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Hiss Therapy

by Sam41 6 reviews

-Hisses while typing-

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Honestly one of the most random shit I've thought of...

-Insert fancy cough, clearing throat thing-

My daughter Elli (electricviolence) has a weakness to my hissing
-Curls up into a ball while hissing-







-Crawls over to fridge hissing-

-Crawls over to table hissing-

-Interrogates John while hissing-

-Walks up behind Elli hissing-

-Walks up behind Ash hissing-

-Goes on ficwad hissing-

-Insert sleep hissing-

-Wakes up hissing-

-Crawls into cupboard hissing-

-Curls into cupboard hissing-

-Closes cupboard door while hissing-

-Sits quietly in cupboard while hissing-

-Begins to let her mind wander while hissing-

-Jumps out of cupboard hissing-

-Nearly gives Ryan a heartattack while hissing-

-Listens to Miranda flip shit about nearly killing her abstinent boyfriend while hissing-

-Annoys the ficwaddle family while hissing and watching tv-

-Listens to music and hisses out the lyrics-

-Crawls around hissing and pretending to be a dog-

-Sam gets tired of hissing-

-Begins to stop hissing-

-Kassper takes over and begins hissing-

-Crawls up the side of the house hissing-

-Hisses angrily while being poked by Jon with a broom handle-

-Crawls onto roof hissing-

-Realizes how high up the roof is while hissing-

-Refuses to come down while hissing-

-Gets too scared to think while hissing-

-Gets on the front page of news while hissing-

-Headline was "Deranged woman stuck on roof while hissing"-

-Finally comes down while hissing-

-Kassper gives up on hissing-

-Skye begins hissing-

-Gets told of by St.Jimmy while hissing-

-Gives up hissing in a heartbeat-

-Sam begins hissing again-

-Won't stop hissing-

-Hisses while hoping for this to go green-

-Hisses while waggling eyebrows suggestivley-

-Hisses while saying "I LOVE YOU FICWADDLE FAMILY-
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