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Ever After: A Marianas Trench FairyTale

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Based off the full Ever After album; birthday fic for Jules (LETDOWNOFTHECENTURY)

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EVEN MUCHMUSIC GAVE YOU A PRESENT (on tour with Marianas Trench)

Now boys and girls, I'm here to tell you a story; a fairytale
-Que Ever After-
This isn't your normal fairytale though,
This won't feature talking animals and such.

It features a girl, and her favorite band trying to find their way back home.
Hell why not let you read it!

Prologue: Ever After

Once upon a time
I used to romanticize

Josh Ramsay was one of the biggest hopeless romantics you could meet.
When he had a girl, she was the most amazing person he could imagine.

Except, he had no girl. He only had one in his dreams.
One girl in particular, an amazing smile, beautiful flowing hair, and plain amazing.

Josh knew nothing of this girl except what he learned from the dreams he would encounter.

Used to be somebody never mind
Don't miss it that much now

Awakening the boy smiled, standing in the familiar meadow where his dreams would begin.

"Hello?" A female voice called out

"Miss me?" Josh kidded, walking over to be greeted by his perfect porcelain.

"Oh of course." She smiled looking up at his grinning face.

"You're beautiful." He whispered brushing a piece of black hair off her porcelain face.
Smiling as he leaned in, the girl rested her hands on his chest.

"Not so fast, haven't you ever heard of the way guys are supposed to act?" She asked, hands on her hips in a joking fashion.

"Hm not really."

"You buy a girl dinner BEFORE you attempt to shove your tongue her throat." The girl jokingly scolded.

"You don't know a thing about me then." Josh challenged, walking up and wrapping his arms around the slender girl.

"I know a lot about you, Josh." Arching an eyebrow, Josh allowed himself to be pulled away.

Days that wonder where I've been
In picture perfect porcelain
But I won't lose a pound

She brought him to a room, filled with pictures, lyrics and everything inbetween.

"The days I wish I could forget." Josh whispered, looking at the information pre-Fix Me.

"Nobody can erase their past, it's just life." She explained, smiling as she clicked buttons.

"What are you doing?" Josh asked, looking at a large screen.

"The album Ever After, what's it about?" She asked as the song Porcelain played softly in the background.

"All of this." He whispered, referring to his dreams, everything.

"Thought so." The girl took a step closer to the blue haired singer, before a look of anger filled her features.

You say I would make a better liar
I never face the music when it's dire
I breath disaster, ever after
Don't pull away from me now

Her features filled with anger and pain.

"You lied! You lied to me Josh!" She screamed, pushing him away.

"W-what?!" Josh confusedly stuttered

"You're much better off as a liar! You could've changed this!" Still confused Josh looked outside, realizing the once beautiful land was now being destroyed, factories being made out of houses. One clear blue skies being covered in black smoke from the terrible factories.

"You breath disaster! Ever since you came to Ever After it's been getting worse! She's been getting stronger." His one love sobbed, looking at Josh with a look of hurt.

"I'm sorry, please I'm bound to wake up." Josh walked over, trying to pull his love close.

"A dream?! To you it's "oh I wake up, it's fine", to me..This is my home Josh! Waking up doesn't cut it!" She screamed, tears falling down her perfect cheeks

Don't you move
Can't you stay where you are, just for now
I could be your perfect disaster
You could be my ever after
You could be my ever after, after all
I could be your perfect disaster
You could be my ever after

"Don't move, please I'll fix this." Josh pleaded, causing the girl to abruptly stop.

"This is my home, it's going to pieces in front of my eyes." She whispered

"I'm sorry; i'll fix this." Josh promised, fingers interlocking with hers.

"I'm torn, between my home; and my perfect disaster." She whispered looking at the boy.

"I'm going to do this, because you might just be my ever after." Josh whispered, pulling her close.

Apologies, I'm not myself, but I can guarantee
That when I get back, you won't believe
That you knew me well
"I'll be your perfect disaster." He whispered
"I'll be your ever after." She whispered back.

Suddenly this all began fading away; until Josh began-
Being smothered by a pillow.

Flailing wildly he heard his band mates laughing.

"What are you doing? Suffocating?" Mike asked between gasps for air

"M-move!" Josh screamed, shoving Ian and his pillow, Matt and his iPhone out of the way running to the tour bus bathroom; jumping over Mike in the process.

Don't wanna think about it
I'm fucking tired of getting sick about it
Stand up and be a man about it
And fight for something, fight for something, fight for something, oh

Josh groaned, after nearly 5 consecutive minutes of emptying the little contents his stomach held he began thinking of his dream.
This is my home!
Her home was falling around here; it was all his fault..
"FUCK!" Josh screamed, foot colliding with the door, this always happened, he would wake up from his dreams and begin getting sick about it. Sooner later his friends were going to think he was preggers or something.

"Are you locked in or something?" Matt joked from the outside of the door.

"Fuck off Webb." Josh growled, he felt so weak.

I need to do something..DAMMIT RAMSAY BE A FUCKING MAN! Fight for something..anything

I would make a better liar
I never face the music when it's dire
I breath disaster
Don't pull away from me now

Josh felt terrible for the full day; he had lied to her.
The first day they met he promised her, that he would never let anything bad happen to her.


"I-I don't know if I can trust you. I don't know what's going to happen if you come back." Referring to the fact that Toyland saw no outsiders

"Don't worry; I won't let anything touch you or your home." Josh whispered with a smile.
"Trust me."

End flashback

"FACE THE MUSIC TOUR!" The guys screamed as they stepped off the bus at a gas station.

"Ramsay! Want anything?" Matt asked,

"Mm no." Josh whispered, deep in thought on how he was going to fix this.

"Not even Coke Zero?! You finished your last 2 litre this morning!" Matt asked shocked, this news bringing Josh back to earth in a heartbeat.

"GET ME MY COKE ZERO OR THIS IS HOW I'M GOING TO SING TONIGHT!" Joking with a terrible singing voice Josh laughed.

"Kay, be back." Matt left into the gas station, leaving Josh with his thoughts.

Nobody told ya, this is going to fold ya
We go marching in like toy soldiers
To have and hold ya over sold ya
They're marching like toy soldiers

The girl sat curled into a ball as the toy soldier began taking over the part of town she lived in.
They marched in lines of 10, each troop going 10 rows down.
There were a lot, all taking over her beloved town.

Josh began dozing into sleep as he was curled into his warm bunk.

Instead of his usual dreams in which he met porcelain, this seemed like the future.
He, and other strangers were in line, dressed as toy soldiers marching in line as they entered the castle.

What's going on? SHIT JUST GOT REAL

Somehow don't you dare fail, fail me now, ever after,
Somehow don't you dare fail, fail me now, ever after

All of a sudden the world fell black, barely able to see 2 feet ahead of him, Josh stumbled around like a drunken idiot.

"Don't fail me." A female voice whispered from behind him; whipping around Josh saw his love standing here, look of pain taking over her beautiful features.

"Don't you dare fail me Josh; you fucked it up, you better fix it!" She growled, giving the singer motivation.

"I swear I won't." Josh whispered, walking over and placing a light kiss on her porcelain like cheek.

(Face the music when it's dire)

Josh took a breath in, he had to face the music sometime; now that it had became dire seemed better than ever.

"Do it for Porcelain." He whispered, adrenaline coursing through him.

Once upon a time, this place was beautiful and mine,
Now it's just a bottom line,
Barely comes to mind
But ever after was mine

This place; Toyland was once beautiful, when the Outcast King was in power the place was beautiful.
It was the setting for many childrens fairytales.

As the connection between the two lovers grew, so did the heartless queen; giving her enough power to overthrow the rightful king, and turn Toyland into a bottom line; a place of nightmares.

I'll be your disaster, ever after
So fire away

"I'll be your disaster ever after" Josh sang on stage that night, mind filled with images of Porcelain.

Josh no! Help Her voice cried out, as a picture of his love being dragged away from her home from the toy soldiers.
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