He giggled. "Don't be mean children," Gerard sighed. He glanced back out at the white and blue streets watching the Pre-Christmas atmosphere once more take its place in the city. Atleast they had each other, though right? Not like they were all stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The thought made Gerard remember when he and Mikey once got stuck in the middle of a corn maze until dusk one November. Mikey had himself convinced Malakai was gonna come out at any point and slaughter them mercilessly. Wouldn't be a bad way to die in all honesty. "So, we head out tonight or tomorrow for Christmas shopping?" Ray asked looking over at Gerard. "Tomorrow would be a bit too late." Bob nodded in agreement. "How about three of us go tonight, the other two leave tomorrow morning for the last minute sales?"

"It'd be fair." Gerard replied before gazing back out at the street. He was gonna get Frank the best present he could.
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