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Mmmmmmmmmm eeeeh I'm half dead

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Why the fuck did I post this in the 'erotica' category?! MEH YODO (You Only Die Once)

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Whats worse? It hurt like a bitch at first...

Why am I sore?
A) I had to go to HELL(a.k.a the dentist) where they made more fucking excuses on why I can't get braces (I want them, cause my teeth are so fucked; I LOOK LIKE PART BEAVER OR SOMETHING WHEN I SMILE.
And the worst
2) I almost killed myself or at least knocked myself out

So we're helping watch a friends farm (which has cows, and I was checking the automatic water thingy)
And how we have to do this is walk over to it, make sure it hasn't frozen over and splash some out to make sure it's still pumping.
So I was doing this (front food on this hill of ice, the other in the snow)
So while doing this I shifted slightly to my back foot causing me to lose my footing and fall flat forward, soak myself with the water, knock the wind out of myself, land on my bruised knee; and slammed my face into the fence.
It fucking hurt!
Holy damn, ow

But it's not all a bad day;
I got my birthday presents from my parents (REEEAAAALLLY EARLY, my birthdays the 17th of January..)
But I got the concert tickets and a pair of Chuck Tailors (I flipped shit when my mom boughtthem)
And I bought my mom a pair of low ride converse she liked; so BOO-YAH I'M HER NEW FAVORITE!!
Now imma go back and work on stuff
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