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Raven came home at lunch the next day. She was having a great first day back at work but it was lunch time and although she loved her work, she could hardly eat lunch there. There was some post on the floor so she scooped it up and flicked through it, pulling out the ones that were addressed to her, chucking them all into her hand bag so she could read them after work. She didn't have time to read them now.

She made herself some soup and ate it in the kitchen. It was really lonely at home without Ray or Shayla around and she found herself eating the soup faster so she could leave the empty house. It didn't take her too long and then much to her relief she could go back to work.

At school, Shayla was having a pretty good time. Although she hadn't made any school friends yet, that didn't seem to bother her. She happily sat in the corner, painting a picture for her Mom and once she was done for that she was going to paint one for her Dad.

She happily painted until around ten to three until Mrs Rainbow came over to her "Shayla, your Daddy's here. He said he had to pick you up early to take you to the dentist."

Shayla was slightly annoyed. Raven and Ray hadn't mentioned anything about going to the dentist. Shayla wasn't exactly too keen on the dentist and didn't want to go, even if her Dad took her. Either way, she gathered up her painings and went out the door "Daddy, you didn't-" She froze. It wasn't Ray standing there waiting for her.

It was her real Dad.

Raven finished work ten minutes before having to pick up Shayla. She picked up her hand bag and that was when she remembered the mail. So she took it out of her bag and started reading. A bill she had to pay. A letter from the orphanage asking for Shayla's medical and dental records for their supervision report. And then a hand-written letter which was addressed to 'parents of Shayla'. Raven was confused as she opened it.

Dear the parents of Shayla (I'm sorry that I don't know your name),

My name is Luda. I don't know if Shayla told you guys about me. I used to take care of her when she was the orphanage. Thanks for adopting her I guess. She really deserved it.

But I need to tell you something. Sorry if my handwriting gets sloppy, my hand is shaking as I write this. There's a man. He won't tell me who he is or why but he wanted Shayla's file. I'm ashamed to say that I gave it to him. He was threatning to kill me if I didn't. So I had to give it to him.

Before I gave it to him, I copied down your address and posted you this letter. I hope it reached you in time. You should probably know that I think you two and Shayla are both in danger.

Again, I'm really sorry.

From Luda

Raven's eyes widened. She shoved the letter in her hand bag then ran out to the car, not even bothering to put her seat belt on as she pulled out and started driving at top speed towards Shayla's primary school "Please," Raven begged quietly "Please... Please..."

She pulled up outside the school and ran into the school "Shayla!" She cried as she crashed into the classroom.

Mrs Rainbow looked over at her "Shayla's Dad already picked her up... To take her to the dentist?"

Raven ran back to the car and grabbed her phone. She called Ray "He-"

"DID YOU PICK UP SHAYLA!?" She cried "Please tell me you did, please."

"No, I didn't. Why? What's happened?"

Raven burst into tears and couldn't answer him.

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