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Father Fucking Disney Land

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A one-shot swap for Mia.

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They didn’t know how it happened. It just… did. Mia Iero, the girl with jet black, extremely curly hair that goes to her chest, and big brown eyes, not to mention the new daughter of Frank and Penina’s had vanished in Disney Land. She wasn’t a baby, she’s 5 years old, and very, very, easily distracted.

‘How could you lose her?’ Penina shouted at her husband.

‘It wasn’t my fault. I swear. We were in It’s a Small World while you were getting the candy floss, and I turned around to make sure the rucksack was there as we got out, and maybe she jumped into the pool or something. I honestly don’t know.’ Frank argued. You could tell by Penina’s face how much fear she was in.

‘Even though that sounds ridiculous, I can’t help thinking that she drowned.’ She said in tears.

‘Baby, it’s not that bad. I told the guards and they’re looking for her, and we should do the same. They’re checking It’s a Small World right now, so we don’t need to go there. They don’t think she’s there anymore anyway, so we just need to search, and we should stick together. Peter Pan always boasts about his height to me.’ Frank comforted her. She agreed. They should stick together seeing as it was something Mia was more familiar with.

Little did the adults know, however, Mia was actually with them during the whole argument. They just couldn’t see her. You see, Penina thought Mia was the person to take her candy floss, but after thinking they lost her, that was the least of their worries. Mia did take the pink, tasty cloud, but because she was so tiny and felt like resting, she was sitting on a bench next to some other kids, and her face was covered by it.

‘Mummy, can you hold the tasty cotton wall?’ Mia asked. When no one responded, she moved it, and looked around, but her parents were nowhere to be seen. ‘Mummy? Daddy?’ She asked almost in tears. She put the candy floss on the ground, very much intending to get back to the tasty treat a bit later. But first, there are even more serious matters at hands. Her new parents who she loved more than anything. She ran everywhere, all around the park, but they were still nowhere to be found.

‘This is hopeless. Oh god. We’re terrible parents!’ Penina said as they circled It’s a Small World again in hopes she would show up.

‘No we’re not, but when she comes back we’re going to have a serious talk with her about running off.’ He said wrapping his arms around her.

‘Daddy?’ Mia asked hopefully as she saw another man with tattoos. Unfortunately, she hasn’t memorised what they looked like yet, but she just thought it was something her daddy had. She ran towards him, tugging on his shirt. When the man turned around and bent down to her, she ran away screaming. That wasn’t her daddy. Nothing about him was like him. She just wanted her parents with her. Although, they were closer than she thought.

‘Was that her?’ Penina asked hopefully.

‘Maybe. It sounded like her. Come one.’ Frank said taking Penina’s hand. They were running to the sound of the young girls screams.

‘Mia? Mia baby, is that you?’ Penina asked loudly. Of course it was, but someone found her first, or rather, she found someone first. The Iero’s found their daughter hugging Mickey Mouse.

‘Mickey, I want my mummy and daddy back. Help me find them?’ She asked sounding really scared. Mikey’s big, white glove was hugging her back.

‘Mia!’ Penina said happily running towards her daughter giving her a massive hug. Mickey walked off happily seeing that they were having a happy ending. He went to hug more kids. Frank caught up to them.

‘Mia, what the hell were you thinking?’ Frank asked in a loud, booming voice.

‘Frank, calm down.’ Penina warned.

‘No, I won’t. I was so worried about you. Do you have any idea how scared we were? Don’t ever do that again, do you understand me?’ Frank asked angrily. He was red at the face, and Mia flinched, scared he was going to slap her face. That’s what her mother used to do, so she began crying. Frank bent down so they were face to face. ‘No, don’t cry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout like that. We were both just really worried you were lost. You’re my special little girl, and I didn’t want you to be hurt. Seeing you cry makes me want to cry.’ Frank said giving her a hug. Mia hugged him back.

‘Where did you go after the ride with daddy?’ Penina asked her in confusion.

‘I went to have the candy floss you got. Then I sat down, but when I asked you to pick it up you weren’t there.’ She answered. Penina glared at Frank angrily. He screeched as Penina tried to hit him with her handbag.

‘You made me panic when she was there the whole time! She lost us you idiot.’ Penina said as she hit him.

‘In my defence, you must’ve felt the candy floss leave your hands.’ He said trying to defend himself.

‘Yes, but then you said she was missing. I hate you sometimes you beautiful man.’ She shouted. Mia laughed at the scene. Frank managed to get up from the floor and calm Penina down by kissing her. She thought that they should lose Mia more often, just for that amazing kiss, but she knew she couldn’t do that. Mia was the best thing that happened to Penina and Frank. She was their baby, and the most amazing kid they’ve ever had.

So, after that weird day at Disney, Penina bought Mia another candy floss after they discovered the one she was looking for got thrown away, and Frank made sure to look at her as he held her hand to make sure they didn’t lose her again. It’s almost as if the candy floss made the girl invisible. Once she finished, and after Frank and Penina had a few bites of it too, they made their way home to have a quiet night in. It was a terrifying day for the lot of them, but that also made them closer together. The Iero’s were the best family in the world, and nobody could convince them otherwise.

Hey guys! So, today the 6 year old at my school asked me to read him a story, so I did, and he was leaning on my arm as I read it, and it was the cutest thing!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! I WANT A SON LIKE HIM!!! Haha. OH!!! And one of the old TA's came for a visit which was awesome because I missed her. I love her! She's so cool! She likes MCR and SPN. So, yeah. She's pretty awesome. Haha. I hope you liked this Mia! MY TURN NOW!!! Haha. XD xx

MIA!!! Where are you?!? :O If you're reading this, please review. I've been missing you. I feel like you're avoiding me. I'm scared. You're me Mia. Don't go missing! I LOVE YOU!!! :'( xx
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