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I'm so sorry that I disappeared off the face of the earth. I've been really preoccupied with drama, high school, counseling, personal problems, etc. Well, my passion for writing has come back stronger than ever. I am (slowly) going to rewrite This Is The Best Day Ever (make it a lot slower-paced and more realistic) and publish some oneshots that have been collecting dust in the depths of my laptop. Also, I will be working on a new story (MCR, of course,) titled The Planets Bend Between Us. (I LOVE SNOW PATROL STAHP JUDGING.) I am much too busy on weekdays to write so chapters will be published on weekends only, maybe not every weekend because computer time is rare for me, but I will definitely hand write a bit so I won't be as inconsistent as I usually am. I am half finished with a new chapter for Vampires Will Never Hurt You, I can't promise if it will be up soon or not. I am having serious writer's block for I Never Told You What I Do For A Living. COUGH IDEAS AND INPUT ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED COUGH I MAY OR MAY NOT BE LOOKING FOR A CO-WRITER COUGH COUGH FUCKING COUGH Ahem anyways I will have a prologue for The Planets Bend Between Us up soon.

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