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Smile You're On Camera

by onewiththeshorthair 1 review

Poetry cause I'm bored.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2012-12-08 - Updated: 2012-12-08 - 141 words - Complete

Don't Smile,
Don't you dare fucking smile,
Or people might make the mistake that you're fine.
You, are most certainly not fine,
Not in the way you act,
You eat,
I know where you hide the razor blades you cut with,
You smile for the cameras,
For people,
Your life is a show, one that ends when you die,
You that's soon,
You want it to be,
Roll the end credits,
The cheesy pop song,
Bloopers are non-existent, after all we see you fuck up,
And maybe your fine,
But you can fool everyone,
But at the end of the day,
Stop lying to yourself,
When the smoke clears and the direction yells "Thats a wrap!"
Do something,
You're a drama queen, we both know that,
So use it,
Smile your on camera doesn't apply to you.
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