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Ray and Caitlin's parents are going away for the weekend.. what will happen when someone throws an unexpected party at their house?

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Okay... I think you might hate it. And if you do, I will gladly re-do it. I added a few things so that I could make other things happen... and yea. I hope you like it, and I didn't totally ruin it.(:

It was a warm day when Ray and I, Caitlin Mae, stood outside waving to our parents. The air blew against our legs gently, and the sun shone on our backs. Or maybe everything about the day seemed amazing because well, my brother and I’s parents were leaving and I mean, Hello! We were going to have the house to ourselves for the weekend. Why wouldn’t we be positively ecstatic?

“Bye kids, Be good! No wild parties while we’re gone!” Mom shouted out the window of the vehicle. Ray nudged my shoulder and winked.

I laughed and rolled my eyes. We were good kids, and would never do something like that. We would simply have our friends over and hang out.

And by friends, I mean the people that we have known pretty much all of our lives. Frank, Gerard, and Mikey. Besides, it’s not like we really have a choice in the matter. They’re always over anyways.

Raiding our fridge, playing our video games, and making themselves at home. Ray and I are used to it, though, so it doesn’t even bother us anymore.

Once our parents leave, Ray and I plop down on the soft green grass and gaze up at the sky. After a few seconds, Ray sits up and turns to me.

“So… wanna go hit the mall for a few hours? Summer’s almost up, and I’ve been saving my cash the whole time.” He asks, tugging on his long, brown, corkscrew curls. I smile. Him and I do this every year at the end of summer. Save our cash, then go on one huge shopping spree the week before school.

“Yea… That sounds awesome.” I agree, and head inside to grab my wallet.


We drive in silence for a few minutes, and then Ray turns to me and starts yattering on about who-knows-what. I just gaze out the window and nod at the appropriate times.

Finally, we get to the mall, and Ray parks his car. We decide on a time to meet, and go our separate ways.


By the time Ray and I meet at the car, we’re both tired and sore from a day of shopping. He shoved all of our bags in the back, and then hops in the front seat.

I fall asleep on the way home, and the next time I open my eyes, I nearly have a heart-attack.

“Ray.” I say as calmly as I can manage. “Why the hell are there cars everywhere around our house?” I look at him, my eyes going wide with panic. He shares the same look, and we both launch ourselves out of our seats and sprint toward the door.

I wince when we open the door. The air smells strongly of alcohol, and the atmosphere is vibrating with loud, thumping music.

We stand there for a few moments, wide-eyed and shocked, until some random kid with a tongue piercing playfully punches my brother on the shoulder and tells him that his party is totally awesome.

“Fucking Gee and Frank are dead.” Ray says simply, pushing his way through the intoxicated crowd, leaving me standing here awkwardly.

I sigh, and head back outside, grabbing the bags and lugging them into the house, through the mob of people, and up to Ray’s room, and mine. Then I sink onto my bed and close my eyes.

I will kill Gerard and Frank when I see them.

I jump when my door bangs open, and a making out pair of teens stumble across my room toward my bed. I scream.

“Oh HELL no!” I shout, shoving them right back out. The stand there for a few stunned moments, and then resume facesucking mode and stumble down the hallway to my parents room. I just scream loudly, and head down the stairs, trying to find Frank or Gerard.

“Frank Anthony Iero and Gerard Arthur Way… I will fucking castrate you when I find you!” I shout, stepping over a pile of drunk boys. Stupid idiots.

I keep my head down, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone. I probably don’t know any of them anyways…

I just manage to jump away from a girl violently heaving up her insides on the floor, and then slam against someone’s chest.

“Oh… hey therrrrr.” A male’s voice behind me slurs. I spin around, and come face to face with some really cute guy from one of my classes.

“You areee reaaallllyyyy cuttee. Wanna… find a room?” He slurs, eyeing me up. I slap him and then stomp away.

“FRANK AND FUCKING GERARD! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!” I scream, my anger building with every step I take. I.Will.Kill.Them.

Suddenly, I’m yanked back.

“Found ‘em.” Ray whispers in my ear. He pulls me along toward the basement door, where him and I’s lounge area is.

He opens the door quietly, and then drags me down the stairs. And what I see is- Frank and Gerard laying on the couch making out. No, not making out, practically fucking each other.

Gerard is laying on top of Frank, his hand halfway down his pants, and his tongue so obviously shoved down his throat.

“Well it’s about fucking time.” I groan. They both look up, and their faces flush bright red.

Poor guys. But hey, I’m too pissed at them to care at the moment.

“I am going to chop both of your dicks off. And then ground them up in a blender and force feed them to you. Sound fun? Like, how this party was supposed to be fun?” I rant.

“Sorry…” Frank says meekly, flicking a piece of his black hair out of his eyes.

“Whatever…” I sigh, crossing my arms. I grin. “I’m just glad that you guys FINALLY hooked up.” I laugh at their embarrassment, and head back up the stairs.

I might as well enjoy the party… Where did that cute guy go?

So I really hope I didn't kill it. Especially with the ending. And if you don't like Ferard, I apologize... I just love it.(: So yes... Ta-da. xD
~Cassie Rae
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