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Mia woke up and yawned then smiled excitedly. Today was her fifth birthday which was why she'd woken up so excited. She knew it was probably still really early in the morning so she stayed in bed for as long as she could... A full five minutes before getting out of bed and running down the hallway to her Dad's bedroom.

Her Dad, Frank, was fast asleep. Mia jumped on top of him and he opened his eyes sleepily "W-Wha?" He asked, dazed.

"Daddy, it's my birthday!" Mia cried "I'm five today!"

"Yeah, yeah, happy birthday Sweetie." Frank yawned then checked the clock next to him "Mia, it's five in the morning. Let's go back to sleep for a bit, okay?"

"Can I sleep in here then please?" Mia begged. Frank nodded, wrapped his arm around her and pulled her down under the warm duvet. Mia smiled and closed her eyes, far too excited to sleep...

She did fall asleep though because the next time she opened her eyes, it was nine in the morning and Frank was gone. Mia was about to get out of bed when Frank walked in with a tray "Happy Birthday!" Frank smiled "Here, breakfast in bed for the birthday princess."

Mia giggled and Frank set the tray down. He'd made her chocolate chip pancakes with a glass of chocolate milk to go with it "Yum, yum." Mia smiled, eating every last bite and then slurping up the chocolate milk. Frank smiled too even though Mia was getting crumbs and chocolate milk stains all over his bed. He didn't care because it was her birthday and it was all about her.

Once she'd finished her breakfast, he pushed the tray to one side and lifted her up "Now do you know what the best thing about birthdays are?" He asked.

"Presents!" Mia cried "What did you get me Daddy? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!"

"Well let's go downstairs and take a look." Frank kissed her cheek and carried her downstairs into the living room. There was a large pile of presents wrapped in pink wrapping paper next to the sofa.

"YAY!" Mia cheered as Frank let her down on the floor. She ran over to the presents and started opening them while Frank sat on the sofa and watched her happily. He'd got her some My Little Pony DVDs, one purple dress and one silver glittery one, a squirrell teddy bear, lots of sour candy and a large princess castle for her Barbie dolls "Daddy, I love them!" Mia cried, running over to him and throwing her arms around his neck "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome Beautiful." Frank replied, hugging her back tightly "Now, Ray and Raven are coming over with Shayla in a bit so you can play with her and Penina's coming over to give you some more presents."

"Do I have a birthday cake?" Mia asked, making puppy dogs at her Dad.

"Of course you do but you can't see it yet." Frank tapped her on the nose lightly with his finger "Mainly because Ray and Raven are bringing it over but whatever."

Mia giggled "Can we get my princess castle out please?"

"Of course we can Baby."

Ray, Raven and Shayla were the first to show up. Frank opened the door and Shayla ran past without saying hello to him because she was excited to give Mia her present and say happy birthday to her "Did you bring the cake?" Frank asked.

"Of course we did." Raven replied, walking past him and putting it down in the kitchen "She's gonna love it."

"I know, I know, but if you'd forgotten it then she probably would've cried." Frank laughed "And I want everything to be perfect for her."

"We know you do." Ray raised his eye-brows and smiled "You're such a good Dad."

"Well so are you." Raven told him, kissing his cheek.

"Daddy! Come and see what I got!" Mia shrieked from the living room.

Frank walked in and saw Mia holding onto a new barbie doll "Aww she can live in your princess castle." Frank smiled "What's her name?"

"Her name's Shayla because my best friend Shayla gave her to me." Mia said, hugging Shayla.

The doorbell rang so Frank went to answer it. It was his girlfriend Penina. Mia's real Mom had cleared off years ago and they hadn't heard from her since. Frank didn't care. At least he had Mia. And now he had Penina too "Hi." He smiled, taking her hands and leaning over to kiss her.

"Hey." Penina giggled, blushing slightly "I brought Mia's present over."

"Perfect." Frank kept hold of one of her hands then pulled her into the living room "Mia, Penina's here."

"PENINA!" Mia cried, leaping up and throwing her arms around Penina's waist. She stayed there for a minute before looking up and asking "Did you bring me a present?"

"Mia!" Frank laughed.

"Of course I did." Penina handed Mia her present and she tore off the paper in seconds. It was a DVD of the musical 'Grease'. Penina had taken her to see a live performance of the show a few weeks ago and Mia had loved it so Penina had decided to buy her the movie.

"YAY! Thank you Penina." Mia hugged her again "Me and Daddy can watch it later. And my 'My Little Pony' DVDs."

"Looking forward to it." Frank giggled, lifting Mia up "Having a good birthday so far?"

"This is the best birthday ever!" Mia smiled, wrapping her arms round her Dad's neck "So Daddy... Do I have a cake?"

"Maybe." Frank winked at her and put her down "Maybe if you close your eyes and wish really hard then you'll get one."

Mia ran to the sofa, sat down and closed her eyes tightly and started wishing inside her head. Frank ran into the kitchen, got the cake out of its box and put five candles into it. He lit them all then carried it carefully back into the living room. He bent down in front of Mia "I guess you wished hard enough." He smiled. Mia opened her eyes and grinned "And you get to make another wish before blowing the candles out."

"I wish that I was a princess!" Mia cried, blowing out the candles. It was a beautiful cake, with icing that had a princess in a castle on the front "Can I have a slice now?"

"Yes, yes you can."

Later Mia was curled up to Frank with her thumb in her mouth as they watched the last 'My Little Pony' DVD. It was pretty late but Frank said Mia could stay up past her bedtime because it was her birthday. When the DVD finally finished, Frank lifted Mia up and told her it was time for bed "But I'm not sleepy." She lied, her head flopping onto his shoulder. Frank just laughed and tucked her into bed.

"Did you have a good birthday then?" Frank asked, stroking her hair. Mia nodded "Now to start thinking about next years birthday."

But Mia was already asleep. Frank smiled and kissed Mia's forehead before going back downstairs.

[A/N] - I really hope you liked it! :D I know it wasn't very good ;(
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