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The Planets Bend Between Us

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Gerard has saved countless lives, but can he save his own? He and Frank have created the perfect family they've always wanted. Three beautiful daughters, a penthouse apartment in New York, and thou...

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The Planets Bend Between Us


Cherry. Lily. Bandit. Frank. Lily. Bandit. Cherry. Frank. CherryBanditLily. FrankBanditCherry. FrankLilyFrankFrankFrank. Frank.

Gerard slammed the pen down onto the table so hard that his drink toppled over, the alcohol spreading like a wildfire across the wood and soaking the paper. The cheap plastic of the pen cracked beneath his hand. Writing was hopeless. No matter how hard he tried, the only words that came to mind were their names.

‘FUCK!” he screamed, picking up the nearest object- the glass- and hurling it across the room. It hit the wall and shattered on impact.

“F-Fuck.” Gerard repeated, voice choked with sobs. When did he turn into this mess? When did everything he had so carefully built up all come crashing down?

Oh yeah, when his family left him.

“Frankie.” Gerard sobbed, sinking to his knees and leaning against the back of the couch. Those two syllables were like two punches to his gut.





Each name was more painful than the last. Gerard screwed his eyes shut and bit his lip hard, trying not to scream again. Eventually, he found himself searching through his liquor cabinet, knowing that if he didn’t smother the pain soon, it would smother him. But it was bare. All that was left was an empty bottle of vodka. Still, Gerard grabbed the bottle and desperately tipped it back into his open mouth, as if that would magically make the liquor appear.

“GOD DAMNIT!” he cried in frustration. He pitched the bottle at the wall like he did with the glass. It hit the framed photograph of Bandit on her first day of kindergarten. Glass rained down like hail.

Gerard froze. Then he turned and ran for the door.

Sorry it's short :P I'm super tired and I don't have time to work on this tomorrow because I'm going to a dance. Should I write this in first person instead? Let me know if I should or shouldn't. First chapter will be up either Sunday or next Friday.
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