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Ficwaffle family idea... Maybe?

by MidnightBlues 4 reviews

Here is just a suggestion, because I have seen a few people not in the family complaining that we are clogging up the 'Humor' catagory with our stuff.

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Umm... Hi.

Know, I know that I haven't been in the family for long, and not many of you are that familiar with me, but I have seen that authers who aren't involved with the family are complaining that we are clogging up 'Humor'; so I have a suggestion.

What if we had our own Catagory? Ficwad's first catagory only for a group that exists on Ficwad!! If we all suggest a new 'original' catagory labeled 'Ficwad Family', and no main characters, then we could get our own catagory if enough people do it.



Don't let uncle Jeff or uncle Slendy find, out. Who knows what they would do...
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